Sep 16, 2015

William Pierce's Land: 30 Years of White Community, Part 2

via Kevin Alfred Strom

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The main building on The Land, where 
American Dissident Voices began
Ever since 1985, "The Land" — Dr. William Pierce’s intentional White community in West Virginia —  has been a part of my life.

It is fitting that we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our community’s founding with a reading — followed by more remembrances from me — of Dr. Pierce’s 1985 National Vanguard editorial, “Living for Fitness,” in which he discusses his ideas of what a White community should be — and how such a community has the potential to profoundly affect the future of life in this universe. I give you the words of William Luther Pierce (newly transcribed and for the first time in digital form):
by Dr. William L. Pierce

The aspect of our racial situation which has concerned me more than any other from the beginning, is that of fitness — specifically the fitness of our race for survival. Why have we, a race that once ruled every part of the world in which we set our feet and which firmly and without apology maintained our separateness from all others — why have we voluntarily abdicated our position of superiority, dismantled the barriers between us and the others, and in effect, bared our throats to those who have demonstrated their eagerness to slit them? What creeping sickness has overcome us in the past half century? What is the exact nature of the lethal racial weakness in us which our hereditary enemies are exploiting so adroitly, and is there a cure for it?

The answer to these questions can be approached in a number of different ways, and many of the editorials and articles in past issues of this magazine have dealt with one or another of them. We have examined the nature and effects of modern liberalism, the consequences of the imposition of Judeo-Christianity on European peoples, the racial implications of the Industrial Revolution, the roles of democracy and capitalism in unfitting the race, etc. All of these treatments have been in the nature of a study of the symptoms rather than a direct approach to the racial flaw itself, but thoroughly understanding the symptoms of unfitness is certainly a prerequisite to dealing effectively with the problem.

In this regard a matter which might profitably be studied more closely is the relationship of life-style to racial fitness. Of course, there always have been a number of critical commentaries on modern, Western, urban life-styles: The Times & Manners section of each issue [of National Vanguard] is devoted largely to such things. But relatively little has been said about alternative life-styles which might lead to greater racial fitness. A large part of the reticence is tied to our long-standing policy of dealing strictly with the facts and avoiding speculation — and, certainly, any discussion of the effect on racial fitness of an alternative life-style which exists only in theory is speculative in the extreme. Before we can hope to say much about the pros and cons of a particular life-style from a racial standpoint we need to see its effects over a period of years on a reasonably large number of men and women.

Totally immersed in these problems as we were in the cities, unable to stand back and look at them from different vantage points, our almost unavoidable tendency was to react — to strike out at the individual symptoms as they flared up — but never to put the whole syndrome at some mental distance and devote ourselves to a careful thinking out of new approaches.

We were determined before we made our move [to The Land] that our new environment would be the product of design, not chance: that we would deliberately mold the environment and a new life-style to suit our long-range purpose rather than permitting them to be circumscribed by the immediate needs of survival. So far, however, necessity has been the most important determinant of what is beginning to emerge as a new life-style here.

William Pierce, National Alliance members, and their families help lay the foundation for the main building on The Land in 1985
William Pierce (center), Kevin Strom (center right), and other National Alliance members and their families lay the foundation for the main building on The Land in 1985

Our necessity has been to do a lot with very little, as quickly as possible: to develop an utterly raw, wild mountain into the site on which a new community of purpose and consciousness can be built, using our extremely limited manpower and funds to do so before running out of steam and bogging down in the swamp of practical difficulties which must be overcome here. We have had to do nearly everything ourselves — digging, plumbing, building, hauling — including the things which most people, with more funds, would have hired someone else to do. This has meant two things: a very heavy work load and a very varied work load. And the insights gained have come primarily from these two things.

One of the great achievements of the labor movement during the last century has been the steady reduction in the amount of work done each week by the average worker. The standard work week has dropped from 60 to 40 hours, and it seems inevitably headed even lower. Already the average factory or office worker spends about two hours sprawled in front of the television receiver at home for each three hours spent at his place of employment, and it’s quite likely that television will gain parity before the end of the next decade.  But is this really a good thing for the individual and for the race?

Certainly, one cannot blame employees for wanting to spend as little time as possible at their work, considering the nature of most of it. Work in America today is solely a way of earning a paycheck, nothing else. They have no interest in it or commitment to it, and they only do it because they must in order to obtain money. Most of it is repetitive, boring, impersonal, tedious — painfully so. The idea is to get away from it whenever one can obtain relief from the pain in idleness.

We can contrast that situation with others, from different historical eras: that of the medieval peasant or craftsman, for example, or of the pioneer on America’s western front 150 years ago. It certainly is not apparent that these other situations, which generally involved a much higher rate of work time to leisure time, resulted in less fit men and women. One can instead argue persuasively that the people in these situations were kept in closer contact with the realities of life. For the most part they did not work because their employment contracts required it; they worked as much as they had to in order to survive — which was nearly all the time. The work situation seemed much less artificial to them, much more real. Husbands and wives were obliged to rely heavily on each other in order to get by, dividing the day’s labor between them in a natural way.

And, despite difficulty and tedium, it was usually the case in the past that work was more varied for the individual worker than is the case today: he had to do more different kinds of things in his daily routine than the modern factory or office worker does. There is much to be said for labor specialization, but the Industrial Revolution and urbanization have pushed it farther than ever before and have done so in an entirely artificial way, quite unlike the natural division of labor between the sexes, or between the old and the young, of the past. Progress requires specialization, but when over-specialization makes cripples of workers, who cannot function effectively except in narrowly specialized niches, progress may be headed for a sharp downturn, and the race may be putting itself into grave jeopardy.

Consider how many men today are helpless when faced with any unaccustomed situation: they cannot solve unfamiliar problems and overcome unfamiliar obstacles, because they have never been forced to develop resourcefulness. There are millions of adult male office workers in America who cannot make even a simple repair to an automobile engine or modify the plumbing in their homes: indeed, there are probably millions who have never used a socket wrench, a soldering iron, a sledge hammer, or a drill in their entire lives.

We need specialists, people who are masters of one trade rather than jacks of all trades, but have things not gone too far when the average man cannot depend on his own experience at varied problem solving to get by in almost any emergency situation which may arise?

And we need time for leisure – if we use that time in a way which makes us more fit physically or psychically: in study, for example; or in hiking, skiing, or swimming; or in cultural activities which deepen our sense of racial identity. But time wasted before a television receiver or on the golf course would be better spent, from the standpoint of fitness, digging ditches.

The work of the staff here is long and hard, but there is nothing artificial about it: it’s directly related to individual or community needs, and much of it is essential for mere survival. With winter temperatures dropping to minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, survival in the wilderness here is a matter requiring more than a little forethought and effort, and permitting few mistakes. It forces us to rely heavily on our resourcefulness and on one another. It has the effect of pulling families closer together by continually reminding men and women of their complementary natures and mutual dependence. It certainly improves the fitness for survival of everyone involved, not only by inuring him to hardship, but also by continually increasing his range of skills and his confidence in his ability to solve new problems. And because everyone’s efforts are divided between manual labor and brain work, the need for artificial leisure activates is greatly reduced.

There can be no doubt that America’s White men and women as a whole would be better fit as well, if they worked longer and harder, included a much wider range of different types of work in their daily or weekly work schedules, and were able to do work directly related to their own needs or the needs of a group of mutually dependent co-workers instead of the impersonal, salary-motivated work which is the rule today. This last point is an especially important one. There certainly are exceptions, but the average American spends most of his waking hours engaged in either purposeless work or purposeless recreation.

We, by way of contrast, spend our time at purposeful work, work which has meaning for us; and although there has been relatively little time for leisure so far, when we do take time out for a community recreational activity, that is purposeful and meaningful also. Digging ditches is dirty, tiring work, without much intrinsic interest to it: after one has dug a thousand feet of ditch, there is not much more to learn about the work. And it may be that a salaried worker for a utility company, if he is conscientious, would dig just as good a ditch for us as we can dig for ourselves. But for us it is purposeful work, and that makes a large difference. When we dig a ditch in which to lay a water pipe from a new well to a dwelling, we are mindful of the long-range significance of that task to our community. The same sense of purpose permeates all our work: the design and construction of a new staircase in our church building, the development of a new computer program for handling our correspondence more efficiently, the laying of stones and mortar for a set of steps across a steep hillside. We are concerned for the product of our labor, for how it will be used, and how long it will last; the average American worker is not. In the one case work strengthens out attachment to our community; in the other case it only contributes to a general sense of alienation.

It is not just that we are working for ourselves instead of for strangers which makes our work purposeful. Our community is a religious community, and our religion is one which requires us to relate each thing we do, in our work or study or play, to a single, all-important purpose. George Bernard Shaw described that single purpose as service of the Life Force in its quest to know itself. We sometimes speak of it in Nietzschean terms as preparing the way for Higher Man, and sometimes in more eschatological terms as advancing along the never-ending path of the Creator’s self-realization. In any case, it has the effect of keeping us more conscious of why we do things, as well as influencing our choice of things to do. And everyone certainly must agree that any community, from a tiny group like ours to a nation or an entire race, with a strong, common sense of purpose is a stronger and fitter community, in a Darwinian sense, than a community lacking purpose.

To recapitulate: my observation of the effects of our new life-style on myself and my associates has led me to believe that harder and longer work, more varied work (especially a regimen which could impose some manual labor on everyone now exclusively engaged in white collar work), work more directly related to personal or community needs, and above all, more purposeful work and recreation would benefit a larger American society in much the same ways that they have benefited us.

Unfortunately, it seems extremely unlikely that changes in any of these directions are likely to occur; the trends are opposed, and there are powerful historical forces driving these trends. For example, conclusions drawn from our experiences are directly applicable to people living in very small communities, and the American trend is still away from the countryside and toward ever-larger metropolitan areas. And in view of what he has become, it is inconceivable that the average American would ever voluntarily surrender his urban/suburban conveniences, his beer and his cigarettes, his television and his central air conditioning, his nearby shopping mall and his station wagon, his company pension plan and his health benefits – and subject himself and his family to danger, hardship, and a much more strenuous life for the sake of improving the fitness of a small portion of his race or the condition of his own soul.

Unless some major calamity brings a long-term disruption to the larger society, the changes in life-style suggested here will be restricted to small communities of volunteers. Even so, there are interesting prospects. If my observations have any validity, there exists at least the possibility of a small elite selecting itself out of the larger society and submitting itself to a discipline which will, over the course of a generation or two, produce a level of fitness substantially higher than that which exists in the larger society today — while during the same period the fitness of the larger society continues to decline. There may then come a time when even a very small minority of exceptionally fit men and women will have certain advantages in dealing with the rest of the world.

What we can realistically anticipate for the immediate future in this regard is a broadening and deepening of our understanding of the relative fitness coefficients of various life-style elements, with the immediate goal of solidly establishing in a few small communities a life-style much better suited to long-term racial-survival needs than the one we have so far developed in our little group here.


I was there with the first few men and women who scouted out the property 30 years ago with Dr. Pierce, before the first stick had been cut or the first hole dug. I drove my old blue van a dozen times at least over those high mountain roads, Dr. Pierce at my side, moving the books and office equipment from the old Arlington National Office. I was there when the foundation was laid for the main building — and when the large Life Rune on its front was first unveiled to an applauding crowd. Dr. Hermann Oberth was there, too — one of the fathers of the space age — and he wished the Alliance and our Cosmotheist Community well. I was there when Don Trainor created our first Xenix-based business computer system, and when the first child was born to an Alliance couple. I was there when Fred Streed built over half our infrastructure with his own hands and brought so many of Dr. Pierce’s dreams to fruition. I saw Will Williams — now the Chairman of the Alliance — move to The Land and recruit and organize our National Alliance membership to heights it had never seen before.

But for more than ten years after Dr. Pierce’s death The Land lay fallow. In my piece on the tenth anniversary of his death, I wrote in 2012:
“His footpath to the heights is almost invisible now, overgrown with timothy grass and mountain laurel, tenanted by bees heavy with nectar and pollen instead of by a man heavy with the future. …The Land, and the many hundreds of thousands of dollars in investments and infrastructure that William Pierce gave his lifetime to bring into being — and bring to bear in the battle for our race’s survival — has been inherited by the unworthy, the befuddled, the merely ambitious, and the incompetent…. Dr. Pierce’s organization… has effectively expired.

“…The Sun has burned away the sea of fog this morning… Maybe I should get out of here… — the current occupants would surely have never given me permission, so I didn’t bother to ask. Maybe I should head down the hill, skirting south into the woods near the trailers, even though I doubt they rise before ten. I should go down now — but no. There’s another path, with the footprint of a tall man still visible there. It leads up.”
What a difference three years has made! In 2014, William White Williams rescued the National Alliance from its unworthy inheritors, and we are ascending the Upward Path once again. The National Alliance BULLETIN is being published again — we haven’t missed a month in nearly a year now — The Land is staffed and functioning; our radio program has been on time for nearly two years; our membership is increasing; and we just published a brand-new edition of Building a New White World: What is the National Alliance?, which I will be proud and happy to send to each and every one of you who writes to me today. This 16-page, full-color magazine-format booklet — a great improvement over all previous editions — is a impressive introduction to the ideas and program of the National Alliance, and is the most powerful recruiting tool we’ve ever published. It’s a fitting achievement to show that the National Alliance — the Cosmotheist Community — and The Land are very much on an upward arc once again in 2015. I’m proud to be a part of that.

Satire: Israel’s Collapse Imminent Due to Lack of Diversity According to Jews For Social Justice

via The Occidental Observer

Under Israel’s extreme right-wing government, peaceful, beautiful, creative, and vibrant undocumented African migrants have been arrested and housed in concentration camps against their will. Thousands of intelligent, hard working, and law abiding Africans who only came to the state of Israel in search of a better life, and to make Israel an even stronger nation, have somehow been labelled a “threat” to Israel’s “Jewishness.” These people came with love in their hearts for Jews. For their naivety, they were segregated, numbered, locked up behind barbed wire, and then deported!

Undocumented migrants are often denied the right to work in Israel, to marry Israeli citizens, or even to use the state’s welfare programs. This is an obscenity and a violation of their most basic human rights! According to UN conventions on the rights of migrant peoples, Israel must grant full and complete legal equality to all undocumented migrants! This includes Arab migrants, Filipino guest workers, Somali pirates, and anyone else who resides or has resided in the past in Israel.

Fortunately, a group of progressive Israelis known as “Jews For Social Justice” are demanding that the state grant full equality to undocumented migrants. The group demands that Israel open its borders, so that peaceful people can enter the country freely. The spokesman for the group, Moshe Ficklestein, observed in a speech earlier today that “Jews are literally choking to death on their own Jewishness. They are suffocating from being Jewish in a Jewish state, they are dying inside from the despair, boredom, and emptiness of ethnic homogeneity. Israel is a sick society literally dying from a lack of diversity! Our nation is as boring, unexciting, and as tasteless as a piece of dry matzah, it needs African seasoning, and the more the better!”

Ficklestein’s speech was interrupted with boos and hollers from enraged Israeli racists and fanatical nationalists who insisted that Israel must survive as an exclusively “Jewish” state, whatever that means. I thought the idea of racial or ethnic states went out of fashion with the fall of the Third Reich. Alas, evidently not! The idea of a “pure” racial state lives on in Israel! Shocking, but true.

As Ficklestein continued speaking, he noted that “Jerusalem is devoid of a variety of authentic ethnic restaurants. At dance clubs lonely. Jewish girls are forced to dance with Jewish males, instead of vibrant young African men. The African men are frankly, more exciting dance partners, as well as more interesting partners in every sense of the term! I speak from personal experience here. They possess superior virility and sexual stamina, so sadly many Jewish men resent them because of this! Those who oppose my policies are frankly jealous of African males! Sexual jealousy and uniformed petty bigotry drive all who oppose my policies! Feigned love for Israel or Jews is a mere smokescreen! These people are haters and racists. They are afraid of being cuckolded. Do not be fooled!”

Unfortunately, Ficklestein’s speech was once again rudely interrupted by a bearded Orthodox Jewish fanatic who shouted “You are worse than an Islamic terrorist. At least they would kill us all faster and with less pain!” Several Jewish protestors agreed, while another shouted “If you hate the Jewish state, why don’t you move to America where they buy that multi-cultural bullshit! Get out of Israel you self-hating Jew! Israel is a state for Jews, not for Africans, not for Arabs, only for Jews! We are the chosen of God and we have this land by divine right!”

Fortunately, as armed security stepped in, Ficklestein was able to continue speaking, adding that “Jewish men and women are marrying each other and having boring pale Jewish children. They are raising these boring Jewish children, all of similar skin hues, in houses and neighbourhoods that all look the same across Israel! It’s really very sad. Because of the close interrelatedness of Ashkenazi Jews, a preponderance of unique genetic diseases plague us! In order to help combat these problems we are organizing diversity orgies. At these events, in which young Jewish women get in free, and receive free drinks, African youths line up to have sex with them in succession. Progressive Jewish men get to sit and watch. This is how we should celebrity Diversity! These orgies are breaking down racial barriers and healing a world which for too long has been divided by race!”

Ficklestein was interrupted as a Molotov cocktail was thrown onto his stage. Fortunately he was unharmed, as he vowed to continue his speech, he noted that “African refugees are more Jewish than you or I will ever be! They chose to come to Israel. They chose to come to a Jewish state, therefore they are more authentically Jewish than anyone else! We were just born into it, it was only an accident of birth that we are Jewish! Only a racist, whose conception of Jewishness depends on things like blood or DNA would disagree! Being Jewish is a feeling, anyone who feels Jewish or comes to the state of Israel is a Jew period! Jews by choice are the most Jewish of all! If guest workers in Israel have a baby, I say that this baby is born a Jew!” Birthright Jewishness for all!

Ficklestein currently serves as a member of the city council, in the small Israeli city of Tirat Carmel. He has introduced legislation calling for Tirat Carmel to become a sanctuary city for African migrants. A scandal erupted after it was claimed by some Israeli racists that African gangs were allegedly targeting Jewish girls for sexual slavery. Ficklestein, without denying the incident, responded it must be understood that because of lower educational levels among African migrants, and different cultures, Israelis will have to learn to tolerate a certain amount of crime until the new immigrants are assimilated. Once everyone in Israel is part African and part Arab, there will be no more interracial crime, because all will be one race, united together as one people in peace because of our ethnic homogeneity! [Editor’s note: In discussing this last comment with Ficklestein, he seems to be genuinely unaware of the irony. ]

Responding to criticism of his controversial policies, Ficklestein stated that “Unfortunately Jews and Africans are not mixing fast enough. It may become necessary for us to pass laws requiring coupling between Jews and Africans. In one hundred years everyone in Israel will be mid-brown, and we will all be one people! It is the same with the Palestinian issue. Jewish women must offer themselves sexually to Palestinian Muslim men! Israel is becoming a multi-cultural society, and G-d willing, we will eventually achieve mid-brown homogeneity.

It is true that some people resent Jews for Social Justice because of our role in that process. However, if that process does not continue, Israel will not survive! If we do not embrace tolerance and diversity, Israel will collapse!” [Editor’s note: in later discussions with Mr Ficklestein over a beer, he declined to elaborate on exactly how retaining its present ethnic homogeneity would cause the collapse of Israel, simply repeating his statement that “the richness and beauty of Israel comes from its diverse immigrant groups, including undocumented Africans, Muslim Arabs, Filipinos, and Christians!” Note that Ficklestein’s statement is quite similar to Jewish anti-European activist Barbara Spectre’s notorious statement that without such a transformation, Europe “will not survive.”]

Indeed, Palestine has always been a multi-cultural and multi-religious society since ancient times. It is a land where Adonai, Asherah, El, Baal, Jesus and Allah have been worshipped by peoples of diverse races and backgrounds side by side in peace. It has been a home to heterosexuals, homosexuals, monotheists and polytheists alike. Palestine was once home to a vibrant diverse community, and it can be again.

Unfortunately, the Israeli parliament will begin hearings next week as right-wing extremists have submitted legislation banning Jews For Social Justice from operating in Israel. Moshe Ficklestein is already under investigation for misappropriation of government funds in a case that he claims is entirely politically motivated and fueled by hatred of his political positions and charitable work for undocumented African migrants.

Let us hope and pray that justice will be done for Jews For Social Justice! Let us hope that they can create a new vibrant and tolerant Israel, where undocumented African migrants, religious Palestinian Muslims, Filipino guest workers, and Christians enjoy full equality as Israelis! Everyone in Israel is Jewish and Israeli, whether he or she is there legally or not, and regardless of race, ethnicity or religion!

The Global South Marches on the Global North

via Henry Dampier

It used to be that you had to fly all the way to Africa to get the perfect selfie. Some time in the near future (and in the present within many cities throughout the Western world) there’ll be no reason to travel terribly far at all to get the right portrait partner.

Where we should be concerned is that there might not be much of a home country to be able to support that kind of short distance humanitarian tourism.

When you select for an administrative, bureaucratic elite based on how maudlin their essays are about their trips to Africa and South America — along with how crowded their extracurricular schedules were, and how well they filled in bubbles on exams with no. 2 pencils — you may discover that you’ve selected for a group of feckless and sentimental morons who are nonetheless disproportionately good at lacrosse and cheating on take-home exams.

This group will be completely immune to persuasion that it might be a bad thing for all the nice people who posed so nicely in those photos when you were on your international community service trip might be less than compatible with the countries that you have been charged with ruling. When the only pilgrimage you recognize as valid is the one taken for community service hours to buffer your application to Harvard, it’s going to be hard to empathize or understand cultures that take things like pilgrimages to Mecca seriously.

It’s hard to impress upon people not familiar with religious trends in the temples of high progress as to how different the march of the global south must look to them as it does to people with less elevated affinities. To the undereducated, it looks like an invasion. To the enlightened, it appears like the deserving poor on the threshold of attaining justice. These two worldviews are irreconcilable.

If, your whole life, you have been raised to believe that your highest and most sacred mission is to shower money, attention, and resources on the third world, it’s not terribly likely that it’ll be possible to persuade you out of it. This is more frightening than the conspiratorial vision of elite behavior, which tends to interpret self-destruction as part of a hidden plot instead of dreamlike self-annihilation. Rational evil can be dealt with in rational terms, through argument and persuasion. Holy insanity can only be opposed directly or survived by hunkering down.

“Environmental Justice” Lecture Series Video Trailer

via TradYouth

Trad Youth SoCal recently hosted our first Lecture on effective activism, by a youtuber known as grindall61.

Here’s a teaser trailer, we plan to edit and upload much more. for those who want the whole talk, we will consider selling a DVD to raise money for future lectures if there’s enough interest.

It’s always a good sign when teaparty type conservatives can see through the lies, wake up, and smell an ongoing genocide that has gone on too long already.

Understanding "Xenophobia?"

via Majority Rights

An ancient instinct that is vital: 
”Wait - who are you?“

Xenophobia is no human idea, it is not a political ideology. The inherent notion that individuals from other ethnic groups are different is as old as humanity itself.

That political leaders throughout human history have tried to either foment or stifle this innate team spirit does not change its origin or function. Ultimately, while it has often come to be called xenophobia, it is a kind of defense mechanism of an ethnic group. It has a cohesive function but is also vital to the group’s survival.

It is easy to think
today that racism is obsolete in modern societies, and political ideas that multicultural and multi-ethnic societies are something we can decide to create, and then use various integration programs as a tool to make this work artificially.

It is important to remember that “xenophobia” has always been the human diversity condition. Without this desire or sense of distinction and boundaries no ethnic group could have existed for very long before it would be adulterated and perish again.
The world’s major ethnic groups; blacks, whites and Asians, and all its subsets of peoples did not come into existence overnight. It has taken nature tens of thousands, if not millions of years to enrich the earth with the human diversity which we have today. The birth of a new ethnic group has always been dependent on a distinct geographic location. For the purpose of various ethnic groups’ birth and continued maintenance, they have always required “xenophobia”, more properly termed “alien skepticism” or “stranger caution” as a prerequisite.

The principle or the basic human function is exactly the same as in individuals. An individual who is not skeptical or cautious when confronted with a stranger will not survive in the long run. This instinct is basically in all living creatures on earth and is deeply rooted.

The function and conclusion of prejudices

“Alien skepticism” or “fear” of the unknown is a kind of first line of defense. Here comes the concept of prejudice. An individual always makes a first assessment of the foreigner—a judgment before it knows any details for sure. We must also understand that individual assessment, when the unknown has become known, can shift from prejudice to “judgment”, a conclusion based on knowledge.

However, today we are told by the modern political system that prejudice is just ignorance and as soon as this ignorance is gone, the foreigner should be welcomed. In fact, the individual’s or group’s conclusion could be that the foreigner cannot necessarily be given a pass, and may intend to cause us harm.

Racists in every expression of the negative sense, of course, are also those who want to cause an ethnic group’s unity and uniqueness to perish through mixing and division. Many nations and entire civilizations during the history of humanity have vanished for this reason.  Either by displacement and extinction or by blending them away out of all recognition.

A true defender of the world’s human diversity turns naturally against both extremes of racism and genocide.  Moreover, the criminalization of these two extremes is stated in the UN Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, saying that not only is performance of these acts criminal but it is also criminal to instigate them. Thus, the express intent or encouragement to try to create a multi-ethnic society, which inherently violates the right to the preservation of the ethnic and cultural characteristics of the group, or displacement or eradication of a people, could fall within the scope of this crime. In the UN declaration it says, among other things, that the following shall be considered as genocide:
“Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life intended to lead to its complete or partial physical destruction; (d) to take measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group. “
In the ongoing development of today’s Sweden where a large number of non-European immigrants are coming to the country, a natural segregation process is marked by Swedes who move away from immigrant areas while various immigrant groups cluster together, and those immigrant groups quickly receive a residence permit and can select where in the country they want to stay. In this way the crime referred-to in the last paragraph concerning genocide may be relevant, eg. in cases where parents are not allowed to put their children into any school but are forced to send them to the local multi-ethnic schools where Swedish children in many Swedish schools already are a minority in their own country.

In the next step they might endeavor to create a multi-ethnic society through the use of integration programs, and this could fall within the scope of “hate crimes” because there would be a restriction of the indigenous group’s autonomy.

The general conclusion regarding the question of earth’s ethnic diversity is that the property known as “xenophobia” is a necessary evil. The key instead now is to thwart its extremes. The leading political establishment in general seems to dumb-down and exaggerate the image of our instinct for caution, instincts like defense and self-preservation. This they do, among other things, by trying to characterize as a disease, what is actually an instinct and a function that acts as a guarantor for the conservation of all communities, by using a negative-sounding designation such as “xenophobia”. If there is an “undue fear” of the unknown, its assessment must of course be something that is considered “reasonable” and make sense, and it needs to exist and be expressed.

There has also been a confusion between the fact that ethnic groups are different and should be valued as such, with the idea that ethnic groups are ranked differently, the two are very different things. The most extreme manifestations of the debate would not even concern themselves with the thought that there are different kinds of people on earth.

This is often presented as options of black and white, where either you accept today’s multicultural and ethnic change in Sweden beyond recognition, or you accept hatred and abuse against all immigrants who are in Sweden and the need to advocate a hundred percent purity. Swedes are a generally balanced people and have an absolutely predominant wish for neither of these extremes. Discernment is often the first casualty when debate deteriorates.

Reliance on these extremes and extremists, mainly in politics, business and the media is driving the currently extreme situation. However, what remains and ensures that we can get a more balanced society and social climate in the future, is that our age-old instinct for self-preservation can take on a balanced and natural expression.

Swedes may be very open-minded, but they also have a right to their own preservation.

Generation Identity in the U.S.?

via Radix

I reside in the United States, in a hothouse suburb of a third-tier city. Generation Identitaire’s activity and message reached my consciousness like other news and events—through the Internet. And the group didn’t just reach me—they inspired me. Generation Identitaire's core assertion is “Enough!” Its premise is that real Europeans are still around and still willing to defend their homes, in spite of decades of attacks on their consciousness, campaigns to dismantle their communities, degrade their souls, and displace them. Their very name is a reply to a question—what of Europe remains? There may be several effective and non-exclusive answers, but GI's straightforward response—identity—seems likeliest to unite and rally Europeans worldwide, across national, cultural, and linguistic barriers.

Generation Identitaire's potential for successful pan-Europeanism is enhanced by its Spartan-inspired symbols in gold and black, as well as its bold, fresh, youth-oriented digital content, derived from its daring street-activist operations.

I'm obviously not the only American to be inspired by Generation Identitaire. Richard Spencer, and many writers, scholars, and activists associated with Radix and The National Policy Institute, have embraced and promoted the “identitarian” monicker as the best conceptualization of our movement and project. They and other American identitarians have done so, however, without ever claiming to form official branches of Generation Identitaire or directly appropriating its symbols. Not only could such behavior violate trademark law, but, more importantly, it is disrespectful and immoral.

Unfortunately, others have, apparently, co-opted GI’s name and aesthetic without authorization. Beginning in July, a group calling itself “Generation Identity US” has adopted Generation Identitaire's masthead and manifesto, registered a similar Internet domain, and begun giving interviews and soliciting charitable support. It is doing so through wholesale use of Generation Identitaire's content and message.

This sudden appearance of a Generation Identitaire simulacrum in the United States raises serious questions. Who is behind it? Are they serious identitarians and activists? Have they received any sort of blessing, formal or otherwise, from Generation Identitaire? To what use are they putting the money they are raising?

If the new group in the United States turns out not to be authorized by Generation Identitaire, as it appears they are not, it would be an unfortunate development. Generation Identitaire is a grassroots organization; it most likely lacks the resources to prosecute trademark violations overseas (assuming such a case could be made)—and even if it could, why would anyone claiming to be an identitarian want to create such a scandal?

Simply put, we need answers.

Doug Wilson, Steven Sitler, and Alienist Error

via Faith & Heritage

Many of us are familiar with the controversy surrounding Doug Wilson and his church’s relationship with convicted sex offender Steven Sitler. I have so far refrained from commenting on this situation, as I do not have all of the facts. The facts which Wilson admits (or at least has not denied) are:
  1. Sitler had an unknown history of child molestation when he became a student at New Saint Andrews College.
  2. While at NSA, he molested children in his host family. (NSA students do not live in dorms, but rather with members of Wilson’s church.)
  3. Wilson publicly states that child molesters should be put to death, but because the state won’t do that, the church has no option but to minister to them since the church lacks the power of the sword. Neverthless, Wilson writes a letter to the judge in the case asking for “measured and limited” civil penalties for Sitler.
  4. Sitler was sentenced to probation for life, after a short stint in jail. As part of probation, he must be under continual supervision when around children. He is classified by the state as highly likely to reoffend.
  5. Sitler continues to attend Christ Church and appears repentant for his sin.
  6. Some time later, an elder at Wilson’s church, Ed Iverson, seeks to set up a courtship between Katie Travis, an NSA student who lives with him, and Mr. Sitler.
  7. Travis and her family are aware of Steven’s past and consent to the marriage. Wilson marries the couple. They have a child.
  8. Recently, Sitler fails a polygraph as part of his probation. The allegations involve inappropriate sexual contact with his infant son. Both his wife and her parents may be disqualified as chaperones relating to Steven’s son.
Wilson’s recent post relates to these latest allegations (which he does not mention specifically) as a defense of his church’s actions. What interested me most was his defense of the marriage:
Seventh, in the latest round of accusations, much has been made of the fact that Christ Church approved of Steven’s wedding to Katie through the fact that I officiated at the wedding. First, it should be noted that in our community, weddings are not arranged or determined by the church. Katie and her family had all the facts when she agreed to marry Steven, which was important, but the decision to marry was the couple’s decision, not ours. That said, I officiated at the wedding and was glad to do so. While we do not believe that marriage is an automatic “fix” for the temptations to molest children, we agree with Judge Stegner who approved the wedding and said that ‘an age-appropriate relationship with a member of the opposite sex from Mr. Sitler is one of the best things that can happen to him and to society” (emphasis added). Moreover, if everything is on the table, we do not believe the church has the authority to prohibit or “not allow” a lawful marriage.
The last sentence is a key tell. As a Biblicist, Wilson sees no ground for a church to prohibit a “lawful” marriage. A Biblicist like Wilson is someone with an autistic sense of wisdom: if we can’t point to a verse expressly prohibiting a marriage, the church is helpless to refuse. As an Alienist, he knows that a consideration of wisdom in making marriages would quickly lead to conclusions he would not like. Even in this extreme circumstance, he is willing to sacrifice wisdom so that he can maintain a view that all marriages not directly prohibited in the New Testament are lawful.

Many have commented that the state of Idaho is helpless to prevent this, despite the fact that a pedophile marrying and producing children presents all sorts of problems – and some have called for a marriage ban for pedophiles. To Wilson, any law that would prevent what he sees as a “lawful” marriage is void and can be disobeyed by the church.

We here at F&H support families employing wisdom when forming marriages. We may offend some by our notions that interracial marriages are a bad idea, but with our worldview comes a robust spiritual immune system that protects against the obvious error of marrying your daughters to pedophiles.

I have no doubt that Wilson and his elders encouraged the marriage of Sitler. I believe their motives were good, but their ideology and simplistic view of the world prevented them from employing wisdom, and when presented with a formulaic body of evidence for Sitler’s rehabilitation, they encouraged the marriage. The young lady was impressionable, and yes, aware of the situation, but the approval for the marriage was coming from authority figures in her life. Just as Wilson and his ilk cannot comprehend that there are hard-wired biological differences between the races, they cannot accept that sociopathic pedophiles can never, ever be trusted, likely again due to biology. Sitler may be incapable of thoroughgoing repentance, as sociopaths literally have defective brains. He may be elect in the same way that a person with a 50 IQ may be elect, but that election is unlikely to manifest itself in a repentance that would enable him to be trusted with children ever again. While the church should minister to such people, it is foolish to marry them.

Foolishness is the way of life for an Alienist. If you love your daughters, you will avoid the simplistic Biblicism of Wilson and embrace the accumulated wisdom of your ancestors in the faith. Because of the inseparable bond of children, wise discrimination in marriage is the highest duty of any family.

Manspreading for Lebenraum

via Alternative Right

Localized ethnic unity, a threat to the system
"Integration is the time between the first black family moving in and the last white family moving out" – Saul Alinsky

As is the Microcosm, so is the Macrocosm

The feminist ‘social justice’ campaign first launched on Twitter against “manspreading” has made the male practice of sitting a little too comfortably in a public space into a criminal offense. The arrests that have resulted from this criminalization of public posture represent a fundamental attack upon our personal freedoms and on our own ability to govern ourselves in social situations without resorting to overarching laws and policing. John Stuart Mill’s Harm Principle has taken a modern, politically correct turn for the worse.

This also represents an attack on males, but even more so on White males, who have literally had their living spaces invaded and have been forced to squeeze aside for the ‘leg room’ of hordes of non-Whites.

The eunuch mandarins of the Liberal Left of course seem unaware that men’s genitals hang outside the body thus necessitating a spreading of the lower limbs for basic comfort. As of now, detachable penises are still not widely enough available on the market to necessitate a one-size-fits-all posture. Bruce Jenner’s hermaphroditic transformation is being so publicly lauded precisely because it symbolically represents the castration of the White male as patriarchal master signifier.

As every White country becomes flooded with non-White hordes, as our countries become increasingly not our own, as even our communities are no longer our own, why should our personal space be exempted from the general trend? This continuum of dispossession is not an accident. It is no mere coincidence that many 'caught-on-video' racist outbursts occur while on public transportation.

The experience of public transportation in diversified metropolises can often have the jarring effect of revealing the emptiness at the heart of our social order. The tram itself functions as a kind of metaphor for the modern world, a constantly moving, deracinated conglomerate – machines dragging the masses of humanity to their destinations, all atomized and automated, a world far removed from the rootedness of blood and soil.

An overly social space is inevitably
an antisocial space
The general experience of shuffling multiracial crowds onto a packed, one-size-fits-all transport system, for the sole purpose of atomized economic competition and relentless movement, reduces the city to a brutal machine. Each person is further reduced to representing the soullessness of the theory of perfect competition – unrestrained self-interest supposedly leading to the "maximization" of all participants, but in reality leading to their alienation and anomie.

When a marginalized White, finds himself a waif in his own country and looks around the bus or train – possibly he is standing because non-Whites are occupying all the available seats – he gets a sense of these non-Whites pushing him out and perhaps stealing his job through "equal opportunity employment" of leeching off his taxes.

This, along with the "leveling" of the global economic playing field, means the creation of an underclass of dispossessed Whites, psychologically unable to fight back due to disempowering ideas like "white privilege."

Bauhaus vs. Row House

The latest attempt to encroach on the living space of Whites is coming from the Obama administration:
"The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, a proposal from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), is aimed at ending segregation found in communities across the nation."
This mandate follows a Supreme Court decision that the 1968 Fair Housing Act aimed to prevent more than just intentional discrimination, and that the federal government has the right to use HUD to enforce integration on areas it deems to be too White. This new legislation would require cities and towns to scrutinize their racial makeup and report every three to five years on unintended racial bias in housing.

Closely monitored by the social engineers
The National Housing Act of 1934 created the Federal Housing Administration as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal. Also called the Wagner-Steagall Act, it set up the United States Housing Authority to provide subsidies from the federal government to local public housing agencies, to improve the conditions of low-income families.

Catherine Bauer, who co-authored the Housing Act, was not Jewish but was a close friend of Bob Marshall whose father Louis had founded the American Jewish Committee. As such, Bauer had close links to Jewish groups, which would also explain why she was interested in studying the "recent achievements and policies in housing and city and regional planning in the U.S.S.R." She was also an advocate of 'sexual liberty,' and a disciple of the Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius, who, unable to find accommodation with the Nazis, finally emigrated to the States after flirting with the Soviet Union.

In his book The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing, E.M. Jones quotes a revealing speech Gropius gave in the Soviet Union:
"Without the liberation of the land out of this private slavery, it is impossible to create a healthy, development-capable urban renewal that is economic in terms of society in general. Only the Soviet Union has fulfilled this most important requirement without reservation, and thereby opened the way for a truly modern urban planning." (Page 83)
Shortly after this speech, Gropius became the chairman of the architecture department at Harvard. From then on, he refrained from using phrases like the “immoral right of private ownership.” Instead, he talked about things like “our belief in democratic government.”

While Bauhaus is routinely praised as a forward-looking and disinterested modernist architectural movement, the truth is quite different. In his book From Bauhaus to Our House (1986), Tom Wolfe criticizes Bauhaus as creating buildings that resemble "a duplicating-machine replacement parts wholesale distribution warehouse," and likening their model for houses to an "insecticide refinery." For Wolfe such architecture was a "reprimand for the fat on one’s bourgeoisie soul."

The "vision" of replacing the humble row house with Bauhaus architecture was interlaced with notions of social engineering. Bauhaus, also known as the "international style," was in Jones’ words "the architectural expression of social engineering." Gropius was head of the school of architecture at Harvard, while László Moholy-Nagy, a Hungarian Jew, opened the New Bauhaus that would become the Chicago School of Design.

Given Bauhaus's radical leftism and obvious Jewish elements, you may not be surprised to learn that Tel Aviv has the largest collection of buildings built in the "international style" anywhere in the world:
"Bauhaus architecture flourished in Tel Aviv (as elsewhere in the country) in the 1930s due in great part to the fact that 17 former Bauhaus students, worked locally as architects."
Housing, however, did not truly become a social justice issue until the Fair Housing Act, a corollary of Lyndon Johnson’s 1968 Civil Rights Act. When Johnson inaugurated the act he thanked "the public housing experiments of the 1930s and 1940s, led by that great adventurer, Nathan Strauss, in the Roosevelt administration." Strauss was the son of a wealthy Jewish merchant who co-owned Macy's department store.

From its inception through to its realization, integrated urban planning has had a strong Jewish influence, raising the suspicion that one of its aims was to create a form of social engineering that could break the bonds of kinship that would otherwise naturally form amongst European Americans.

As we see from the above infographic, "integration" and "desegregation" are code words for taking away White living space. By contrast, there is no talk of forcefully integrating areas with high concentrations of Blacks. As you can see, Black neighborhoods have grown and spread, strongly White areas have become negligible, and gray areas, neither entirely White nor Black, have proliferated. This urban level of integration is a micro manifestation of the macro process of global multiculturalism, in which only white countries are forced to integrate.

In The Slaughter of Cities, Jones tells us that "the Quakers and the Jews were allies in the housing struggles in post-war Chicago." From this above image we see that violent crimes are predominately in areas with high concentrations of Blacks, while those areas with the least violent crimes have fewer Blacks.

We also see from this graphic of Palestine that what is occurring on both a macro and micro level in the US and in Europe is analogous to the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. While blacks and Jews both prefer to view themselves as the victims, it is plain to see that they are the ones gaining new ground. Diversity really does mean chasing down the last white person.

From WASP to "Hostile" Elite – Social Engineering through the Ages

There is a long precedence of the federal government dangling the carrot of funds and the stick of criminal conviction in order to implement "integration" in US cities. The first time this strategy was implemented, it was, as now, a bi-partisan effort. As E. Michael Jones explains in The Slaughter of Cities:
"Upper-class WASPs, largely Episcopalian and Quaker, united politically with the blacks they brought up from the South to work in their factories during World War II to defeat the group in the middle, namely, the largely Catholic ethnics who lived in neighborhoods like Kensington."
World Wars facilitated the process wherein unprecedented levels of social engineering could occur through the implementation of federal government centralization under wartime provisions, that bypassed local lawmakers and normal democratic processes.

We can identity a three-pronged process, in which Obama’s "Fair Housing" campaign is but the latest stage. The first stage corresponds to the shaping of 'public opinion' through the growth of the mass media. The second stage arrives with the Roosevelt New Deal, which gave the Federal government increased powers over housing, and removed the right of eminent domain from property owners. The third stage can be linked with the reformulation of civil rights as a housing issue, which then sought to take away White spaces from White ethics.

The First World War facilitated the formation of something akin to a socially-engineered national consciousness. A supposed democracy like America ostensibly required a majority consensus to get into the war on the side of Britain. The Committee on Public Information was formed in order to overcome the historical neutrality of American opinion and its anti-interventionist nature.

Not good for White spaces.
The sinking of the Lusitania by a German U-boat, resulting in the deaths of 114 Americans, greatly helped, even though the ship had been smuggling American munitions and contraband for the British war effort. As the influential Jewish journalist Walter Lippmann explained: "While the war continued it very largely succeeded, I believe, in creating something that might almost be called one public opinion all over America."

The forging of this public opinion was in answer to the psychological requirements of the war, as Lippmann was well aware. His experience as a Captain in army intelligence during WWI shaped his perception of journalism as "intelligence work" serving as a go-between between policymakers and the public. Lippmann believed that "a specialized class whose interests reach beyond the locality" had to decide the public’s beliefs for them.

Over time this process would take on an increasingly Jewish character, with Jewish elites exerting more influence through their ability to frame public opinion. The radical effects of this on American public opinion can be seen in issues like miscegenation, where the 4% approval rate in 1958 has been changed to 87% today.

Lippmann and Edward Bernays, someone else who worked in intelligence and propaganda during WWI, and later Louis Wirth, who worked for the OSS in WWII, were Jews who were able to rise within elitist circles, because:
"Unlike nativists and people like Henry Ford, the East Coast WASP elite was perfectly willing to adopt Jews into their class if the adoptee was willing to espouse the same Enlightenment environmentalist philosophy they espoused…" (The Slaughter of Cities, p.106) 
Thus a strange assortment of bedfellows – Jewish brains, East WASP elitist ethnocentrism, and Negro numbers – converged to dismantle and destroy the cohesion of ‘ethnic’ neighborhoods, mostly directed at Southern and Eastern Europeans, like Poles, Czechs and Italians, but also Irish and Germans, whose Catholicism threatened the WASP establishment.

White ethnic America.
Jones points to Paul Blandshard’s anti-Catholic bestseller, American freedom and Catholic power, as expressing the idea that Catholicism represented an "impassible barrier to democratization" and a danger to WASP power.

Brave New Worlds

Blandshard was a liberal protestant minister who dropped out of the ministry in favor of socialism, sexual liberation, and the WASP positivist school of Bertrand Russell and John Dewey. His views of cultural anthropology were seeped in heavy doses of materialism and atheism derived from Comte, leading to his belief that man was a product of his environment who could be molded – i.e. socially engineered. Both the WASP elite and the Jews shared this view as well as suspicions about Catholicism, which was seen as inherently fascistic:
"In fact both Blanshard and Bertrand Russell would claim that Catholicism and fascism were politically indistinguishable" (The Slaughter of Cities, p.101).
Jones points to the WASP fear that Catholics were taking over the country numerically, because unlike the WASPs who had embraced birth control, they procreated. As Blandshard put it, “in the name of religion, the hierarchy fights birth control and divorce laws in all states… and censors the cultural diet of these children.” The last part can be read as Catholics rejecting the propaganda of WASPs and their Jewish coconspirators like Lippmann and Wirth.

The threat that ethnic whites presented was therefore both numerical and cultural, but as Jones tells us, these Catholics lacked a cohesive group consciousness – i.e. as a shared Catholic 'ethnic group'  – that could protect their interests, unlike the enemies who conspired against them.

Bertrand Russell, the influential British philosopher who helped shape American WASP opinion was a driving force. E.M Jones refers to his program for social reform:
"Many observers are astonished at how pervasive its provisions are today. To illustrate, we will look at four of his key tenets: sexual liberation and the destruction of the nuclear family; social control through the means of psychology and the use of addictive and psycho-tropic drugs; one-world government; and population control."
In case anyone is wondering where Aldous Huxley got his ideas for Brave New World from, look no further!

Black Professors Gone Wild: "Diversity" Is It's Own Worse Enemy

via American Renaissance

Cornel West, emblematic of everything
wrong in American Universities
Those of us who follow racial politics have increasingly observed an odd bird–the irate black professor who never tires of anti-white rants that are little more than high-sounding gobbledygook and comical misinformation. These imposters are handsomely paid by white-run universities for this fake “scholarship.” Even odder, they are not embarrassed by their own foolishness, and are genuinely surprised when publicly criticized. Think of the venerable Cornel West and, more recently, Saida Grundy. Conceivably, the failure of Great Society-like programs to bring the Promised Land has encouraged the search for ever more bizarre theories to explain racial inequality.

This new type of black “scholar” is a relatively new phenomenon. They did not exist decades ago, and their numbers are growing. Let me try to explain how these oddities have come into existence.

Non-academics are only dimly aware of the pressure on universities to hire blacks, and administrators who refuse to do so can endanger their careers. And few departments can resist funds for “underrepresented minorities” that are not counted against the department’s own budget (this makes the money “free” in academic parlance). Nor are academic specialties relevant; blackness is the only must-have qualification. One professor friend described his department this way: John does international relations, Fred teaches Congress, and Bill is black.

What is important, however, is that the black generally appear superficially “middle class” and respectable. This means some familiarity with academic jargon (such as “structural inequality”) and not being too ghetto: no visible tattoos, no drooping pants and, critically, no obscenity-filled speech. The purpose of hiring blacks is to impress outsiders with a university’s commitment to racial justice but the academy’s standards exclude hiring a gang banger who might call whites “candy-assed mother f***ers crackers.” The life of the mind does have standards.

There are very few blacks who fit the bill for reputable universities, so woe to any department that makes a black candidate uncomfortable. Departments typically pride themselves on grilling job applicants, and there is often competition among faculty to score killer points, but such jousting is verboten when interviewing blacks. All questions and comments are of the softball variety lest the job candidate feel “dissed” and reject the job offer. Meanwhile, white professors explain to the applicant why accepting the assumed-to-be-forthcoming offer will be a great career move: ample research funds to explore the role of racism in bank lending, colleagues happy to offer advice on micro-aggression, and so on. In other words, the department is trying to impress the candidate, not the other way around. Interviewers who give the candidate a tough time, particularly correcting factual errors, may soon be in the job market themselves (see here for an extreme example).

The courting hardly ends with the hiring process. A black professor need not worry about getting courses approved even if they overlap with existing offerings, or are filled with ideologically driven advocacy. Who is to say that a syllabus of Black Panther manifestos and field trips to racial justice rallies are not “educational”? A similar hands-off policy applies to presentations at research seminars or the supervision of doctorates. The professor’s publications must also be indulged, so a flawed four or five page research note that is little more than a speech in an obscure non-scholarly outlet will be treated as if it were a serious research article for salary increases or promotion and tenure. In other words, once hired, the black professor enjoys carte blanche and intellectual-diplomatic immunity.

Actually, such coddling probably began when these future professors were undergraduates, and it continued in graduate school. In today’s ever-so-racially-sensitive environment, disputing anything said by a black, no matter how outrageous, risks charges of racism, hostility or micro-aggression. Honest give-and-take is impossible; only passive agreement is safe. I recall one black undergraduate insisting that black neighborhoods were bad because whites gave them those blighted areas. I said nothing.

Classes can be intellectual cocoons. With courses often filled with fellow racial believers, it is unlikely that whites will dispute a black professor’s utterances no matter how bizarre. They just sit quietly while the professor condemns The Man.

Such professors are shocked at the public reaction when, for example, a student tapes them spewing nonsense about anti-black genocide and posts it on the Internet. Naïve students don’t realize that their university is desperate to keep black academics from fleeing to even more diversity-obsessed schools. That is why administrators pooh-pooh student outrage by defending free speech or the need for varied points of view. Their reaction would be different if the professor assigned The Bell Curve and spoke about racial differences in IQ.

This pattern reveals an unspeakable truth about today’s academy: White academics secretly hold blacks in contempt. There really is a bigotry of low expectations. Deep down, whites realize that Cornel West and his fellow fools are doing the best they can, and that pushing them to do real scholarship only hinders faculty diversity. Recall when Harvard President Larry Summers told Professor West to end his hip-hop career and do serious research. Prof. West left Harvard in a huff and went to more open-minded Princeton.

The problem is incurable so long as schools are pushed to meet diversity quotas. There is also a powerful economic incentive to hire blacks and award them intellectual-diplomatic immunity: It keeps the government gravy train going. Today’s top universities depend on government funding in the hard sciences and engineering, and spending a few hundred thousand on some black imposter is a cost-effective investment to defend against government meddling.

Let me conclude on an upbeat note. These faux professors are educating youngsters, though not in the ways they (or administrators) intend. Save for the most gullible, it does not take much to see through the façade. Today’s students may know little about philosophy but they do know that Socrates was not black and that their African-American classmates do not fail calculus because of white micro-aggression. That nearly all of today’s students have learned the code of silence on such matters should not be taken as proof of indoctrination. Diversity at the university level, like forced racial integration in K though 12, has become its own worst enemy.

The Migratory Invasion, Part 1: A Terrifying Diagnosis

via Counter-Currents

Since the beginning of the summer of 2015, Europe has experienced an unprecedented and ever-increasing wave of illegal migration, on top of the already massive immigration of recent decades. This migration is basically an invasion and quite simply imperils our civilization, along with the cluelessness and complicity of our pseudo political and media elites, which are anti-democratic and completely cut off from the interests and opinions of European peoples. This is the first of a three part analysis. (The second part of this article will be called “The Suicidal Capitulation of Europe” and the third “For Strong Medicine.”)

The Causes of the Deluge

The wave of “migrants” (it is an understatement to call them “illegal”), which passes through the open doors of a Europe under helpless and incompetent leaders, comes mainly from the Middle East (Iraq and Syria) through Turkey (an accomplice); it enters by Greece and the Balkans. Second entrance: the Mediterranean, mainly from a Libya in chaos. Part of invasive flow is composed of refugees from Syria and Iraq fleeing the barbarism of the Islamic State (ISIS) or other fleeing tribal and religious wars in Somalia or elsewhere; but I daresay these are in the minority. Indeed, taking advantage of this windfall and rushing into the breach are legions of often bogus refugees and asylum seekers, who for economic reasons wish to settle in Europe. They come from black Africa, the Maghreb, and the Middle East, attracted by three elements:

1. The permeability of the Schengen area and the lack of protection of “common borders”; the EU is the only political space in the world without protected borders; every day European marines give assistance to boat people rather than repel them (humanitarian ideology), which acts as a suction pump. They are an aid to the invasion rather than protection from it. Never before seen in history: the armed forces aiding the invader. Insane.

2. Second suction pump: grants, assistance, benefits, and allowances offered to illegals upon arriving in several European countries, including France. At the expense of the natives, including the poor, who do not get these privileges! Preference for foreigners . . . It’s parasitism and extorted charity from people unable to take charge of their own country.

3. Third suction pump: intruders know that it is almost impossible to expel them, and the authorities (plus a part of public opinion and media) are rotted by bad conscience, guilt, compassion paralysis. The invaders calculate that we will never dare to drive them back by force. Hence, as seen in Calais and elsewhere and recently in the riots in the Balkans, the incredible impudence and audacity all the way to violence. “Migrants,” animated by a sense of impunity, arrogate all rights, including the right to invade us “from below.”

The maudlin weakness of European leaders, their delusional devotion to “human rights,” their dogmatic and xenophile “anti-racism” excite the aggressiveness of “migrants” entering by force. We have convinced them that they have an inalienable right to take “refuge” in our homes, and hold on to them. They obviously do not even dare to argue with Israel, Russia, Australia, or the United States!

Measuring the Extent of the Invasion

The numbers are staggering. Already, France takes 200,000 legal immigrants every year. So that’s two million since 2005, which have remained and reproduced. Added to this are the poorly documented and inexpulsable illegals, and now new waves of “migrants.”

In Greece alone, 230,000 illegal immigrants forced their way through the Aegean Sea from January to July, against 17,500 for the same period in 2014. They fanned out over Northern and Western Europe. In Italy, since January 2015, 115,000 illegal immigrants have landed. In all, over 300,000 boat people crossed the Mediterranean since then, loaded to the gills.

There has been an explosion of asylum applications from January to June 2015 in the European Union (not including previous applications not yet investigated): 417,000 applicants already in force (by land or sea) including 172,000 in Germany and over 32,000 in France. They are in addition to 65,000 asylum seekers that France records each year. In proportion to their population, the most affected countries, in addition to these last two, are Sweden, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Hungary. Even if rejected, a tiny minority of applicants will be expelled. Furthermore, many do not even bother to apply for asylum! They are not counted. This shows the magnitude and speed of the invasion.

From Syria alone, asylum applications since April 2011 amounted to 99,000 in Germany and 65,000 for little Sweden! Despite the enormous problems (security, crime, preservation of lifestyle, welfare costs etc.) that the eastern Arab-African immigration poses to this once peaceful country, its leaders prefer humanitarian dogmatism, sacrificing the long-term identity of its people.

In total, Germany has blithely allowed 800,000 “refugee migrants” in 2015, in addition to the existing flow of illegal and legal immigrants. A large increase is expected in 2016. France, according to the French Association of Judges of Asylum, in 2016 will soon pass 100,000 to 120,000 refugee claimants per year, in addition to other arrivals, legal and illegal. This will cost 500 to 600 million more per year. According to the Court of Auditors, asylum already costs € 2 billion per year to our indebted countries; but these people, true and false refugees, are a priority for the oligarchy and the dominant ideology over the “marginal French” who are dispossessed and needy. Our Belgian cousins ​​are in the same situation with a political and media oligarchy that is exactly the same.

The Law of Numbers

In all cases, the disorder endemic in the Muslim world, exacerbated by the stupid and disastrous American and Franco-British interventions (“to establish democracy”) in Iraq and Libya, is causing the exodus. But this unprecedented migratory invasion, which is 80% Muslim, is also part of a strategy (organized by ISIS and Erdogan’s Turkey) to conquer Europe by Islam. Invasive war from the bottom and by cunning, by moral disarmament.

The 64% of the French opposed to hosting the new migration wave are cynically mocked by our leaders. The humanitarian argument that blames us for ​​boat people drowning at sea to force us to welcome them appears to many as aberrant hypocrisy because if they had been discouraged from immigrating, and if their smugglers were punished, nobody would be drowning or dead in refrigerated trucks or anywhere else. They would stay home.

This “electric shock of migratory invasion,” in the politically incorrect formula of Ivan Rioufol (Le Figaro, September 4, 2015) that would have been impossible to use only a short while ago in a major newspaper, can perhaps lead to a revolt of European nations, but maybe not; and this could lead to fundamentally questioning the architecture and functioning of the European Union, that misguided idea, that solar ideal that has become a lunar utopia.

In any case, if this migratory invasion, which started slowly in the 1970s and vertiginously accelerated (geometric progression) since then, continues for ten more years, the European nations of the West and North (including France and Germany), with their declining birth rates, will simply disappear in two or three generations, at the end of this century. Washed away by the relentless demographic law, overwhelmed by the sheer number of alien genes, evacuees from history.

Currently, since 2011, between one and two million “immigrants” have entered Northern and Western Europe each year, under the most diverse headings: refugees, legal, and illegal. The majority are Muslim. They add to those already present, and their reproductive rate is more than double that of Europeans. A simple mathematical calculation can predict the future, if an urgent reversal is not carried out.

We shall see in the next article how the German government of Angela Merkel is playing a very stupid and short-sighted game, slavishly followed by Mr. Hollande, and how the European political and media oligarchy, our dominant minority, is complicit in the invasion and in blaming us.

Time to Ban LGBT Rainbow Hate-Flag

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Bryce Williams and his flag
The world is shocked by the killing of 24-year-old reporter Alison Parker and 27-year-old cameraman Adam Ward, of small Virginia station WDBJ (a CBS affiliate), by disgruntled and disturbed ex-co-worker Vester Lee Flanagan II, who is a homosexual and a former prostitute.

The Daily Telegraph has learned that “police reportedly confiscated a gay pride flag” from the apartment of Vester Lee Flanagan (Bryce Williams) Wednesday. In an apparent hate crime, Flanagan is the 41 year-old black journalist who executed two white Virginia reporters on live television Wednesday morning before turning his gun on himself.

In a manifesto faxed to ABC News, Flanagan, an Obama-supporter, claimed that his motive involved a “race war.” Flanagan was black and gay and apparently angered by the fact that he had been a victim of racism and homophobia at the hands of “black men and white women.”

The trio of Flanagan’s intended victims were heterosexual.

The gay pride rainbow flag reportedly found in Flanagan’s apartment is seen by many as a symbol of anti-Christian hate.

After a white racist terrorist, Dylann Roof, in South Carolina murdered nine innocent black churchgoers, photos of the shooter with the Confederate Flag resulted in a media frenzy to ban the flag and remove all Confederate historical symbols.
If the Confederate battle flag is a symbol of racism, the rainbow flag is a symbol of anti-Christian bigotry.
Like the Confederate flag, the provocative gay pride flag, a symbol of religious oppression, has flown on government property.

The Confederate Flag has since been taken down in South Carolina.

Thus far the media has not reported on the fact that Flanagan owned the LGBT rainbow hate-flag.
Sunday in Reno, Nevada, the infamous gay-pride rainbow flag replaced the American flag over City Hall. The outrage was immediate. For very good reason, many see the gay pride flag as a symbol of oppression, hate and bullying. City leaders eventually backed down claiming that the fascist gay-pride flag was supposed to fly with the American flag, not replace the American flag.
Both men wanted a race war. Both men committed murder in an attempt to spark it. But both men’s stories are treated very differently by the media.

But despite these striking similarities, the type of guilt by association drawn by the media is very different in each case:
Police reportedly confiscated a gay pride flag from Flanagan’s apartment on Wednesday, but in an example of hypocrisy, this hasn’t sparked outrage from liberals who wanted to ban the Confederate flag due to its association with Charleston, S.C. church shooter Dylann Roof.
“Libs got the Confederate flag taken down in South Carolina,” blogger Dave Blount pointed out. “They have imposed a de facto ban throughout the country through their control of major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Sears, etc.”
“The show The Dukes of Hazard has been taken off the air because it features the flag on the roof of a car.”
Another gay extremist, Floyd Lee Corkins, who researched the SPLC “Hate Map” for anti-gay groups, targeted the pro-family Family Research Council before shooting the security guard in a planned massacre that was thwarted by a security guard.