Feb 4, 2016

The Weaponized Mother

via Renegade Tribune

In this editorial I will show you how the Jewish experts and doctors completely control mothers and destroy families. This is the art of war Jewish style, and we are losing. I have studied the psychology of Jews for almost all of my life. I’ve had to develop forms of self defense against the Jew. First you have to be aware.

I do what I call a lot of “street counseling”, dealing with a lot of people who are pharmaceutically damaged. With all their experts, doctors, lawyers, social workers, I’ve never seen a bigger Jewish circus of quacks. They do everything in their power to break up families while taking lots of money. And they never help.

I’ve noticed consistently with these damaged people who come into my life, that their mothers have been weaponized by Jewish doctors to inflict trauma and damage on their very own children. How did these Jews break the attachment between the mother and her children? Because the mother trusted the expert. Because Dad delegated this medical authority onto the mother, trusting the mother.

Medicine is a fairly new ideology for the modern woman. So the woman assumes these experts have their best interests at heart, while literally knowing nothing about medicine or its intentions, but in reality the mother is complicit in the destruction of her own family. The Jews know once a mother surrenders her son for the blood ritual sacrifice of circumcision, that they own her and her children like goyim cattle.

For some reason my mother being a registered nurse did not allow circumcision. She must have known something then, that she doesn’t know now. Because she believed in the vaccines I rebelled against at about 12. A child intuitively knows when a doctor holds up a hypodermic syringe with a needle on the end to scream bloody murder, yet the mother, who has been inculcated with narcissism by the Jewish doctors, will be void of any wolf-like maternal instinct to protect. She allows the ritual sacrifice of her children.

The father never intervenes because he is either shouted down, or he trusts that his wife knows what she’s doing. Mothers become Jews by proxy. Fathers need to step up to the plate and start asking hard questions, and don’t accept weak answers, which is a common problem. Men are often doormats. Don’t take no for an answer. Most of these narcissistic mothers are also on antidepressants, tranquilizers, and other mood-altering drugs, which hyper-exacerbate emotional problems. These mothers that I have encountered are often verbally abusive and even physically abusive, as one mother I know gave her young daughter several concussions by punching her in the head.

These mothers should be brought up on charges. I can say this is almost a common problem throughout America. Many people never had a real mother. Your mother may have always cut you down. Maybe she never said she loves you or gave you hugs. I know for a fact that the Jewish doctors and experts ruined my family.

The Jews own most mothers, who unwittingly destroy their own families.

I Need . . .

via Angelo John Cage

Angelo John Cage shows us why we need multicultural, Jewish, global imperialism, and all it's associated benefits.

A Tale of Two Conferences: White Privilege vs. American Renaissance

via American Renaissance

He's not an anti-White pervert,
he just loves "social justice"

You can now sign up for the 2016 White Privilege Conference, titled Re-Imagining Equity and Justice in the United States, to be held at the downtown Marriott Hotel in Philadelphia, Wednesday April 13th to Sunday April 17th. Save the date! (And don’t confuse it with the American Renaissance conference May 20-22 with speakers including (again)VDARE.com Editor Peter Brimelow, which I as it happens I just signed up for).

What happens at a White Privilege Conference? A whole lot of workshops, mostly. I’m just looking through the list here. [PDF]

We have a workshop titled “A History of White Supremacy and Resistance.” The facilitators are listed as Z! Haukeness [Email him] and Laura McNeill [Email her] That first one’s Christian name is spelled “Z!,” that’s uppercase “Z” and an exclamation mark: “Z!” How d’you get a name like that?

I googled it to find out.

Here he is, being interviewed by the Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin: a twentysomething white guy with a long braided pigtail and big Gypsy Rose Lee earrings. Madison, Wisconsin is where he’s from, apparently.

Extract from the interview:
Interviewer: How did someone who grew up in small-town Wisconsin become committed to working for racial justice?
Z!: I had a radical teacher in 7th grade who said: “All of you are racists and your parents are too.” That really challenged me to think. [Q&A with Z! Haukeness: Fighting for racial justice, one action at a time, By Pat Schneider, Dec 10, 2010 0]
Seventh grade: so little Z! was, what?–twelve, thirteen. We’re not told whether this was a public or a private school. If it was a public school, I urge the taxpaying citizens of Madison to march on the city education offices with pitchforks and flaming brands.

What’s up with that name, though? “Z!”? The interviewer asks him.
Interviewer: You call yourself Z!–where did that name come from?
Z!: It comes from the transgender pronoun “z-e.” I’m transgendered, and that’s a gender-neutral pronoun, so I took out the “e” and added the exclamation point. I present pretty masculine but I’m gender queer, gender non-conforming.
Interviewer: Is Z! your legal name?
Z!: No, it’s not.
Interviewer: What is your legal name?
Z!: I’d rather not say.
I can’t say I blame you, pal.

D’you ever get the feeling that one night, while you were sleeping, some substantial portion of the human race was spirited away and replaced by Pod People from Alpha Centauri?

What else have we got in these workshops?
  • “Active Listening For Social Justice.”
How can listening be active? Isn’t listening passive by definition? You’re listening; the sounds come in at your ears; how is this active? Are we wiggling our ears?
  • “Blackness, Whiteness, Jewishness & Womanness: Embracing the Intersectionality of Race, Gender, and Religion While Building Relationships toward Effective Anti-Racist Practice.”
Intersectionality, yeah. That’s a big thing with the Social Justice Warriors now, intersectionality. Someone tried to explain to me what it means; but I was trying to scrape something off my thumb at the time and didn’t pay attention.
  • “Teaching Racial Literacy and Developing Activism in Early Childhood.”
I guess we’re back here with Z! and his 7th-grade teacher.

Wait, no: they want to start earlier than that: “We will share a 1st–3rd grade Social Justice Curriculum.” You can’t start soon enough telling white kids how racist they are.
  • “Resisting White America’s Islamophobia.”
Quote: “The post-9/11 era in the U.S. has exposed the large amount of hate and bigotry that White America carries towards Muslim people.” Gosh, why would that be? Hard to figure.

And so on, and so on. It’s all rather silly, and you have to wonder that so many people have nothing better to do with their time than sit listening to gender queer guys from Wisconsin talk about intersectionality.

What is actually going on with the “white privilege” stuff? Black scholar John McWhorter had some good insights into this in a Daily Beast column he wrote titled Antiracism, Our Flawed New Religion. The column actually dates from July 27th of last year, but someone just brought it to my attention.

McWhorter argues that antiracism is a religion. He develops the analogy much further, with antiracist versions of proselytizing the heathen, a Rapture, and a Day of Judgment. It’s a clever essay; he’s a clever guy.

I think he’s on to something, too. I have sat among religious Christians listening to them apologizing to God for being such contemptible worms loaded down with sin; the White Privilege Conference does sound uncannily similar.

But isn’t it all pretty harmless, though, like a convention of jugglers or bird-watchers? If it’s not your thing, don’t go–right? Is there really anything to get bothered about here?

Well, personally, I think that advising people on how to get first-graders to hate their parents and their ancestors is something the world could do without. And then there’s this, from the Campus Reform website:
Major universities across the country are offering course credit . . . for students to attend an annual national event known as “The White Privilege Conference” . . . Some universities are offering to front the cost and cover hotel and transportation fees.
For instance, Miami University of Ohio is covering more than half the cost and charging students a flat fee of only $60, potentially $240 less than the total expense of the conference…Haverford College in Pennsylvania is sending students to [the conference] free of charge.
[Students nation-wide to attend four-day, university funded white privilege bash, By Anthony Gockowski, January 27, 2016]
That strikes me as something to object to. Haverford College is private, OK, that’s up to the alumni the next time Haverford asks them for money.

Miami U. is public, though, and there are surely other public colleges subsidizing their students to attend the White Privilege Conference. Z! and his pals are promoting their poisonous gibberish, and avoiding productive work, at my expense and yours. That’s objectionable.

Think about this: The American Renaissance conference in May is to be held once again at the very pleasant Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee–infinitely more pleasant than downtown Philly. American Renaissance, headed by Jared Taylor, is the main organization pushing back against anti-white racism, demographic displacement, and the de-legitimization of Western civilization.

Those are worthy causes, aren’t they? Is there a college or university in this whole wide country–is there just one–that will subsidize students to attend Jared’s conference, or award academic credits for attending?

If not, why not?

A Cat in a Woman's Body?

via The Thinking Housewife

If there are men trapped in women’s bodies and women trapped in men’s bodies and billionaires trapped in middle class housewives, why can’t there be cats trapped in the bodies of human beings? From Lifesite News:

“Nano,” a 20-year-old Norwegian woman, says she realized at 16 that she is, in fact, a cat.

“I was born the wrong species,” Nano says, explaining that because of a genetic defect, she is a cat trapped in a human body.

She speaks in “meows” to her friend. She hisses at dogs, hates water, and says she has a superior sense of smell and can see in the dark.

And Nano hunts mice at night (unsuccessfully).

Her declaration has started a popular YouTube video, currently with over 1.3 million views. In her video, she wears large cat ears and a tail.  She also puts on pink fluffy paws to rub her face and gets on all fours to crawl and purr.
“I was born this way,” Nano proclaims.

It is unlikely that other trapped cats will come forward. There are virtually no political or social advantages to doing so. Most of them will probably remain frustrated and isolated.

Rape Jihad: Dark Days for Europe, Part 1

via The Occidental Observer

Consider these questions:

Do you help to solve the migrant rape crisis in Europe by eating pork, growing beards, and parading round the streets in miniskirts when you’re a man? Does it make sense to give “flirtation lessons” to the same migrants who are sexually assaulting European women in ever increasing numbers? Is it wise to help hostile migrants to “integrate” by giving them target-practice training, turning them into first-class snipers?

These are some of the more surrealistic aspects of the migrant rape crisis in Europe which I hope to cover in this 2-part essay.

Consumed with Holocaust guilt and possessed by the demons of pathological altruism, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has handed over her country to the endless hordes of the Third World. “Let them come . . . we can look after them all,” she murmurs serenely, echoing the words of the altruists all over Europe bearing placards that scream: “REFUGEES WELCOME!”

Merkel is an interesting case history: the guilt-ridden, traumatized leader of a deeply traumatized nation. Her way of handling the migrant crisis in Germany is not so much a stupendous example of pathological altruism at work as a symbolic act of self-flagellation on behalf of the German people, all of them engaged in varying degrees of self-flagellation over the Holocaust.

“The culture of the Holocaust is destroying Germany, ” Brenton Sanderson notes in a thought-provoking 3-part article in the Occidental Observer. “Endlessly reinforced over decades by the intellectual and media elite, the notion that Germans and their descendants are responsible for “the single most evil event in human history” has had such a demoralizing effect that millions fully support Angela Merkel’s current attempt to destroy the ethnic basis of their nation.”

To understand  these words is to grasp the root cause of Germany’s suicidal approach to the migrant crisis. Letting Germany be destroyed, the entire ethnic basis of the nation expunged, can be seen for what it is: a collective act of atonement for the Holocaust.

Germany has accepted roughly 1.5 million “refugees” last year, far more than any other country in Europe, with a predicted  4 million new asylum seekers pouring into Europe in 2016, and 10 million more on the way. Many of these will end up in Germany. At this rate, it is widely predicted, there will soon not be a single White face left in Germany—or indeed anywhere else in Europe. In 50 years time, Europe will not only be multicultural, much to the delight of Jewish activist Barbara Spectre, it will also be multicolored.

Last year a Muslim political activist warned the Germans: “We will marry your daughters and conquer you with births!”

“What’s wrong with that?” you might ask if you’ve been infected by the virus of pathological altruism. Well, to start with, most well-balanced Europeans don’t want to see their homelands invaded by unlimited numbers of foreigners from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. They maintain, quite rightly, “We’re full up, we’re  stuffed to capacity!” Right now, for example, the numbers of asylum seekers reaching the Greek islands is thirty times higher than it was last year. Yet last year itself (2015) had already seen a “staggering” 750 PER CENT increase in migrants to Greece compared with 2014. The situation is untenable. It cannot go on.

If Europe can be likened to the Titanic sinking beneath the waves, the last thing we can afford is to have more people piling on to the lifeboats.


There is also, troublingly, the trifling question of rape. These Muslim migrants happen to be raping our women. In unprecedentedly large numbers. The situation, again, is untenable. It cannot go on. Something must be done to stop it.

That an epidemic of rapes by Muslim migrants in Europe is now taking place simply cannot be doubted or denied. The rape cases are being heard in several courts throughout Germany, including Cologne, where more than 600 German women have reported being sexually abused or robbed on New Year’s Eve. I find it hard to believe that 600 different women are lying.

Here is an extended quote from a mainstream newspaper which says it better than anything I could. I have taken the liberty of editing and running separated sections together into a flowing, connected narrative without ellipses:
Here in Leipzig, on Monday night, a local grassroots organisation called Pegida—Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West—held an anti-migrant march and protest.
It was followed by a terrifying rampage through the city centre by a breakaway group of 500 thugs who set cars ablaze and attacked shops and fast food restaurants, some of them belonging to migrants.
The mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung spoke of “terror on the streets” as he condemned the “naked violence”. But given the febrile mood over migrants that now pervades all of Germany, there will almost certainly be more reprisals from the Far Right in the future.
The scenes in Leipzig—which has taken in 10,000 Merkel migrants—came after the mass sex attacks in Cologne, western Germany, on New Year’s Eve.
During a barbaric night in that city’s main square, a substantial group of Arabic-speaking men among 1,000 male migrants there deliberately targeted and assaulted hundreds of women. A staggering 652 complaints were received by the police.
Across Germany, including in Stuttgart, Dusseldorf and Berlin—not to mention towns and cities in Sweden, Finland and Denmark—it was the same New Year story. Nearly 50 women in Hamburg complained to police of sexual harassment by “North African men”, who called them “bitches” and shouted “Fiki!” to indicate they wanted to rape them.
[There are] now an increasing number of women who are frightened to go out at night. Even a cursory glance at the latest police reports—now being released more freely—shows the shocking sex attacks are not going away.
Meanwhile in Hamburg, there have been a string of assaults. A white nurse was harassed by a 25-year-old Eritrean; a group of girls groped by two “North Africans”; a woman of 53 confronted by young men of “Arabian appearance”, who exposed themselves, making obscene gestures.
Eight Afghan asylum seekers are accused of attacking a “large number of white women”; a 23-year-old Somali is under investigation for sexually abusing a ten-year-old white girl near a migrant reception centre.
Across the country, from east to west, it’s been the same. In Leipzig, eight days after Cologne, a local woman of 31 was accosted by 15 men, apparently Arabs and North Africans, who pinned her down as she walked through the railway station at midnight, and thrust themselves at her.
In Bornheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, a leisure centre has banned all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in its public swimming pool by three Syrian teenagers.
In the town of Halle, a 20-minute drive away [from Bornheim in Westphalia], the former four-star Maritim Hotel with indoor swimming pool, sauna and fitness room, was closed to guests last year after being turned into a giant migrant camp.
In Austria, Far-Right parties are trading on the fear engendered by migrants and calling for an immediate halt to asylum applications. In Finland, militia groups linked to the Far-Right, calling themselves Soldiers of Odin patrol towns at night to protect women from attacks. [Meanwhile, back in Germany] an Identitarian spokesman told the local Press:
What happened in Cologne is happening everywhere. There was an attempted rape here in Halle only yesterday. We want to help ensure that women can feel safe in our town.” The leaflet they handed out went further: “Cologne is a symbol,” it said. “It has shown that the state has failed to protect our borders. In the past year, more than a million illegal immigrants have entered our country and the state now cannot—or will not—protect women and girls.
It is up to us to defend ourselves. To fight back—for us, our families, our country. We demand the immediate closure of the border and the re-migration of all illegals to their home countries.” —  See here, emphasis added.
Is all this being “made up” by an elite media owned by the usual suspects? I have no idea. It’s up to you, the reader, to decide for yourself if these events are fact-based or fictional. To my mind, it would be stretching credulity to breaking point to argue that no Muslim migrant rapes, or very few, are taking place in Europe right now and that this entire thing is being blown up out of all proportion.
If anything, these disquieting events are being hushed up or minimized by the mainstream media. Not blown up. Thus you will note that the sexual misconduct of Muslim migrants in Germany has been squeezed into a single short 35-word paragraph in the block quote from the Daily Mail above: “In Bornheim, North Rhine-Westphalia, a leisure centre has banned all migrants after a schoolgirl was sexually assaulted in its public swimming pool by three Syrian teenagers.”
That’s all we get from the Daily Mail on this particular topic: 35 words. Further investigation reveals this is just the tip of a giant iceberg.

So much febrile sexual activity has been going on in German swimming pools—or rather leisure centers—that an entire article could be devoted to this unsavory subject. Indeed, entire articles have been. (See here, here, and here). I have brought these three different accounts into a single article under the umbrella title, Muslim migrants ‘banned’ from swimming pools in Germany after shocking scenes of sexual misconduct.

Read on if you wish to know why the word ‘banned’ has been placed in inverted commas.


swimming pool
The swimming pool in Zwickau, Germany, where outrageous scenes of
sexual misconduct were caught on security cameras

These shocking events, reported in the German tabloid Bild and aired on local radio, have been recorded on security cameras at the Zwickau swimming baths. Zwickau is a small city in Saxony, Germany, with a population of roughly 100,000 people, many of them recent Muslim migrants. The migrants involved, mostly Afghan and Syrian asylum seekers, were taken into  police custody and investigated.

In almost every case, inexplicably, the ‘ban’ on migrants misusing pool facilities was lifted within a few days and the sex attackers released from police custody.
“A group of migrant men and women were caught on security camera at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony,” we read here, “engaging in unacceptable behaviour, including masturbating into the jacuzzi. In separate incidents other groups of migrants were caught ‘contaminating’ the children’s training pool by ’emptying their bowels in the water’, and sexually assaulting other bathers, reports Bild.”
In the stilted language of German bureaucracy, we read here of “an asylum seeker who masturbated in the hot tub and ejaculated into the basin.” In another nearby pool, migrants had “contaminated the pool by getting rid of the contents of their intestines.” All these incidents, as I  say, were captured on surveillance cameras. So it’s hard to see how these events can all be “faked”, as some conspiracy theorists insist, unless everyone involved here is a “paid actor”.

Zwickau in Saxony was not the only place in Germany where such events have occurred. Other cities in Germany that feature in this catalogue of sexual misconduct include Bornheim, Dresden and Munich. The infection has even spread to Vienna in Austria. Note that I am talking here specifically of sexual misconduct in swimming pools or leisure centers, not of sex assaults in general, such as those committed at Cologne on New Years Eve in which hundreds of German women were sexually assaulted by Muslim migrant gangs within the space of a few hours.

The ages of the children assaulted? From toddlers upward. In Vienna, a 3-year-old boy was sexually groped by a Muslim migrant in the children’s pool. “One of them sidled up to my youngest child,” his 37-year-old mother reports, “and put his hand in my son’s underwear.” For the most part, it’s prepubescent and underage adolescent girls who appear to be the focus of attention. If they are not being groped in the swimming pool, it’s while they’re lining up to use the water slides. Are they safe in their changing rooms? No, even here they face the prospect of being assaulted in the showers or having their towels whipped away from them. (For further details, see here, here, and here; or for convenience, all these three articles can be subsumed under one link, here).

There’s no point rehearsing all the grisly details. If you’re interested, you’ll find them in the various links listed above. The only point that needs stressing here is this. In every single case, an identical pattern emerges. The migrants misbehave sexually in the leisure centers: groping the women there, including the children, jeering and hurling obscenities at them, exposing themselves, masturbating in the sauna, ejaculating into the hot tub, and defecating in the children’s learner pools. Much of this outrageous behavior has been recorded on surveillance cameras.

This bad behaviour can be described as Step 1. Hard on the heels of Step One comes Step Two: being banned from using the facilities. That’s the punishment for bad behavior. Step 3 follows next: the ban is lifted within days. So here is the invariable sequence: Bad behavior —> light token punishment —> complete forgiveness. All this within the same week sometimes. Step One then starts all over again. A vicious circle.

After migrants misbehaved at the Bornheim bathhouse, for example, they were banned. “Under pressure from pro-migrant campaign groups,” we learn here, “the ban lasted just six days before being lifted.”

It’s now time to talk about rape and generalized sexual assault. Several German cities have been involved: Cologne, Leipzig, Hamburg, Berlin,Dusseldorf, Stuttgart. (See Daily Mail block quote above). Similar sexual assaults by migrants, some involving rape, have been reported from other European countries apart from Germany, notably Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Austria.

As has already been noted by a concerned European in the extended block quote above:
“What happened in Cologne is happening everywhere. Cologne is a symbol. It has shown that the state has failed to protect our borders.”


The whole atmosphere surrounding these mass rapes is bizarre in the extreme. Let me mention a few weird facts that were brought to my attention only in the last few days. All trivial in themselves, but nevertheless odd and troublingly significant.

The first news snippet, which you can find in the Daily Mail, informs us that Denmark is now taking tough measures to keep Muslim migrants out of their country. What measures? Well, in certain parts of the country, orders have been issued to the effect that all Danish schools should have pork on their school lunch menus every day. That will scare the Muslim migrants away and, with any luck, make them head for nice pork-free countries!

Incidentally, Denmark is the country where the Brits and other European nations get a lot of their bacon from. According to a Danish councillor in Randers, Frank Noergaard, pork remains “a central part of Denmark’s food culture.” So it’s all right to have pork on the school lunch menu every day in Denmark. One can imagine the Muslim migrants in Denmark having a hissy fit about this and crying foul. “That’s not fair! We want our children to be offered pork-free meals in Danish schools! Death to bacon!”  

The second snippet of news, even more surrealistic, is that rape-prone Muslim asylum seekers in Belgium are being offered “lessons on how to flirt” with Belgian women by the Belgian authorities. “Civilized flirting”, they call it. Frankly, I am puzzled at the psychology behind this move. White Belgian females, terrified of being approached by sex-hungry Muslims, are arming themselves with pepper spray and mace and going around in groups for extra safety, and here their government is offering “flirtation lessons” to these sexually supercharged migrant males with only one thing on their minds:“Fiki, fiki!”

Read for yourself and draw your own conclusions:
Asylum-seekers in Belgium are to be given lessons in civilised flirting so that they learn to respect women.
Tips such as ‘be funny’ and ‘make eye contact, but don’t stare’ have been listed in brochures to be distributed to refugee centres across the country.
Men are allowed to kiss other men, and prostitutes should be respected, the brochure states.
In Germany and elsewhere, however, women are now being offered free pepper spray to ward off would-be sexual attackers—doubtless known in ultraliberal circles as “civilized flirters” doing their best “to respect women”.
“The pepper sprays,” we learn without surprise from a newspaper report, “were snapped up by the local women and girls. Nationwide sales of pepper spray have jumped by 600 per cent with supplies running out in parts of the country. According to KH Security, a German manufacturer of the spray, sales are the highest since the company was founded a quarter of a century ago. A store owner near Leipzig has reported he is now selling up to 200 cans of the spray each day, compared with five a week before the migrant crisis began. The customers? Women of all ages and men buying weapons for their wives.”


And what measures, you might wish to know,  are the men in Holland taking to protect their womenfolk from the invasion of their country by Muslim migrants with rape on their minds? Draconian measures! Some are protesting this horrendous situation by marching round the streets of Amsterdam in miniskirts! 

While the miniskirt warriors chant “NO MORE IMMIGRANTS!” a counter demonstration of liberal altruists, coming from the opposite direction and waving their placards, are screaming “REFUGEES WELCOME!”

The mind boggles.


Yes, it’s a mad world all right.

The Netherlands happens to be one of the most densely populated regions on earth. 50.3 per cent of the people here don’t have a Dutch origin. Almost everyone you see milling around the streets of Amsterdam has brown skin and speaks a non-European language. If he is male, he has an eye for the white Dutch girls. This can be a problem. We are told that at least 30 percent of these people are foreigners “who live in the city for years and learn no Dutch and even make no Dutch friends.” So if they don’t speak Dutch, how do they chat up the gorgeous Dutch girls? Answer: they don’t bother.

The problem is compounded by the Dutchman’s weakness for liberal attitudes, a weakness that amounts to pathological altruism. They call it by a nicer name, however: samenleving, which can be loosely translated as “community spirit” or “living together in harmony”, which in turn is conducive to extreme tolerance of foreigners and their often overtly aggressive ways. To put it crudely and perhaps a bit tactlessly, the Dutch population—which can be seen as representative of Europe’s population as a whole—consists of increasingly large numbers of feminized males who can best be described as “wimps.

Not only are these namby-pamby European males doing nothing to protect their women from the sexual onslaughts of the testosterone-flushed foreign males who have invaded their country, their very governments are led by guilt-ridden pathological altruists like Angela Merkel.

German politician Siegbert Droese, president of the populist Eurosceptic party, Alternative for Deutschland (AfD) in the eastern city of Leipzig, has no time for German Chancellor Angela Merkel. He thinks Frau Merkel is crazy.
“Frau Merkel, she’s not right in the head,” says 46-year-old Siegbert Droese, pointing his finger at his temple. “She tells people from all over the Islamic world to come here to paradise. The numbers are mind-boggling and could reach ten million. [That’s] when the migrants bring members of their families over to join them. So many young men arriving every day with high testosterone and little respect for women mean the New Year sex attacks in Cologne will be repeated. I am not alone in thinking this.”
It’s true.  According to a recent survey, half the German population is now deeply disillusioned with Frau Merkel, the ultimate exemplar of the Pathological Altruist. (See here).

Only quite recently top psychiatrist and best-selling author Hans-Joachim Maaz released a statement to the effect that Angela Merkel’s refusal to reverse her “completely irrational” policy on accepting migrants was evidence that she was was undergoing a “mental breakdown”, adding that the German leader had “lost touch with reality.”

The prospects for Europe look bleak, given that even its leaders are now widely perceived as “not quite right in the head”. To make matters worse, there are no strong men left to guard the gates. A thick pall of liberalism, pathological altruism, and feminized wimpishness hangs over the entire European continent like a black cloud, portending certain doom.

Unless, of course, drastic remedies are soon applied to what is clearly a drastic disease.

White Protesters Decry "Government Sponsored Invasion"

via TMA_SierraHills

Missoula became a center of the anti-refugee settlement movement Monday morning as more than 100 people from across the state and Idaho took to the snow-lined sidewalk in front of the Missoula County Courthouse to decry what they see as a national threat.
“Right now, we’re locked in a battle to protect our security, to protect our country,” said organizer Jim Buterbaugh of Whitehall. “We are fighting the system, trying to head this thing off at the pass.”

Dubbed the “American Security Rally,” Buterbaugh expressed amazement at the turnout. ...


White Couple Genuflect before the False Gods of Liberalism and Forgive Four Black Marauders Who Tried to Kill Them

via Stuff Black People Don't Like

It's a headline from one of the most terrifying stories of 2015 that should still send chills down your spine. Four black males participate in a home invasion of a young white family in Atlanta, shooting the white father and then shooting at the white mother after she pleaded with them not to shoot... because she had a baby. [Atlanta home invasion: ‘Please don’t shoot, I have a little baby’, AJC.com, August 19, 2015]:
Michael Lash knew he had a broken leg and he couldn’t feel his other foot. One bullet had gone in the front of his thigh and out the back.
While trying to protect his wife and two young children, the northwest Atlanta father was shot in both legs Sunday evening, the beginning of a few terrifying moments for the family. As Lash was recovering Tuesday, Atlanta police were investigating the home invasion, hopeful that security cameras on neighboring homes and evidence left behind would help identify the suspects.

The Lash family had just returned to their Sumter Street home from vacation Sunday night when two male teenagers approached Lash on his front porch, witnesses told police. The teens — one in a yellow shirt, the other in a red one — asked if they could borrow a jack for their car and tried to force their way inside as two other teens stood across the street, police said.

When Lash tried to close the door, he was shot by the teen in yellow, who had a short afro and tattoos and piercings on his face, Lash was able to tell witnesses and police.

Inside the home, Lash’s wife, Whitney, heard the shots, grabbed the couple’s 6-month-old daughter and ran toward the back door, her mother, Jessica Huffman, told Channel 2 Action News. Whitney Lash called 911, and in a hushed voice, told the operator her husband had been shot.

“I just ran outside with my baby,” the mother said in the 911 call.

The suspects fired two shots at the mother, but missed her as she ran out the back door and to a nearby home for help.

“He followed her and caught up with her at the gate and she turned around and said, ‘Please don’t shoot me, I have a little baby,’” Huffman said.
Why rehash this horrifying story?
Brandon Jerome Smith, Vashawn Smith, Trequan Sutton and Quindarius Slade: the four black males who threatened the Lash family, with Brandon opening fire on Whitney after she said, "please don't shoot, I have a little baby."

Because it has an even more horrifying postscript: the white family has forgiven those blacks who nearly took the entire's family life, including opening fire upon Whitney after she pleaded with them not to shoot at her... because she had a baby. [Suspect pleads guilty, gets life plus in violent Atlanta home invasion, AJC.com, 1-28-16]:
Michael Lash may never regain feeling in one foot after being shot in both legs. Though his wife and baby daughter weren’t physically injured in a violent home invasion in northwest Atlanta, the two dodged bullets by inches.

Still, the couple has forgiven the four teenagers responsible, the Lashes said Thursday morning in a Fulton County courtroom. The first of four suspects accused in the shooting, meanwhile, offered no apologies while pleading guilty.

Brandon Jerome Smith, who turned 19 on Jan. 21, was sentenced to life in prison, plus 20 years and an additional five years for the violent home invasion in August. The sentence means Smith will likely spend at least 45 years in prison, prosecutors said.

Smith never spoke to Michael and Whitney Lash, both seated in the courtroom with family members, or glanced at them. But he quietly responded to questions about whether he understood the conditions of a plea deal.

“Yes, ma’am,” Smith said, barely audible, even through a microphone.

Smith’s attorney said he was under the influence of a variety of drugs the day he led three other teenagers to the Lash family home on Sumter Street. After growing up in poverty and surrounded by drug use and violence, Smith also began using drugs as a child, his attorney said. Marijuana, cocaine and prescription drugs were included.
But in statements to the court, the Lashes said Smith and his co-defendants could have run away instead of forcing their way into the family’s home.

“It did grip the city,” Judge Henry Newkirk told the court. “It is a family’s worst nightmare.”

The remaining three defendants — Veshawn Smith, 15, and Trequan Sutton and Quindarius Slade, both 16, each pleaded guilty Thursday afternoon and were sentenced to 18 years in prison.

“All it takes is one lapse in judgment and it can terribly affect your lives,” Newkirk said. “You will get out of prison one day, and believe it not, it’s going to be sooner rather than later.”
"One lapse of judgement," Mr. Judge?

The Empire Strikes-Out: An Autopsy of Rand Paul’s ‘Liberaltarian’ Revolution

via TradYouth

Before taking the red pill, I ran in libertarian circles. I, like so many others on the alt right, was a part of the Ron Paul revolution which came to its ignominious conclusion last night. Rand Paul achieved less than 5% of the Iowa caucus vote, and even much of that grudgingly and unenthusiastically, in one of the most precipitous wastes of political capital in living memory. What once threatened to completely overthrow the Republican establishment now struggles to fill its own conference venues.

From presidential nominees like Rand “Detroit Republican” Paul, to think tank groups like the CATO Institute and its endless stream of preachy articles rife with horribly skewed data claiming  “refugees benefit the economy,” down to social media “liberty” groups, there seems to be a politically correct bend to a lot of their messaging.

I really started to notice there was an growing issue with libertarians after I attended CPAC 2015 with one of my mainline conservative friends, who has since publicly denounced my politics on account of them being “too radical.” A sea of grown men unironically dressed in tri-corner hats, sincere Ben Carson supporters, and even Newt Gingrich. And the event wouldn’t have been complete without the Jewish conservative meet-up in one of the ball rooms on the upper level of the conference hall.

Among the people I met there, was an alleged Anarcho-Capitalist and admin of one of the more popular political Facebook groups called, “Being Libertarian.” After adding me on Facebook, he  quickly took to lecturing me on several of my posts. Some pretty basic Bruce Jenner jokes were met with rebukes of how “Transgender people deserve our respect!” He even decided to argue with a friend of mine that I’d met at AmRen about how its “racist, and disgusting to imply that IQ differs between races, or that it would account for any racial disparities.”

Just the other day he even shared an article to the page that mentioned that one of his issues of Rand Paul’s campaign was his “tendency of mansplaing policies to females.” Honestly, even I was surprised. This isn’t even a rare occurrence anymore. Ever since Rand’s polling numbers started tanking, its like they assumed the way to stay hip and cool was by turning into the same shrinking violets that the rest of the Republican Party have become.

Go check out any of these groups now. You’ll be meet with some cringe-inducing leftist garbage. “A wall is so stupid! Its bad for the economy. WE believe in free movement of people. What do you mean they blocked a vote to expand the welfare state? Sounds racist!” Trump’s demand to build a wall showed average Americans just how cucked and indistinguishable both parties are.

Looking back, It really seems like the movement lost its edge after Ron Paul’s 2012 “Hail Mary” of a campaign In the wake of now sun-bleached “reEVOLution” bumper stickers and countless money bombs that were (almost certainly) used to fund Rand’s future campaign. Libertarians were left wondering “what went wrong?” and they had to make a decision. How to grow the movement now that it’s figurehead, Dr. Paul, was exiting the political stage.

As far as their ideology goes, they were left with two options:
  • Do we take this movement further right? Do we push private property and freedom of association?
  • Tailor the message to the left, reframing libertarianism in the language and theming of “social justice?”

Unfortunately, they chose left (read: wrong). It’s a common political mistake. The term “cuckservative” exists because of the right’s willingness to believe that they can reach these people while not alienating their base.  Attempting to appeal to moderate leftists makes sense in theory, right?  A voting base will make some concessions if it means a victory for their position, but in practice, its the beginning of the end. All political history exhibits this, yet it eludes mainline conservatives. The only thing the left is interested in is more. ‘Rights’, social justice, and money/services. These people will never be satisfied, and this is why it’s a mistake to compromise with a leftist.

Conquest’s Second Law states:  “Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing.” If this isn’t obvious to you, just take a look at what are now considered “front burner” issues to tackle in the new libertarian mainstream. Transgender rights, gay marriage, open borders, closing the gender gap, and minority outreach. At this rate I’m sure the presidential candidate they’ll put up in a few cycles will be an overweight, black, crippled dyke with dyslexia.


I honestly think that the liberty movement as a whole is going to die a slow death over the next decade. Mainly because of its refusal to look at reality for what it is…
Do we have a police state? Yup. You must have one if you to keep a multicult mishmash of people and cultures from tearing each other apart, especially when certain demographics are disproportionately represented in violent crime.

Do we live in a surveillance state? Yup. How else can you maintain a semblance of control and safety when you allow people from areas prone to violent extremism into your country with little vetting?

Are the overwhelming majority of people who support liberty principals white males? Yup. White males pay nearly all of the taxes in this country. Taxes that go to programs that are being used to disenfranchise them from employment, education, and from the system at large.

Do you want to live in a free and peaceful country? How bad? It’s not going to happen unless you begin to roll back the welfare state, have strong borders, and put a stop to third world immigration. There is just flatly no other option. When you have as much diversity as America has, you’ll always have adversity. We could see a resurgence of purist libertarians in the future, but only once realism becomes central to their understanding.

Just remember how hard they’ve failed the next time one of these Tumblrtarians attempts to criticize anybody on the alt right. These people inherited a large movement built on objectivism, legitimate critiques of the role of government and the ((Federal Reserve)). Then with the momentum they had, they turned it into a pissing contest of who is more tolerant, in a movement now preoccupied with opening the borders to as many uneducated third worlders as possible, and defending the feelings of people that decided to have a doctor turn their dick into a pocket.

Did Microsoft Commit Voter Fraud in Iowa to Ensure Donald Trump’s Defeat?

via Return of Kings

The first shot in the presidential nomination has been fired, and the finger-pointing has begun. Last night, Ted Cruz pulled off an upset victory in the Iowa Republican caucuses, defeating front-runner Donald Trump by a slim margin, while Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in a statistical dead heat. Not only that, Marco Rubio exceeded expectations, finishing a close third behind Trump when all the polls showed that he lagged far behind. How did all this happen?

I’ll freely admit that I was wrong when I predicted that Trump would win Iowa by a convincing margin. While Trump’s rallies were drawing the biggest crowds by far of any candidate (Democrat or Republican), I also warned that because the Iowa caucus structure favors long-time party loyalists over first-time voters, the Donald’s supporters might be underrepresented at the actual vote. My predictions on where the other candidates would fall (Rubio in 3rd, Carson 4th, Paul 5th, and Bush 6th) were on the money.

However, the “Rubio surge” makes no sense whatsoever, matching neither what I saw on the ground or what pollsters were reporting. There’s now evidence to suggest that Rubio’s unexpectedly good performance—coming in a close third behind Trump—was the result of voter fraud committed by Microsoft and sanctioned by the RNC. While it’s too early to make a definite call, given that Donald Trump stands against everything that the GOP establishment represents, it’s not out of the question that they would try to fight him with foul play.

Marco Rubio’s Incredible Disappearing Voters


I’ve had the opportunity to attend Iowa campaign events by every major party presidential candidate with the exceptions of John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Jim Gilmore (though I saw Huckabee and Santorum at Trump’s veterans’ rally and shook the latter’s hand). In fact, I attended a Donald Trump rally in Pella and a Marco Rubio town hall in nearby Indianola on the same day, giving me a one-to-one comparison of each candidate’s popularity among Iowans.

In my time in Iowa, Trump’s rallies consistently drew crowds that were larger than all the other candidates’ (Democratic and Republican) combined. Only Bernie Sanders can attract audiences that can compete with Trump in terms of size, though Trump still outpaces Sanders by a wide margin. For example, Trump’s Pella rally on January 23rd drew well over 3,000 people, the majority of whom had to be shunted into an overflow auditorium due to space limits. You can watch my recording of that rally below:

Conversely, Marco Rubio could barely move the needle in terms of audience size. His Indianola event drew 150-200 people at most, the bulk of whom were senile old farts. Check out my recording below:

Lest you wrongly think that voter turnout and rally turnout have no correlation, professional pollsters backed up what I saw on the ground: the Iowa caucus was a fight between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, with Rubio languishing in a distant third with around 10-12 percent of the vote. Moreover, not one single poll in the run-up to the caucus indicated that he would surge to 23 percent, and no one can pinpoint a single reason why Rubio overperformed in the actual vote.

On Sunday, Breitbart reported that Microsoft would be providing technology for tallying votes in the Iowa caucuses. Given that Microsoft is Rubio’s second-largest campaign contributor, this represents a massive conflict of interest. Other sources claim that the GOP establishment had a deliberate plan to goose Rubio’s vote count.
Given that Donald Trump has run an anti-establishment campaign and has refused to accept money from super PACs and other major donors, the GOP brass clearly view him as a threat, so none of this is out of the realm of possibility. While Jeb Bush was previously the anointed candidate of Wall Street, the GOP’s masters may be giving up on him due to his poor polling numbers and shifting their support to Rubio. . . .

Alt-Right Means Never Having to Say "Sorry" again

via Alternative Right

There is no more toxic substance known to man or dog than Glenn Beck's "cuck" tears. In this short vid, Alt-Right vlogger RamZPaul takes aim at the poisonous miasma of White Guilt farting from cuckservative sites like Beck's The Blaze and writers like Matt Walsh, whose latest 'artikal' at the failing site is another dollop of long-winded, ethnomasochistic navel gazing of the kind that Walsh and Beck target at the White man's dildo gland. The way to stop listening to the "call of the cuck," as RamZPaul suggests, is to man up, face the eternal verities, and go full "Alt-Right."

Why Was Militiaman LaVoy Finicum Shot Dead by FBI in Oregon

via Darkmoon

American patriot murdered in cold-blood by FBI.

The Battle of Dover

via Counter-Currents

Not only are the British and other Europeans forced to accept mass immigration, but if and when they get incensed enough to demonstrate against it, they can expect a visit from the various groups — some of them state and trade-union funded — that make up the antifa, with the inevitable violence that this leads to.

We saw this pattern repeated yet again at Dover where around 200 anti-immigration demonstrators were recently confronted by a roughly equal number of antifa.

Because of the attentions of the antifa, the simple act of publicly voicing opposition to mass immigration tends to select for a certain type, one who is not adverse to a bit of violence himself. Anti-immigration protesters have to be robust and ready to “handle themselves” in difficult situations. This, of course, suits the purpose of the antifa, who wish to stigmatize anyone who opposes mass immigration or migrant invasions as a thuggish “neo-nazi” A compliant media helps to drive this message home.


By creating as much anarchy, violence, and unpleasantness as possible, the antifa hope to prevent the vast silent majority of relatively normal people from joining these demonstrations. In that respect, the antifa fulfil their purpose and have already, in a sense, won their victory just by turning up.

But there are signs that keeping the lid on opposition to immigration in this way is starting to unravel. The Pegida movements that have spread to several European countries have taken to the streets but are working hard to avoid the street thug image, wrapping their message in heavily Christian symbolism. A similar strategy was also followed by Britain First, who recently marched through an Islamized part of Bury, white crosses in hand, in a disciplined and effective operation designed to “trigger” Muslims into revealing their arrogance and contempt for the native English.

In addition to nationalists adopting new and more effective tactics, another problem for the pro-immigration antifa Left is that they seem to be having trouble attracting or mobilizing the right kind of people to fight their street battles. Back in the 1980s and ’90s, this essentially middle class movement could rely on tough, radicalized trade unionists, with experience in picket lines and other forms of physical confrontation, to provide the necessary working class muscle.

But thanks to Britain’s neoliberal economy and its dependency on immigrant labour, the radical working class whites, who provided the most effective contingent in the antifa ranks, have become an endangered species, forcing the antifa to rely more heavily on “soft” middle class anarchist types and a few non-whites, whose evident lack of martial spirit is the reason their countries were colonized by Britain in the first place and hence one of the reasons they are now in the UK.


By contrast, the nationalist, anti-immigrant side, although vilified and politically disenfranchised by the current system, still enjoys connections with the white working class, and is able to recruit the kind of lads who are more than a match for the average antifa.

The events at Dover seem to bear this out, with antifa coaches being attacked and damaged at a stop on the way to Dover, while in the town itself the antifa came off worse in various skirmishes, as Civil Liberty reported.

On the day, about 200 ‘anti-fascists’ gathered in Dover listening to speeches by black Labour MP, Diane Abbott, and Weyman Bennett, a black SWP Trotskyite from the far-left Unite Against Fascism campaign group, among others.

A similar number of nationalist protesters also gathered with large numbers of police officers, some in riot gear, and police vans, keeping the two sides apart.

Apparently, a large group of anarchists left during Bennett’s turgid speech and attempted to confront the nationalist protesters before their march started.

They were met by a smaller group of nationalists, who routed the anarchists in hand-to-hand fighting. A small group of anarchists were trapped after the street fighting and had to be given police protection for their own safety.

Civil Liberty also reported that the day ended with a short rally by the nationalist protesters who claimed victory.


For too long the antifa have been able to inhibit legitimate anti-immigrant protests and have them characterized as violent and atypical — even though it has almost always been the Left who start any violence.


It is ironic then that by serving the globalist neoliberal elite in this way, they have effectively destroyed one of the bases of their own strength, the radicalized unionized white working class; while the immigration threat they have facilitated also seems to be having a galvanizing effect on the still relatively small numbers of Britons who realize they are involved in an existential struggle for survival.