Feb 8, 2016

Interview with Juhani Keränen of the Nordic Resistance Movement

via National Action

Juhani Keränen is group leader of city of Oulu for the Nordic Resistance Movement in Finland also known as Vastarintaliike, and is the host of nationalist talkshow Studio 204 , feel free to check out their show with Patrick Schröder.
The Nordic Resistance Movement is famed for rarely granting interviews, so this is a privilege to gain insight on one of Europe’s finest National Socialist organisations.

Hello Juhani, how are you?
Hello, I am doing well. I’ve been quite busy in recent months with movement activism, but that is only a good thing!

This seems to have been a very interesting year for Resistance even before the Refugee crisis. NRM-linked registered association published which was delivered to a substantial portion of the Finnish population – how were you able to do this and what was the Outcome?
Yes, the paper “Magneettimedia” (magnet-media) had 88 pages of content that contained articles from our website and from Magneettimedia.com. 270,000 copies were distributed to households, so basically 5% of Finland received our paper. It was a major operation and quite successful!

As you expect there was a backlash. The paper contained a political program that demanded a white Finland which horrified the mainstream media. Many people reported it to the police and they conducted an investigation to determine if any texts broke the law but they didn’t find a thing.

Our publisher was Pohjoinen Perinne. The outlet have lots of anti-zionist, anti-eu, anti-leftist, politically incorrect, some conspiracy, pro-nationalism articles on their website, they don’t back a political party but they some cooperation with Resistance. Before the paper was published, Magneettimedia was condemned to pay over 40,000 euros as a fine, so nobody was expecting that it would come out as paper version.

Holocaust = Lie
Holocaust = Lie

Earlier in the year we reported about the mass arrest that took place, you were there what is your account?
We were returning from a successful march in Jyväskylä when Far-left junkie and a group of his friends came to pick a fight with us and it didn’t end well for him. The fight occurred in front of a department store, there were bunch of red’s inside but most of them abandoned their comrades and fled started to fight with us they decided to run away rather than go help their comrade. The police immediately arrested everyone, which was 40 people. They took me in, but the police were only allowed to hold me for 24 hours.

After the incident that happened in Jyväskylä, police accused us of “rioting” and the media attacked us relentlessly, one outlet called it the “bloodbath in Jyväskylä” even though nobody suffered any serious injuries. Then our prime minister commented that NRM was a criminal organisation and there was a lot of talk about banning our movement though they realised there were no grounds on which they can do this. So what they did was really sneaky, the government are adding an amendment to the “criminal organization law”, now if three or more people are found guilty of “Incitement to ethnic or racial hatred” they can be labelled as criminal organization. So this law is directed clearly against at us. But this shows us, that ZOG is realizing that we are a threat to them, and from that we can conclude that we are doing something right!

The March in Jyväskylä
The March in Jyväskylä

What is the current situation with the charges and what challenges did you face?
Some of our comrades were locked in for 3 weeks. Currently we are waiting for the charges so we don’t know how this will go. Many people saw through mainstream media’s sickening bias and we gained a lot of sympathy. Because we lost section of the leadership briefly, it brought up new people to take their place briefly and from this our movement gained only more strenght. Struggles will only make us more stronger.

We heard that conflict happened with police during Resistance Movements demonstration in Stockholm 23rd of january.
Yes, Nordic Resistance Movement held demonstration in Stockholm and during the demonstration police attacked the demonstration and 40 activists were taken in by police and now our activists are charged with rioting. I interviewed activist Pär Sjögren so i recommend to check the interview for further details.

Now, to discuss the refugee crisis. In Finland this has expressed itself in a very interesting way, the backlash has been massive – what has been the role of the NRM?
I think before the crisis, people were already against mass-immigration but this refugee invasion has brought people onto the streets in mass. Demonstration’s under the name “Close the borders” have been really popular and it has shown that balance of power has changed. Before refugee invasion, in anti-immigration rallies, leftist had more people in the counter-demonstrations but now its the other way around! Our group have participated in as many of these demonstrations as possible, distributing leaflets and our movements “Kansallinen Vastarinta”- magazine to demonstrators. We have been received very well! Other city groups have also participated in demonstrations elsewhere.

At the beginning of the refugee invasion our prime minister had such a big and tolerant heart that he informed the Finnish people he will house refugees in his house (what he didn’t mention was that he gets paid to do this). Suddenly in his town, Kempele, a 14-year old Finnish girl was raped by a refugee, this sparked outrage! A demonstration was planned, we were quite sceptical how many people would go there as weather was rainy that morning. But something about 150-people showed up which is alot for a small town. People there were really beyond furious, that’s all I can say.

There has been much talk about nationalist street patrols. these apparently have been very successful?
Resistance Movement has organized street patrols and they have gained lots of support from the public and have been peaceful most of the time. First street patrols 2014 were organised in Helsinki, against violent immigrant gangs who beat Finnish youth, second night we encountered some far-left thugs and fighting began but the reds couldn’t beat us even though they were better armed.

Last summer we organized street patrol in our city Oulu because a black immigrant was harassing and following Finnish women, we patrolled for two days and second day we found the young Somali guy who followed women around. We gave him a lesson in humility and told him we are gonna be back here if he continues his disgusting activity. Our successful street patrol started heated political discussions, politician from Social Democratic Party showed support to our patrolling and commented that our street patrols prevents crime.

Our street patrols are part of our “Finnish Aid” project. “Finnish Aid” projects goal is to help Finnish people, if its with street patrols to make our streets more secure or giving food to Finnish people that need it the most. In future i hope that we will expand “Finnish Aid” to new areas where we can help our people in different ways.

I noticed that despite the crisis the mainstream nationalist party ‘True Finns’ have taken a hit in the polls, can you provide insight?
Before last elections which we had earlier this year, they were at parliament opposition. There they accused parties in government as turncoats and liar’s. But when they got into government last elections, they turned out to be “turncoats” and they broke election promises constantly and people have turned away from them.
True Finns-party is one those kosher-nationalist parties. They are basically a Finnish equivalent of UKIP. They reconsidered their anti-EU and anti-immigration stances the moment they got power.

After the Jyväskylä incident it was True Finns MP Jari Lindstöm who is minister of justice, that pushed through the little article to the “criminal organization law” that I mentioned before. True Finns MPs, Simon Elo (who has pro-Israel views) also wants to ban Resistance Movement branding us as “evil”. True Finns MP Jussi Halla-Aho supported the TTIP-free trade agreement and leader of True Finns party Timo Soini stated in his personal blog “I am friend of Israel and jews”. Party has also started to become more and more pro-NATO.

Can you discuss the news site mvlehti.net?
Mv Lehti is an alternative news site that gained a lot of attention due to its coverage of the refugee crisis and the crimes of the invaders. They promote us and vice versa. They’ve risen to top 40 of all sites in Finland which makes it one of the most popular news sites. The reason for its popularity is the “no compromise”-attitude, MV lehti names the Jew and posts articles concerning the Jewish power in media and politics and dissects the Holocaust scam. The site has really alarmed the Jewish controlled mainstream media, since it instantly filled a huge void, since before MV we had were fringe alternative media, and MV changed that with one fell swoop. It’s great that a site that is both ‘Jew’ and ‘race’ aware has become the only alternative to the lying press. The site’s popularity is also a great argument against those demanding moderation, thinking watering down ideas will make them appeal to a larger audience.

Front page of Finland’s most popular news site; “10.000 euros if you can prove Holocaust happened”.

The Nordic resistance Movement takes part in the yearly independence day march, account? Difference to previous years?
Yes we had people from the movement in the independence day march called “612”.  I was there too and it was great. Atmosphere was good although weather was lousy but this didn’t matter as the march was important to people who were there. But overall the march went great. Organisers ran out of torches because there was so many people participating. Last year there was around 200 people but this year that number went to 700-900 people, so its huge growth from last year. Also the 612-march is not only for active nationalists but its open for everybody, you could see old and young people and families participating in the march.

Discuss your show Studio 204.
We started Studio 204 this autumn. In Studio 204 we talk about latest happenings of Nordic Resistance Movement. Also we talk about foreign and domestic news. Our show has started well, we have gotten good response. These online podcasts are good way to reach people, I think National Action should try something like this too! You asked what the “204” stands for, let’s just say you probably know it already but just don’t realize it.

We noticed NRM representatives also attended the enormous march in Poland? Are these international trips going to be a more regular thing?
Yes we had couple of activists there, they had contacts among the Polish nationalists and they made report about it on our website. The report was quite exciting.   Our activists have also partipicated in the events in Greece, Germany and Sweden. Our Activists have partipicated in marches in Dresden, “Tag der deutschen Zukunft”,  “Tag der nationalen Arbeit 2014” in Germany. We also had representantives in “Reconquista Europa” event last autumn that was in Germany. We had activists last years IMIA-march in Greece. Our activists have visited Casapound Italy in Rome and Verona. Resistance Movement has lots of events in Sweden like “Activist Days” and “Nordic Days” and street events and we try to send representatives from Finland often as possible there. I hope in the future our activists will partipicate in European nationalist events even more.

Yes, please discuss activist days and briefly touch how NRM already operates across nordic borders.
“Activist Days” are Nordic Resistance Movement’s event. In “Activist Days” there are lots of presentations and lectures. There are also physical trainings and allround you can chat with comrades. There is shop that you can buy books and Resistance related clothes among other things. In Finland, there are no more “Activist Days”, now we have “Future days”. We changed the outlook because we want to highlight the fact that the event is for every Finnish nationalist not only for Resistance members. We had first Nordic Resistance Movement’s cooperation campaign “Refugees not welcome”. Activists and members from Finland, Norway and Sweden distributed anti-refugee propaganda in their own countries. Campaign was a great success. We do translations from each others sites. We also launched “Nordic Council” recently. This council has two representatives from Finland, Norway and Sweden. We launched this council so we can deepen our cooperation between each others. Also this was needed because all of the movements in Nordic countries are the same movement so now we have leaderships from every Nordic country that the movement is active.

What are your plans for 2016?
2016 will be interesting year. Hopefully we will get new activists from city’s and town’s that don’t have Resistance activity yet and from that we can start new city group’s. Our online media “Kansallinen Vastarinta” has become increasingly more active putting out articles and news on the site but we can always be more active in publishing more content. Normally we get around 50,000 unique visitors every month so maybe trying to hit 70-100,000 unique visitors monthly would be good goal next year. We have new online radio programs coming out and with those we can reach new audience. We opened new “Koti” in Helsinki. “Koti” is our movements action center where we organize lectures, presentations and self-defence trainings among other things, so we are definitely excited of future program that will be organized in “Koti”. After the first Nordic Resistance Movements cooperation campaign, i bet we are gonna have more of these in the future. It will be interesting to see how Nordic Resistance Movement will grow in Denmark and Norway. Norway specially have become really active. In Sweden our movement started parliamentary wing and its currently only radical national socialist party in the country. Maybe cooperating with other European nationalist groups will come in the future. So we can conclude that 2016 will one interesting and busy year.

Thank you Juhani, please accept our sincere and best wishes to your group for 2016!

Legion Camp March 18-20

via Legion

Hail Legionnaires!

That time has come.  Another opportunity to overcome, reconnect, self-cleanse, become more.  This event will include a combination of the Legion Camp favourites such as martial arts training, sparring and hiking but with fresh new content delivered by new presenters and trainers with some impressive qualifications.

More details will follow but I ask you to contact me ASAP with a short message to tell me if you are interested in attending.  An initial booking has been made at a venue which I will confirm based upon estimated attendance rate.

The event will be Friday evening until Sunday afternoon in central England and accessible by car and by train.  Ticket prices should be less than £30 for the whole weekend including a bed for both nights.  This is not camping, we have an indoor venue.

No experience required although helpful.  Willingness to get stuck in and learn is more important than current fitness level or abilities.

Staunchly yours,

Matt Legion

Bernard-Henri Lévy on Wars and Anti-Nationalism: It’s Judaism, Stupid!

via The Occidental Observer

I cannot think of a Jew who has done more to promote “anti-Semitism” in recent years than Bernard-Henri Lévy. He seems to be completely unselfconscious and oblivious to what he is doing.
The latest example has been Lévy’s going on French radio to promote his most recent book, “on which [he] has been working for 20 years,” called L’Esprit du Judaïsme (The Spirit of Judaism). Lévy’s books don’t sell and are even mocked as inane and narcissistic in mainstream Anglo-American media. And yet, The Spirit of Judaism is already enjoying a cover story in L’Express magazine. L’Express incidentally has a circulation of almost half a million and incidentally is owned by his fellow Zionist and co-ethnic Patrick Drahi.
Enjoying systematic promotion in the mass media despite his evident nullity, Lévy has for years been the visible tip of the iceberg of the influence of ethnocentric Jewish networks in France. For many, he has been the spark to their awakening to the Jewish question.
Lévy has made a number of surreal tweets summarizing his talking points on the radio show — the usual warmongering and hypocritically anti-French-nationalist statements — followed by the hashtag #SpiritofJudaism to promote the book. He is thus openly suggesting, in a shockingly unselfconscious way, that his evil views derive from his Judaic ideology.
Hence Judaism is anti-nationalism (for non-Jews):
“It is universalism which I am defending in this book. #SpiritofJudaism”
War against Arabs:

“I have no regrets. One cannot regret saving a population from a massacre. #Libya #SpiritofJudaism”

More war against Arabs:
“The absolute mistake of the international community was the non-intervention in Syria. #SpiritofJudaism”
Lévy has previously said that he pushed for war in Libya “as a Jew” and with “faithfulness to Zionism and to Israel.”

French nationalists should continue to be excluded from power:

“The old French anti-Semitism is still alive. The FN has not really changed. #SpiritofJudaism”

On the other hand, opponents of Jewish ethno-nationalist wrongdoing are warmongers:
“The people who advocate the boycott are not for peace, but for war. #BDS #Israel #SpiritofJudaism”
Finally there is the usual dollop of sheer self-contradicting nonsense, with no other purpose than rationalizing Jewish privilege:

“The great question of Judaism is that of otherness, thus the opposite of communitarianism. #SpiritofJudaism”

“Communitarianism,” the widely-used French term for ethnocentrism, is almost universally condemned in France. Here Lévy is in effect saying: Jewish ethnocentrism is the opposite of ethnocentrism. Hence, Jewish ethnocentrism is supremely good, whereas every other ethnocentrism is supremely bad.
For anyone else, such obviously nonsensical statements would be considered a sign of mental illness. Ethnocentrism is universal and ethnic double standards are common throughout the world (e.g., it is not unusual for violence against another people to seem trifling compared to violence against one’s own). But here this psychological mechanism is hypertrophied to a truly absurd degree, completely overwhelming basic reason, self-awareness, or even simple common sense.
Lévy really is nutty in a way which is difficult for us to fathom. Which of us can even contemplate the wiring in that brain?
I am only half-joking when I say that Bernard-Henri Lévy has perhaps done more to undermine Jewish privilege and hypocrisy than anyone else in the world today. His every media appearance is like a crash course in The Culture of Critique. Without him, Alain Soral or Dieudonné would have not have been quite as successful as they have been in preaching the anti-Zionist gospel (and for “Zionism,” read: “International Zionism” or “liberal-Zionism”) throughout the French-speaking world.
Anyway, I won’t be reading Lévy’s new book. Once you’ve got the message, you’ve really got to hang up.

Cultural Revisionists Strike again: Broadway Musical Portrays America's Founders as Non-White

via White GeNOcide Project

‘Hamilton’, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of America’s founding fathers, is being performed on Broadway.

You know it’s going to have political undertones, when you read that the first act is titled: “Immigrants : We get the job done!

In addition to Alexander Hamilton, Miranda’s musical also casts Aaron Burr, George Washington, James Madison, John Laurens, Marquis Gilbert de Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson, Angelica Schuyler, and Eliza Schuyler all as non-White.

In fact the only White leading actor is King George III, which American audiences identify as the bad guy.

When the musical was first performed in 2013, it even had a Black guy playing King George III as well, but I guess they had to cast the bad guy as a White man or else the musical would be deemed to be some kind of evil ‘hate musical’, and would never make it on Broadway.

Anti-Whites have re-written a lot of history, all to make White people look like some kind of super-evil Nazi race which caused all of the world’s problems.

If you have a kid in school and asked them what they learned in school today, they’d probably tell you exactly that.

So why are they re-writing history to make us hate or feel guilty about being White?

The simple answer is: because they want to get rid of us. The anti-Whites opened up America’s, Australia’s, Canada’s, and Europe’s borders to mass non-White immigration with their militant lobbying.

Now they are trying to make sure that every White area has a sufficient amount of “diversity”. In other words, trying to make sure that every White area begins the first steps to becoming minority White.

This agenda of theirs is not “diversity” as they claim; it is White genocide, because they are trying to get rid of us. They are trying to turn us into the minority. That is a crystal clear example of genocide, according to all legal definitions of genocide.

This musical is yet more proof that “diversity” is White genocide!

Lord Bramall Is Innocent, Like so Many Others

via Enza Ferreri

Lord Bramall, a UK former armed forces chief dubbed a "war hero", has launched a serious attack against London's Metropolitan Police Service (Met for short, aka Scotland Yard) for "failing to speak to witnesses who cast doubt on the claims made 10 months earlier by an alleged abuse victim called Nick".

Almost a year ago the 92-year-old was accused by a single witness, a man in his 40s known as "Nick", who alleged that he had been abused as a boy by a powerful "VIP paedophile ring" (as it came to be called), which included Lord Bramall, former (and late) UK prime minister Ted Heath and the late former Tory MP Harvey Proctor. Among the accusations was that he had raped and tortured young boys in the 1970s.

Bramall was immediately subjected to a heavy-handed police investigation which included a 10-hour raid on his home in Surrey, in the south-east of England. Among other things, Lord Bramall aims to challenge the legality of the search warrant on his property, questioning if the police followed the letter of the law in obtaining the warrant.

The former army chief has always denied the allegations, saying: "I know I have only had sex with someone other than my own sex" and calling any suggestion he was involved in child abuse "absolutely a load of rubbish."

The D-Day veteran criticised a senior police officer named Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald for having appealed for boys who might have been abused to come forward, adding that, if people who had been abused came forward, "we will believe you". Lord Bramall correctly commented that it was not the police's role to accept allegations as true, but the prosecutors' task to prove them.

"We will believe you" seems to me a remark more suitable to a counsellor or psychotherapist than to a policeman. Empathy is required from the former, investigation from the latter. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

The claims against Lord Bramall were part of "Nick"'s allegations, under investigation by the Met, of having been abused by prominent men in the military, politics and law enforcement.

 Despite what Det Supt McDonald said, that the police regarded the allegations as "credible and true", Bramall has recently been told that he faces no further action as "following a thorough investigation officers have concluded there is insufficient evidence to charge him with any offence.

Yesterday the ex-director of public prosecutions Lord Kenneth Macdonald (not to be confused with the officer MacDonald quoted above) criticised the new police stance of “we believe the victim”, adding that it could lead to miscarriages of justice and that police had got the balance wrong. He said officers risked being “manipulated by fantasists”.

 In an interview with Radio 4’s Today programme he commented: “The worst miscarriages of justice I have seen have resulted from blinkered investigations in which police have believed a theory at the start of the case and gone on to try to prove that theory. We need the police to conduct impartial, objective and professional investigations.”

This is at the end of about a year in which the peer had to live under suspicion of one the most despised crimes. Isn't a man whose reputation has been damaged a victim too? Quite unprecedented, even the Queen expressed her support for the ex army-chief.

The investigating detectives failed their duty when they did not interview key witnesses for 11 months and did not check some of the case's most basic facts for over 5 months.

A lot can be said about this, which is unfortunately similar to many other cases.

But I want to trace it back to where it all started on a big scale: this modern form of persecution dates back to the time when the mostly Left-wing mainstream media had a field day with the so-called "Catholic Church abuse scandal".

Just to see how politically self-serving in order to settle old scores with ideological enemies the furore was, and how absolutely nothing this fake self-righteousness had to do with concern about children, one has to observe the total silence and absence of outrage at the allegations of abuse by politicians and entertainment industry members (or anybody unconnected with the Church) of those professional anti-Christians like Richard Dawkins and Peter Tatchell who so vociferously, venomously and unjustifiably called for the arrest of Pope Benedict XVI when he visited Britain in 2010 (see picture above).

For some reason, sexual offences have such a powerful emotional impact that, unlike criminal claims of other nature (like robbery or embezzlement), whenever accusations of sexual misconduct are made there is a presumption of guilt, when in fact there should always be - both legally and morally - a presumption of innocence until proof of guilt is provided.

The onus of the proof is on the accuser.

From the mere claim of an accuser (who may have all kinds of motivations and personal problems) to the evidence of guilt there is a vast distance, similar to that between saying and doing, speculating and demonstrating, fantasy and reality.

The so-called "sex abuse scandal" of the Church has been largely a political campaign by the mainstream media, whose journalists are mostly on the far-Left, anti-clerical and atheists with a vengeance. There were plenty of episodes of false and misleading headlines which were plainly contradicted by the article below, if anyone bothered to read it.

The fact that the Church in many cases chose out-of-court settlements was seen as an admission of guilt instead of, as it should have been seen, as a sign of the Church's desire not to be dragged into a shameful headline war by a hostile media establishment, which thrived on court cases.

Since then, some people have realised that making allegations of sexual abuse (no matter how well or, rather, badly founded) was a way to win money infinitely more reliable than by buying a lottery ticket.

And so the ball of paedophilia or rape charges against men in the public sphere, preferably rich and famous, have kept rolling.

The historic abuse charges are the best because, in the absence of physical evidence after decades, mere acquaintance with a celebrity or politician may be enough to jump on the bandwagon, or even better the gravy train.

Kyle Bristow Scores Landmark Second Amendment Victory

via TradYouth

TradYouth continues to take the lead in not only street activism on behalf of our people and their rights, but also in the critical field of lawfare. On behalf of Traditionalist Youth Network, Kyle Bristow, a nationalist attorney who’s well-known in patriotic circles for his novel White Apocalypse and his essay collection The Conscience of a Right-Winger, now available in a convenient compilation, has scored a historic victory for our right to bear arms this week. According to Brad Griffin at Conservative  Headlines,
Attorney Kyle Bristow of the Clinton Twp., MI-based Bristow Law, PLLC, and Attorney Jason Van Dyke of the Plano, TX-based The Van Dyke Law Firm, PLLC, scored a major legal victory for gun rights today in Kolbe v. Hogan, which was before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. This federal appellate court is one level below the United States Supreme Court and its rulings are binding on Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, and are highly persuasive for other jurisdictions.
In a 2-1 written opinion, the Fourth Circuit judges ruled that a Maryland law that prohibits citizens from owning high-capacity firearms—such as AR-15 and AK-47 rifles—implicates the Second Amendment, and that the law is therefore to be subjected to strict scrutiny review. Strict scrutiny review is the most stringent method a law can be reviewed by a court and is applicable whenever a fundamental right is infringed upon. Thus, the Fourth Circuit held that private ownership by American citizens of high-capacity AR-15 and AK-47-style rifles is a fundamental right.
Brad goes on to explain,
On behalf of the Traditionalist Youth Network, LLC, Bristow and Van Dyke submitted an amicus curiae brief in which it was argued that the Second Amendment guarantees a fundamental right of our people to keep and bear weapons that the State of Maryland’s attorneys argued are “weapons of war” and not to be permitted to be owned by American citizens. The Fourth Circuit cited Bristow and Van Dyke by name as having submitted their amicus brief and quoted legal authorities throughout their written opinion that were persuasively cited by said attorneys in their brief.
Attorney Kyle Bristow opined, “We had the unconstitutional legislation in our sights and shot down the arguments of the opposition. The fundamental right of our people to keep and bear arms has been—and will continue to be—protected.”
Attorney Van Dyke said, “Shots are being fired in America’s ongoing Culture War, and legislators who have no respect for Second Amendment rights will simply not be able to disarm our people.”
Needless to say, our victory has the Leftists throwing up their arms in dismay.
“Let’s be real: The assault weapons banned by Maryland’s FSA are exceptionally lethal weapons of war,” King wrote.
“To put it mildly, it troubles me that, by imprudently and unnecessarily breaking from our sister courts of appeals and ordering strict scrutiny here, we are impeding Maryland’s and others’ reasonable efforts to prevent the next Newtown – or Virginia Tech, or Binghamton, or Fort Hood, or Tucson, or Aurora, or Oak Creek, or San Bernardino,” he wrote.
Let’s be really real, Mr. King. The context of the Second Amendment relates to arms as weapons of war. It’s not about hunting or recreation. It’s about ensuring a final firewall against government tyranny. They rattle off a series of unfortunate events involving firearms as proof that firearms ought to be banned, ignoring the mental health issues, political unrest, and immigration problems at the root of the violence. A nation where the mentally ill are thrown out on the street without proper care or supervision, where political polarization is at a fever pitch, and where our gates are thrown wide open to absolutely anybody in the world who wishes to harm us, …there will be violence.

The question isn’t whether there will be violence, but whether law-abiding citizens will be empowered to defend themselves and their families against it. Maryland’s government is in such disarray that they have race riots where entire city blocks are descending into martial law. They openly insist that their law enforcement is incapable of imposing order or even being trusted not to be pervasively corrupt.

The people no longer trust this government to protect them. They don’t have to, since our Bill of Rights guarantees them the right to protect themselves. All we need are Kyle Bristow, Jason Van Dyke, and other patriotic attorneys holding the line against a government which would like to be more beholden to the United Nations recommendations than the Founders’ ministrations or the citizenry’s demands. Bristow, Van Dyke, and others demonstrate that there are several fronts where we can indeed fight and win, and they’re an inspiration to all patriotic Americans.

Muslim Invader Rapes 10-Year-Old Boy at a Public Swimming Pool Says it Was a "Sexual Emergency"

via DavidDuke.com

A 10-year-old boy was so brutally raped by an Iraqi migrant in a swimming pool cubicle that he had to be hospitalised for his injuries.

A lifeguard immediately called an ambulance after the boy went to him in floods of tears, while the Iraqi was entertaining himself by repeatedly jumping off the three-metre diving board.

Police arrested him on the spot at the pool in Vienna, and during an interrogation, he told them that it was a ‘sexual emergency’ as he had not had sex in four months.

The Iraqi, who had been working as a taxi driver in Vienna, told police he knew it was ‘a mistake’ and did not mean to ‘scar the boy’, reports Kronen Zeitung.

But the migrant, who had entered the country through the Balkans on September 5, official records show, said he could not help himself as he had an ‘excess sexual energy’.

He told police that he knew such an act was ‘forbidden in any country of the world’, and he was not ‘always sick’, as he has a wife and a daughter in Iraq.

At first, Austrian did not release details of the rape, on December 2 at The Resienbad pool, to protect the victim.

Reports emerged on Facebook and police said they must be sensitive about cases involving migrants, who have ‘been through a lot’, but that there would be zero-tolerance.

However, police have now officially announced the details of the shocking crime.
Austrian media have also been following another case of a 13-year-old girl who is allegedly repeatedly being raped by her 26-year-old husband, who she married in Syria.

However, the teenager has not spoken against her husband, who is claiming that he has the right to have sex with her after their marriage was consummated, under Islamic law.

A Note on Ethnonationalism & Pan-Europeanism

via Counter-Currents

Francesco Albani, Europa, detail
A European Empire covering the entire White world would have the benefits of preventing intra-European conflict caused by competing state interests. There is no doubt that, historically, such interests have typically overridden professed common Christian or European interests. Such an Empire would also have advantages of scale not available to the medium-sized nation-states of Europe or even of the 150 million or so souls of Russia or of a putative White Republic of North America.

Such an Empire however would have the disadvantage of intra-European ethnic and linguistic diversity, leading to the usual conflicts, inequalities, loss of cohesion, fractured consciousness, and so on, that one finds in multicultural regimes in general (and in the still majority-White EU/Eurozone, Belgium, or Canada). The nation-state, in contrast, is internally more optimal, having but one language, one consciousness, and one cohesive polity and society, as opposed to an inevitably messy federal and continental regime.

Personally, while I see obvious benefits in a limited union of the nation-states of Western and Central Europe, I am wary of a single “mono-state” for the entire White world. Besides the practical problems of achieving and maintaining such an apparently fantastical polity (but, one might argue, no more fantastical than Theodor Herzel’s dream of restoring a Jewish ethno-state on the soil of Ancient Israel . . .), I fear this would be the equivalent of putting all of our European eggs in one basket. All it would take is for the elite of the mono-state to become corrupted or fail, as would inevitably happen eventually, for this to drag the entire race and civilization down. Indeed, the United States of America is precisely such a polity, originally founded as an explicitly White ethno-state, which has simultaneously been corrupted and become hegemonic over the entire Western world.

Given the astonishing diversity of European potentialities — consider the trajectories of the Ancient Greek city-states, the Roman Empire, the Frankish world, the Russian Empire, the British Empire, the United and the Confederate States of America, the  German Reich, etc — it would strike me as deeply tragic and stunting for there to be only one political and national form for European Man. While European unity with regard to the non-European world is desirable, ideally I think our interests would be best served by a diversity of great European nations and states, each developing in sovereign and fecund interaction. Darwinian and evolutionary principles support the idea of a diverse European civilization, rather than a single state, which would have the same disadvantages as a single foodstuff (like the potato in nineteenth-century Ireland).

That said, I believe the primacy of European civilizational and genetic interests must be culturally hegemonic across the European World. A Greater European Commonwealth (perhaps akin to the Arab League) should logically include all the countries of Europe and the European diaspora. Finally, at least the nations of Western and Central Europe should be embedded in some kind of polity, for reasons of interdependence, solidarity, and scale (e.g. a continental market and great projects in the cultural, energy, aerospace, and military-industrial spheres). Actually, concerning “Core Europe,” I find the usually rather bland European Commission President Jacques Delors has a rather inspired expression: “a federation of nation-states.”

Editor's Note: Read this rebuttal to Durocher's argument: "Durocher, Ethnonationalism, Pan-Europeanism, and the Defective Movement."

Europe’s New Dawn

via Cambria Will not Yield

A brilliant morning shines on the old city.  Its antiquities and ruins are surpassingly beautiful, with a lusty ivy gleaming in the sun, and the rich trees waving in the balmy air.  Changes of glorious light from moving boughs, songs of birds, scents from gardens, woods, and fields—or, rather, from the one great garden of the whole cultivated island in its yielding time—penetrate into the Cathedral, subdue its earthy odour, and preach the Resurrection and the Life.  The cold stone tombs of centuries ago grow warm; and flecks of brightness dart into the sternest marble corners of the building, fluttering there like wings. – Charles Dickens The Mystery of Edwin Drood 

The liberals are experiencing more difficulty with the Moslem invasion than they anticipated. They have gotten so used to the passivity of the European people that even the tiniest whimper from the white grazers surprises them. They react as a sheep-herder might react if one of his sheep turned on him and bit him. And why have a significant number of Europeans, who seemed to be spiritually anesthetized for so many years, come to life on this one issue, the Islamic invasion of Europe? Is it because the Moslems are so violent? Partly, but the negroes shed more blood than the Moslems, and the Europeans have not only tolerated the black barbarians in their midst, they have deified them. So why the fuss over the Moslems? I see two reasons. First, this recent invasion did not happen as incrementally as the previous Moslem invasions and the ongoing black invasion. And secondly, the Islamic invasion is a harder sell because even the white grazers do not think the Moslems are clubbable. They believe that the negro can become a jolly good fellow just like them, but they are not so sure about the Moslems. The liberals have tried to cow the aroused grazers with the race card – “If you oppose the Moslem invasion, then you are a racist” – but the grazers are not buying it. When they protest against the Moslems, they don’t feel racist. The guilt that makes them afraid to disapprove of black atrocities does not paralyze them in the face of Islamic atrocities. So there it is, the liberals are having problems. Isn’t that a shame?

Still, this Moslem problem is not likely to bring the liberals down. So long as the whites confine themselves to protest marches designed to influence the liberals, nothing will come of the whites’ anger over the Moslem invasion. But something miraculous will happen if white grazers see their protests of the Islamic invasion as part of a larger movement to reclaim their nations from the liberals. Liberalism can’t be reformed, because liberalism is satanic. The only remedy for liberalism is a Christian counter-revolution. Such a counter-revolution cannot come from an intellectual Christianity — that type of Christianity is wedded to liberalism – it must come from the blood of men who have not cut their ties to their European past. The liberals have tried, and been very successful, cutting every strand of that mystic cord binding the European people to their ancestors and to Him. But the liberals are not infallible; if some Europeans start reaching, in desperation, for a few strands of that mystic cord, they might start the counter-revolution, which will result in the destruction of Liberaldom.

It’s difficult, when you want to see a European counter-revolution, not to read too much into events.  For instance, I would like to think that the Swedes’ retaliation for the murder of that social worker is going to inspire other Europeans to actually fight back against the liberals and their satanic minions. And I would like to think that Putin is something more than a pagan nationalist, that he is a Christian warrior, the sign of contradiction to the decadent West, but I really don’t know the extent of the Swedes’ or Putin’s commitment to Christian Europe.

I don’t believe that any modern gimmick such as Christless Christianity and its attendant doctrines of negro worship, democracy, and pacifism can help the European people. Nor do I believe a Viking revival of Julian the Apostate can lead the Europeans out of their liberal hell. The gimmick doctrines are the great destroyers of the European people. It is only the type of Christianity that Thomas Nelson Page spoke of, the “bred in the bone” Christianity, that has staying power. Everything the Europeans do of consequence stems from their ancient faith. The bred-in-the-bone Christianity produced men who did not stand by while heathens and barbarians raped their women and plundered their nations. The Christian South did not lose the Civil War until the 1950s when they lost their bred-in-the-bone faith in Christ, the God who bade them rise and ride in defense of their kith and kin.

Do the modern gods of liberalism inspire men to rise and ride in defense of their racial hearth fires? No, they don’t. I read of a small town in Germany that has become infested with Moslems who are preying on young schoolgirls. The mayor of the town told the ten-year-old schoolgirls to walk miles out of their way to avoid encountering the Moslem rapists on the way to school. The female mayor of Cologne told the women who were raped by Moslems that they were asking for it, because they dressed too provocatively. What happened to feminism? Aren’t the feminists supposed to protect and support women? No, in point of fact, feminism has never been about the protection of women, feminism is all about the emasculation of the white male. It’s Christ that the feminists hate, so they want no return to a Christian patriarchal society. They will stand for any and every Moslem and black outrage against women rather than countenance a return to the one culture that truly did revere and protect women from the outrages that are commonplace in the Moslem and black barbarian cultures. Bred in the bone Christianity produces men like Nathan Bedford Forrest and Henry Havelock, who fought for their kith and kin. Modern liberalism produces spiritually emasculated male Undines who will sacrifice their kith and kin to whomever seems the strongest. “We will not fight for kith and kin,” is the banner of the modern white males who have grown up under the all-seeing eye of the liberals in church and state.

The sad fact is that white males who do not respond to Moslem atrocities with rage and a call to arms are following a type of faith. They are following the liberal creed that says there is only one evil and that one evil is the white male. So why should they start behaving like white men? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate sin? Will we ever see a white European male fight for anything but liberalism? Only if he fights through all the spiritual briars that block his vision of the one true God, the Christ who used to preside over Europe, before Satan dethroned Him and cast his shadow over the entire kingdom of Europe. Christ is at a disadvantage when dealing with Satan, because He wants something more from us than our external assent to His power and might. He wants our internal assent, He wants us to know Him and love Him, which is extremely difficult; we would be tempted to say it is too difficult if we did not have the witness of the antique Europeans before our eyes. And that is all in all; we must remember them, and we must cling to their vision of the European Christ, not because of racial pride, but because the one true God dwelt among them.

There will always be some miraculous conversion stories, but the liberals, in the main, have hardened their hearts against all things European and Christian. No protest movement, no “compunctious visitings of nature,” will alter their plans to destroy the European people. They have left charity and mercy behind; such were the attributes of the God and the people whom they hate. Will the new, non-white Europeans, the Moslems and the colored barbarians, extend charity and mercy to the native-born? No, they won’t, because they worship the gods of sacrifice and blood, not the God of charity and mercy.

When you marry and have children you want to hand down your faith to your children. If your faith is one with your contemporaries, you can go through the usual process – school, church, and the community at large. But if you feel estranged from the culture you live in, you seek another way. My children were brought up with the poets of antique Europe and the Gospels. I hope it was good for my children; I know it was good for me. It has been truly amazing to see how the daily reading of the European poets and the Gospels reflected back on each other. Without any conscious planning on my part, the image of Christ, as seen in the Gospels, appeared again and again in the works of the European poets. For centuries the theologians have been telling us not to look to the European people for the image of Christ; we must look to their systems. But I ask you – What have their systems brought to us? They’ve brought us a false Aslan, an abstract God who is all things to all people; He is not the God of our racial hearth fire, He is not our Lord and kinsman. It’s impossible to separate Christ from the European people without destroying the European people. And it’s also impossible to find the true image of Christ unless we seek Him in and through those European people of long ago – “while memory holds a seat in this distracted globe” – we must remember them and see life through their eyes. You can’t become like unto them by copying the forms of their rituals and governments. We need to delve beneath the forms and recapture the spirit of our ancestors, a spirit that set them apart from their pagan ancestors and sets them apart from the post-Christians of modern Europe.

It’s not possible to be connected to old Europe and the new Europe. No true European can be content while the shadows of the crescent and colored barbarism descend over Europe. There is only one shadow, the shadow of the Cross, which gives way to a glorious dawn, the dawn of our Lord and Savior. We can only love much and cling to the European fairy tale of the suffering servant who became the King of a fairyland called Europe.

A Roosh to Judgment?

via Alternative Right

Playing the rape card?
In this modern era of love and tolerance – where "hate speech" and "thought crime" must be 'loved' to death by banning them, suspending Twitter and Facebook accounts, and having people fired and thrown into the outer darkness – it seems that there is a real hunger for hate figures, those convenient parties like Emmanuel Goldstein in 1984, who can serve as a focus for the proverbial "Two Minutes Hate" sessions that social media and comment boards now make eminently feasible.

Right now, the man of the moment is Alt-Right wake-rider Daryush 'Roosh' Valizadeh, whose simmering squabbles with feminists and their limp beta-male muscle has now been picked up by the mainstream media. The paparazzi, it seems, have even been staking him out with their sniper cameras, as you can see from this story in the Daily Mail.

This is perhaps even a bigger uptick in Roosh's media profile than last year when he appeared on Dr. Oz's TV show and was vilified for not ignoring how fat some women are and how that can actually kill them.

The present media frenzy was triggered when Roosh was forced to cancel some meet-ups after receiving death threats. This gave the mainstream media the excuse to mention him and then drop in the old chestnut about him being an actual advocate of rape.

This accusation stems from this article, How to Stop Rape, where he used a technique called "straight-faced satire" (see Jonathan Swift's A Modest Proposal) to draw attention to the ambiguity that often surrounds the commencement of the sex act between men and women, while advocating more female awareness and responsibility about getting into those kinds of situations. At least that's my take. Make up your own mind by reading the article yourself.

Anyway, whatever Roosh wrote or meant is not so important as the mere fact that he is NOW being elevated out of the semi-obscurity in which he normally exists, to mainstream bête noire status for the required "Two Minutes of Hate."

As Roosh wrote this notorious article a year ago, the most relevant and interesting question to ask is why NOW? The answer revolves around the emotional dynamics that determine much of the news agenda.

The mob awaiting its cue
Orwell in his novel 1984 makes it clear that the hate figure of Emmanuel Goldstein serves a useful function for the State and Big Brother, whom the masses and Outer Party members like Winston Smith should be hating, by providing a safe vent for mass rage.

We see something very similar at work here. The recent burst of attention seems to have originated mainly in the UK, and Roosh has even called attention on Twitter to the particular virulence of the threats emanating – if that's the right word – from Glasgow, a city that has always had plenty of hate to spare.

Europe, as we know, is currently undergoing a massive crisis due to the flood of young, male, Muslim migrants, who have predictably been engaging in rape and sexual assault every chance they get. Although Britain is somewhat insulated against these "rape-U-gees" by the English Channel, its wise decision not to join the Schengen Area free travel zone, and Prime Minister Cameron dragging his heels on EU demands to accept more refugees, the idea of migrant and Muslim rape is very much in the wind, and has been so since at least Rotherham.

Naturally, there is a great deal of animosity over this, and the potential exists for things to get very nasty very quickly, which is always the rule in any multicultural society, and thus the reason that their attendant states tend strongly to ever greater tyranny.

When dangerous hatreds exist like this, rather than addressing the root causes – namely the aberration of multiculturalism – and discussing solutions, the establishment instead looks for a vent. We saw exactly the same pattern when, after more than a decade of police and media cover-ups, the Great Muslim Pedophile Gang Rape Scandal broke.

Typical BBC employee, apparently.
At that time, the establishment deflected attention away from the Muslim communities that were deeply involved in those atrocities by digging up the corpse of the then recently deceased Jimmy Savile, a DJ and and TV presenter who had undoubtedly behaved in a despicable way with children.

It is noteworthy that they went for someone who was already dead, rather than living examples of high profile non-Muslim pedophiles, like the Jewish politicians Greville Janner and Leon Brittan, who were under serious clouds of suspicion until their recent deaths.

But here again, the point is not what Savile, Janner, and Brittan may or may not have done, but in the use to which Savile's celebrity at least was put, namely to offer a 'safe' vent for people to let off steam about pedophile grooming and rape, while minimizing the damage to the already deep fissures in British society.

In the aftermath of Cologne, with Muslim rape on everyone's minds, what could be more convenient for the establishment than to dig up a Muslim-looking guy, who is not a Muslim (Roosh is half Persian), and who is followed mainly by young White guys concerned about their appeal to women, and to then elevate him as the symbol of "rape culture"?

While much froth dribbles from mouths and calls to ban the "evil rape advocate" ring out, young Muslim men with dark thoughts of rape continue to stream in and eye up the local women. In short, Roosh is to Muslim migrant rape what Jimmy Savile was to Rotherham, except that Roosh seems a lot more decent than Savile ever was.

Yale Capitulates: The Anatomy of a Racial Shakedown

via American Renaissance

Last fall, Yale joined the University of Missouri, Princeton, Occidental College, and several other campuses in a frenzy of protests over campus “racism.” Press descriptions of the “racism” were fragmentary and contradictory, but Yale soon announced sweeping plans to promote “diversity,” sensitize whites, and coddle “students of color.” There were no comprehensive reports of what had prompted these changes, but it all had the smell of hysteria.

So it was with great interest that I read the cover story of the latest issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine, which claimed to explain “what really happened at Yale.” I should have known better. The article glosses over the misbehavior of blacks and breathlessly reports the tiny slights–real or imagined–that set the campus on its ear. “What really happened at Yale” was exactly what I suspected: hysteria followed by capitulation.

Things came to a head quickly, and started with an e-mail message from Yale’s Intercultural Affairs Council. This is an organization that “challenges bias” wherever it may be found, and it sponsors sessions on such things as “Black Trans Awareness.” On October 27, it sent out a message to the campus reminding students that “we are one Yale,” and warning against Halloween costumes that involved “wearing feathered headdresses, turbans, wearing ‘war paint’ or modifying skin tone or wearing blackface or redface” because this “disrespects, alienates or ridicules segments of our population.”

This was too much for Erika Christakis, who taught early childhood education and was the associate master of Silliman College, one of Yale’s dormitories. She sent an e-mail message to Silliman students, asking, “Is there no room for a child or young person to be a little bit obnoxious, . . . a little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive?” She suggested that if somebody’s costume offends you, tell him so.

SJWs quickly ginned up a letter accusing Mrs. Christakis of “inviting ridicule and violence onto ourselves and our communities,” and by late November the letter had more than 1,000 signatures from Yale-connected people.

On the same day as Mrs. Christakis’ message, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity held a Halloween party. Second-hand reports the next day claimed that SAE brothers turned away black girls, saying the party was “for white girls only.” This led to fury and national press coverage, but there is good reason to think those claims were false. At the start of the party, SAE let in members and their friends, first-come, first-served, including several black girls. But the party got crowded and noisy, with swarms of people in front of the frat house trying to get in. The police warned SAE to cut the noise and thin the crowd.

SAE house at Yale.
SAE house at Yale.

SAE then stopped letting people in. One brother says that when he turned away some black girls they complained that it must be because they were black. The Yale dean’s office later investigated the “white girls only” claim and concluded that SAE mismanaged the crowd but was not guilty of “racist” behavior. SAE was not sanctioned. In a sidebar to the article, the Yale Alumni Magazine (YAM) concedes that there was no “white girls” policy. The most detailed independent accounts suggest the charge was bogus.

YAM did report that black members of SAE–yes, it has black members–were called “Uncle Toms” for joining a frat that allegedly keeps black girls out of its parties, and that someone spat at the feet of the SAE’s president, Grant Mueller. YAM was shy about specifying the race of the spitter.

On November 4, 350 people met at the Afro-American cultural center to condemn Mrs. Christakis’s “racism” and the later-discredited SAE incident, but the next day was especially exciting. About 200 students surrounded Yale’s Dean Jonathan Holloway–who is black–outside the library and berated him for two hours for not being “sensitive” to the oppression of “students of color.” Some students were belligerent; others were crying.

A number of those students, fresh from tormenting one administrator, then went to Silliman College and surrounded Nicholas Christakis, husband of the already anathematized Erika Christakis and likewise an associate master of Silliman. When Mr. Christakis defended his wife’s e-mail, a black woman screamed at him to “be quiet.” He did as he was told. She continued to scream at him, telling him that he completely misunderstood his job: “Why the f**k did you accept the position? . . . Who the f**k hired you? . . . You should not sleep at night. You are disgusting.”

This was all captured on video, and the screamer has been identified as Yale senior Jerelyn Luther from the high-toned town of Fairfield, Connecticut. Her mother is white and runs a PR and marketing company. Mom used to list her as an associate of the otherwise apparently all-white company, but Jerelyn’s page has been removed and is now accessible only through the Wayback Machine.

That same evening, November 5, 50 non-white students met with Yale President Peter Salovey to badger him about how insensitive the college is to their needs. He groveled nicely, saying, “I take personal responsibility for that and I consider it a failure.”

The next day, Yale hosted a conference in support of free speech, where speakers defended Mrs. Christakis’ right to express her views. This attracted 100 protesters. YAM reports that two students were spat on as they left the conference, but is again shy about the race of the spitters. The Yale Daily News also reported on the spitting and was equally shy.

There followed a number of protests, including a teach-in for 1,000 people, where panelists complained about discrimination, systemic racism, and, of course, SAE and Mrs. Christakis. A group of 200 students calling themselves Next Yale–composed mostly of black women–marched to President Salovey’s house at midnight on Nov. 12, where they peppered him with yet more demands to fire Mrs. Christakis, spend more money on non-whites, and require all students to take ethnic studies.

"Last Yale"?
“Last Yale”?

Then came capitulation. On Nov. 17, President Salovey wrote a letter to “Members of the Yale Community,” which began as follows: “In my thirty-five years on this campus, I have never been as simultaneously moved, challenged, and encouraged by our community . . . as in the past two weeks.” As a result of being moved, challenged, and encouraged, he announced that:
  • Yale will create a “center” to study “race, ethnicity, and other aspects of social identity.” The center will absorb professors from other departments and get four brand-new faculty positions of its own.
  • Yale will hire yet more teachers in these areas and “will launch a five-year series of conferences on issues of race, gender, inequality, and inclusion.”
  • Yale will spend $50 million to “to enhance faculty diversity,” and will appoint a deputy dean for diversity to help spend the money.
  • Yale already has four very swanky “cultural centers,” or clubhouses, for blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and American Indians. Their budgets will be doubled.
  • All members of the Department of Mental Health will get “multi-cultural training” so as to better treat minorities who go nuts from being oppressed at Yale. Each of the cultural centers will have visiting hours for mental-health consultations so non-whites can be treated for oppression without leaving their clubhouses.
  • There will be mandatory training in “recognizing and combating racism and other forms of discrimination” for the president and for “vice presidents, deans, provosts, department chairs, directors of graduate and undergraduate studies, masters and deans, student affairs staff, and others across the university.” For now, students appear to be exempt from training.
  • Yale will establish “robust and clear mechanisms for reporting, tracking, and addressing actions that may violate the university’s clear nondiscrimination policies.” Every hint of micro-aggression can now be recorded and processed, and offenders identified.
  • Yale will make sure that non-whites are increasingly represented in all the artwork and portraits on campus.
Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale.
Afro-American Cultural Center at Yale.

Finally, just in case President Salovey missed something, he announced he was “creating a presidential task force representing all constituencies to consider other projects and policies.”

Yalies apparently like all this. A poll of 1,485 undergraduates found that 61 percent thought President Salovey got it just right. Twenty-three percent said he should have done more (one wonders what), and 16 percent said he should have done less.
Erika Christakis may think he should have done less. She has withdrawn from teaching, noting that “the current climate at Yale is not, in my view, conducive to the civil dialogue and open inquiry.” Nicholas Christakis will conveniently take a sabbatical.

The Christakises were not entirely without defenders. One professor wrote a public letter expressing “strong support” for the couple’s right to speak their minds, and 89 teachers signed it. Yale has 4,410 faculty members. Yalies noticed that most of the signers were in science and technology, and sniffed that this “just shows how far removed from reality these people are.”

The YAM article is clearly happy about the capitulation, noting that US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan called President Salovey to congratulate him. Nevertheless, YAM seems to recognize that the grievances that prompted this landslide of sensitivity and spending may sound a bit thin to alumni. The article quotes President Salovey as saying that the Christakis e-mail and the SAE party were only a part of the “accumulated experience” of oppression of non-whites at Yale. So what else have they suffered? YAM did its best to dig up dirt.

One chubby black student told YAM she has been mistaken for a custodian and claims that the gates to her dormitory have been closed in her face. One black student says that when he beat a white freshman in a video game five times in a row, the white said “Ahh, you nigger”–and immediately apologized. A black student says a white girl asked to borrow a pair of his basketball shorts to wear to a “gangsta-themed” party. “It was horrifying,” he said. One mulatto student says a fellow freshman told her it was her “white blood” that made her smart. A Chinese student complains that people expect Asians to study science and are surprised to find out she is an art history major.

Let’s assume these things happened exactly as describe. There is not one part of President Salovey’s capitulation package that will have the slightest effect on any of them. Does he really think $50 million in diversity spending and a center to study race and ethnicity will change anything freshmen do?

In his letter, President Salovey says he wants to “reinforce our commitment to a campus where hatred and discrimination have no place.” Hatred? YAM doesn’t report a single thing a white person ever said or did that could remotely be called hatred. But what about Jerelyn Luther cursing the master of Silliman? What about the students–probably black–who spat on people? What about the blacks who are bitter to this day that Erika Christakis has not been fired? What about the people who marched down to the president’s house at midnight to yell at him? Whatever slights blacks and anyone else claim to have suffered at Yale are nothing compared to their own viciousness.

Yale president listening to students outside his home.
Yale president listening to student protesters outside his home.

And, of course, it is this very viciousness that has produced a golden harvest in handouts, groveling, and self-flagellation. The more blacks scream the more they are coddled. Blacks have certainly figured this out, even if college administrators haven’t.

In his letter, President Salovey bragged that Yale “has shown a steadfast devotion to full freedom of expression.” His capitulation package is designed to stifle freedom of expression! Presumably, the white freshman who said, “Ah, nigger”–assuming there really is such a person–was never identified. But we can be sure that if he were fingered through Yale’s new “robust and clear mechanisms” for tracking “racism” he’d be in deep trouble.

President Salovey adds that “no one has been silenced or punished for speaking their minds, nor will they be.” That means Jerelyn Luther and the spitters needn’t worry. But we can be certain that any white student who swore at a black teacher over a racial incident would immediately get the boot.

One thing Yale’s “steadfast devotion to full freedom of expression” absolutely forbids, of course, is any discussion of racial differences. The chubby black student complains that “Even though I’m here . . . I’m still perceived as not really supposed to be here.” The harsh truth is that most blacks shouldn’t be there. Most of them got into Yale with SAT scores that would mean automatic rejection for whites or Asians. Everyone knows this. At some level, blacks themselves know this, and they flock together in their misery and inadequacy.

Admissions standards “aint” what they used to be.

None of the millions President Salovey promises to spend will change this. Yale’s campaign against “racism,” is a fight against an imaginary problem in the hope of an impossible solution. I can promise President Salovey that all his money and programs and task forces and assistant deans will not make better or happier black Yalies. Capitulation will only feed ever-more creative forms of grievance.
Judging from the reader comments on the YAM story, I suspect I’m not the only alumnus who has decided that if that’s the way Yale spends money, it won’t ever get a dime from me.

There is a coda to this story. One of Yale’s dormitories is called Calhoun College in memory of John C. Calhoun, Yale alumnus and South Carolina political theorist, congressman, senator, secretary of war, secretary of state, and vice president. For years, blacks have complained that because Calhoun called slavery “a positive good,” his name oppresses them and perpetuates “systemic racism.” President Salovey has as much as promised that the college will be renamed, and the search for a new name is on.


The leading candidate is Roosevelt Thompson. Never heard of Roosevelt Thompson? He was a student in Calhoun College who would have graduated in 1984 if he hadn’t been killed in a car crash coming back from spring break. He was the valedictorian of Little Rock Central High in 1980, and had been awarded a Rhodes scholarship before he died. And, just incidentally, he was black.