Feb 16, 2016

Twitter Partners with the ADL, a Notoriously Anti-White Hate Group

via The Realist Report

In an effort to combat “online hate” and “violent extremism,” Twitter, one of the most popular and influential social media companies in the world, recently created the Trust & Safety Council, “an important step forward to strike the right balance between fighting abuse and hate, and protecting free speech,” according to a recent press release from the Anti-Defamation League.

Unsurprisingly, the ADL is “an inaugural member” of the Trust & Safety Council, and will presumably be “advising” Twitter. In reality, the ADL will be in all likelihood dictating to Twitter (and other social media companies, no doubt) what to allow on their platform.

Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the ADL, released a statement highlighting the ADL’s partnership with Twitter:
ADL has been tracking, exposing, and responding to hate online since 1985, and we’re honored to be one of the inaugural members of the Twitter Trust & Safety Council announced today. Fighting cyberhate has never been more critical. As the world has seen, extremists like ISIS are using social media as a primary tool to recruit followers and incite terrorism.
For our part, monitoring channels like Twitter and responding to hate online is one leg of the stool. We take that responsibility seriously and have established best practices for countering online hate that have been endorsed by the leading social media platforms. But we also need to make every effort to grasp how terror networks utilize social media platforms in order to find creative and effective approaches to help mitigate the threat, even as we work to educate our youth to foster tolerance in society.
Of course, organizations like the Anti-Defamation League make a mockery of the concept of free speech, demanding that any speech critical of Israel, Jews, or the various destructive agendas promoted by the organized Jewish community – wars in the Middle East, massive non-White immigration to the West, “multiculturalism” and “diversity” (read: White genocide), homosexuality, transgenderism, pornography, etc. – be shut down. The only identifiable group of people you are allowed to criticize and trash in mainstream, politically correct society is White people. The notion that the ADL is concerned about ISIS – a terrorist group largely manufactured by the Jewish owned and controlled mass media which is directly funded, equipped, and facilitated by various Western intelligence agencies and Israel – using the Internet to recruit “jihadis” is simply a ruse designed to advance their tyrannical, anti-free speech agenda.

The organized Jewish community has long sought to partner with social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in an effort to combat “online hatred” and “anti-Semitism,” i.e., making basic, factual statements about Jews and their power, influence, and subversive agenda in the West. It is simply outrageous that companies like Twitter and Facebook, as well as various federal, state, and local governmental and law enforcement agencies, continue to partner with tyrannical organizations such as the ADL whose sole purpose is to advance explicitly Jewish interests.

The Real Right Returns: The Search for European Identity

via American Renaissance

Daniel Friberg, The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition, Arktos Media Ltd., 2015, 138 pp., $16 softcover, $24 hardcover.

In the twenty-five years that American Renaissance has been publishing, the outlook for our ideas has never been better. History is full of successful last-minute rallies that followed years of apathy, and so it may turn out for white European identity. The Trump candidacy in America and the unfolding “refugee” crisis in Europe have shaken up the political status quo across the Western world, and white advocacy is growing rapidly. At movement events, one notes not merely the youth of many participants, but how recently some of them have become aware of the crisis. There is a clear need for a primer for these recruits, and this is what Arktos cofounder Daniel Friberg has tried to write with his new book The Real Right Returns.


He begins with a brief overview of how we got into this mess. His story starts with the Frankfurt School, a group of dissident 1930s Marxists who dismissed the working class as hopelessly reactionary and cobbled together a new revolutionary vanguard from various ethnic and sexual minorities. This is the origin of “political correctness,” the now-omnipresent ideology that labels heterosexual white men as oppressors and seeks to instill guilt in them, while designating blacks, Muslims, women, and homosexuals as oppressed groups who need only blame their problems on the heterosexual white male oppressor. This way of thinking is sometimes called “Cultural Marxism” from the stress it puts on culture, as opposed to the economic focus of classical Marxism.

There was never a debate about whether we wanted to be ruled by Cultural Marxist ideas. Instead, as Mr. Friberg explains, its followers quietly took over education, journalism, and entertainment–the opinion-forming branches of our civilization. Today, acceptance of Cultural Marxist thinking is an informal requirement for promotion in these fields.

This “long march through the institutions” by the Left is frequently cited as an example of successful metapolitics, a somewhat pretentious word for indirect political action that does not involve electing people to office or getting policies formally adopted. The leaders of today’s European Right, including Mr. Friberg, believe that the defeat of the Left will also have to proceed “metapolitically.” In other words, we must first win hearts and minds. Once we have accomplished that, political change will follow.

Mr. Friberg notes that an early milestone in the struggle against Cultural Marxism was the founding in France in 1968 of the Research and Study Group for European Civilization (French acronym: GRECE) by Alain de Benoist. This organization became the basis for the movement known as the European New Right, a loose network of writers, institutions, and publications that have spread well beyond France to form a kind of counter-establishment challenging the dominant pattern of European thinking. This movement is sometimes also known as identitarian because it stresses the continuing importance of particular national and ethnic/racial identities, in contrast to the globalist orientation of the Left.

Alain de Benoist
Alain de Benoist

In 2005, Daniel Friberg was one of a small group of politically disaffected students at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, who coalesced around the study of New Right books and periodicals. The following year, this group founded the think tank Motpol (“antipode”). At first little more than a blog portal, Motpol is now a sizable network that organizes lectures and seminars all over Sweden. It is best known for sponsoring the annual Identitarian Ideas conference in Stockholm, which has featured speakers such as Guillaume Faye, Paul Gottfried, Alexander Dugin, and John Morgan.

Motpol also has a new English language website, RightOn.net, edited by John Morgan.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of this group, Sweden now ranks behind only France, Germany, and Hungary as a center of identitarian thought in Europe.
Mr. Friberg stresses that much of the struggle against the Left must be personal and spiritual. The Left’s message of renouncing personal responsibility–that bad influences in the environment are to blame for things that go wrong–can be seductive even to those of us who recognize the harm it has done to our civilization, and our first duty is to get our personal houses in order. This means accepting the disciplines that formerly made Europe great, such as the cultivation of fitness and fighting ability for men and the acceptance of lifelong marriage and high-investment parenting for both sexes. According to Mr. Friberg, we must recover:
traditional social values such as honor, dignity, the will to self-sacrifice and social cohesion, humility before the sacrifices made by previous generations, and the view of one’s own generation as a link in a chain from the ancient past to the far flung future.
It is because they have been deprived of all historical sense that many of today’s young people live wholly in the present, chasing fugitive pleasures or trying to piece together an ersatz identity from the brand-name goods they own.

Most Europeans are not used to thinking of themselves as “white,” and Mr. Friberg does not devote attention to the scientific findings on race. But he does refer to “biopolitics,” and understands that mass immigration is a threat to Europeans at the most basic physical level. For more detailed studies of the important of race, readers may refer to this and other websites.

Daniel Friberg
Daniel Friberg

The Real Right Returns offers advice on dealing with the enemy. While we must distance ourselves from the “thugs, terrorists, and idiots” who occasionally pop up on the Dissident Right, we must also avoid any attempt to ingratiate ourselves with our enemies (e.g., by wanting to seem “respectable”). Sweden has its own equivalent of America’s Southern Poverty Law Center: Expo, co-founded by avowed communist and bestselling author Stieg Larsson. Posing as objective experts on “right-wing extremism,” such organizations are nothing more than enforcers of Cultural Marxist orthodoxy. Mr. Friberg advises that we never talk to them or concede to them the slightest moral or journalistic legitimacy.

Mr. Friberg writes that repression is intensifying in Europe. One mainstream Swedish newspaper has cooperated with illegal hackers to steal personal information of people who have criticized mass immigration in online, supposedly anonymous, comment threads. They have published lists of names and addresses, and in some cases confronted people at their own homes.

We can expect more of this in the years to come, but I believe Mr. Friberg is correct to argue that this is a symptom of the Left’s weakness rather than its strength:
In country after country we are forcing the Left’s disillusioned, demoralised and feminised minions to retreat to the margins of society where their quixotic ideas and destructive utopias belong. From their quarter we are witnessing violent riots, parliamentary spectacle, and a fixation on the construction of eccentric sexual identities, as well as a renewed antifascist struggle consisting of harassment, violence, and in some cases even murder of political opponents. These are all symptoms of its dwindling influence and growing desperation.
The anti-racists at Expo, Mr. Friberg reports, face “increasing difficulty in recruiting competent, or even fully literate staff.” In contrast, and despite constant vilification by ruling regimes, immigration-critical parties are rapidly gaining popularity. In the author’s native land the Sweden Democrats–who only crossed the five-percent threshold for entering parliament in 2010–are now polling at over 25 percent. In France, the National Front is now the most popular party but is kept from power by an alliance between all the other parties. This is a short documentary about the youth wing of the Sweden Democrats:

Mr. Friberg acknowledges that nationalist parties sometimes make unnecessary compromises, such as championing “civic” rather than ethnic nationalism, but emphasizes that we will never have perfect candidates and must work with those we have. Refusing to do so means that we are mere sectarians rather than political actors, more enamored of our own rightness than interested in saving European civilization.

The Real Right Returns is written from a clearly European point of view. Like many Europeans, Mr. Friberg wants to see the Old Continent recapture its political autonomy from Washington and its cultural autonomy from Hollywood. Some have referred to these concerns as “anti-American,” though they clearly imply no animus against Americans. Still, this American reviewer would have preferred to see more recognition of the heritage and common interests that unite whites in Europe and America–and around the world.

If you are young or new to the movement to defend white European identity, get a copy of this book; if you are a veteran, keep a few handy for prospective comrades. The generation that has reached adulthood since the turn of the millennium has a chance to be part of as important and decisive a combat as European civilization has ever faced. The Real Right Returns thus fittingly concludes with this stirring call to arms:
Raise your heads and do not despair. The struggle for Europe is far from over. It has only just begun. Rather than being depressed about the direction society has taken, view it as an opportunity for an adventure, and as a time when your actions can actually impact history itself. Straighten your back and sweep away all your excuses along with the last shreds of the power of the Left, and let the adventure begin!

Phoenix Rising in Ireland: Sovereign Declaration Giving Legal Notice to Supporters of the Non-White Invasion

via Renegade Tribune

With issuance of the 2015 end-of-year truthgraf exposing where the blame and guilt lie:


Ireland, through Phoenix Rising, in the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, hereby put on notice all those who have deliberately and knowingly been the architects, key proponents, the knowing pushers of multiculturalism and mass-immigration invasion as being the prime arbiters and chief authors of death and destruction of both individual Irish people and in the annihilation of the Irish gene which is specific and distinct in origin and character, exclusively western European or racially White in ancestry and nature. Such annihilation of the Irish gene is by definition – the genocide of the Irish people. These immigration-invasion-pushers are solely culpable in the stark terror and brutality of the present Irish and future Irish generations who face becoming a tormented minority in the land of their ancestors and will suffer many horrors in the years to come.

The Phoenix Rising truthgraf message hereby gives formal, public, sovereign and therefore legal notice to the guilty as follows:

The Immigration-Invasion Schemers

To all those in positions of power and influence, as well as the willing advocates who push and support immigration. From multicult Jewish-supremacist globalists like George Soros and his co-globalist lackey Irishman Peter Sutherland, to the Jewish-supremacist population-replacement University lecturers like Jewish open-border extremist Ronit Lentin, poisoning the whole of establishment Ireland, indoctrinated and cycled through her Trinity multicult-indoc course.

Politicians & Political groups

To the servile Irish multicult politicians, presidents and the treacherous political parties and organisations disgracefully claiming heritage to our ancestral dead and the patriots of 1916. To the shameful pretenders claiming to fight for a united Ireland but are in truth enemies of Éireann, traitors boasting of fighting for the freedom of the occupied 6 counties, while fettering the Irish people, mindlessly chaining all 32 counties of Ireland. In them we have a return of the traitorous lapdogs of their globalist overlords. These Irish and foreign multicult puppets and pro immigration-invasion footservants, lackeys and informers, working to enslave the Irish, bringing about our population-replacement and subjugation, an Irish slave-nation, the Irish as underclass to the Soros-Sutherland Cromwellianesque planter populace of preferred, betrayer-sponsored, African, Arab, Asian and Eastern Europeans, making Ireland a mere colony of these foreign alien races. The Irish to be relegated as strangers in our own country, the land of our Whiteblood ancestors.


To the cowardly, corrupt and poisonous media acting as staunch ally in the push for multiculturalism and immigration-invasion. At every turn censoring and silencing opposition to these invasive policies. Churning out propaganda, lies, half-truths to our people. Manufacturing facts, never allowing dissent, shutting down objection, stifling the opposing voice, facilitating biased unbalanced opinion, not tolerating resistance, or informed choice, or impartial debate. Always skewing national media broadcasts with outnumbering rigged audiences of multicultural self-styled dignitaries and unrepresentative quangos. Acting as submissive devotees of the mohammadan death cult islam, never missing a chance to attack Western civilisation and Christianity. Never informing the people about the effects of immigration-invasion elsewhere that have wreaked havoc, misery and death as well as the financial burdens to the host nation, depriving the Irish of their full potential. Never reporting until forced to, the rapes and murders perpetrated by immigrants on the native Irish.

The wormtongue media who always present a sanitised version of the brutality meted out to the Irish by the invader. Always trying to hide the identity of foreign criminals, spinning the story, warping facts, letting inconvenient stories vanish as in the case of Nigerian aspiring gangster thug Toyosi Shittabey who glorified rape, drugs and violence, whose friends produced a weapon of their own. The media who wrongly smeared the Irish in that incident as instigators of the attack but in reality were defending themselves from unprovoked foreign aggression and were attacked first, the media glorifying the black aggressors as angelic victims.

These safe hacks repeatedly portrayed patriots as evil, constantly vilifying them, always building up a negative image of anti-immigrationists. The media who never missed an opportunity to reinforce in the minds of the Irish public that to be proud of your people and country, to assert one’s right to secure and defend one’s nation, to be against one’s own destruction, was wrong, meant you were a person of less worth, something dirty, unfashionable, an outcast.

The media fantasists who entertained and connived with the open-border extremists and NGO’s in their soviet-style campaigns to “out” opponents to multiculturalism, to have them fired, lose jobs, families and their lives in tatters. These scribblers who churned out volumes of fear-mongering propaganda and lies, year after year instilling menace into the populace with their poison words.

These scrawler parasites by their above actions encouraged Irish naïvety and blindness to the dangers that awaited them. They kept the Irish in the dark to the terrors that would unfold upon opening the doors of our home, enabling vulnerability in the Irish, easy pickings for the scum of the world, disarming the Irish, helping to hold us down while our people and ancestral inheritance were being offered up to alien races and cultures.

These mud-raking liars especially, who raise themselves as lofty purveyors of accountability, wielders of truth, have sullied themselves dining at the seedy exploitation banquet of corrupt multicult globalisation, they have abused their position and the trust of the Irish people, they are all the more toxic because of their pretence to report truth and to make transparent the facts hidden behind state multicultural corruption and lies. They have championed invasion and acted as the mouthpiece of the whole immigration-pushing carcass, enabling and cheerleading the creation of the multicultural death policies. They are the poison propaganda activists who prop up the illusion and maintain the lying rotten edifice of the multicultural deception. They have been an insidious, malevolent presence in the minds of our people.

Business & Legal-Class, Trade Unions & Multicult Christian Churches

To the greed-merchant business-class who prize the multicult production line of wage-slaves and cheap labour, whose first love above all is money, who think nothing of loyalty to family, nation or race, who would sell their grandmothers and their souls for a quick profit and who are selling Ireland and us all out to a violent nightmare future. To the lying legal-class who tie our hands behind our backs, supporting multiculturalism whilst it extortionately lines their greasy pockets, representing the trumped up race-hate and asylum cases, advising invaders how to stay for years with appeal after appeal when they have been refused permission to stay. To the multicult fat-cat unions who no longer serve the workers but line their own pockets serving big business promoting the importation of cheaper foreign labour to outcompete the Irish worker and drive down wages and working conditions. To the multicult churches who brazenly call themselves Christian, selling their souls, our race and all of humanity with globalist materialist wares in their efforts to gain numbers and court popularity. To the multicult zealots, preachers, worshippers who forego loyalty to their own families and race in favour of fashionable social status scramblings amongst their peers, aping the multicult fashion seen in celebrity trash culture. A new multicult state religion devoid of sincerity or the humanitarianism it claims, followed blindly with a pious devotion to gain peer esteem and the superficial snobbery of higher social ranking enabling it’s followers to look down on the less multicult devoted and a handy avenue to vent their personal hate, frustrations and failings on the heretical non-multicult racist sinners.

NGO’s & Puppet Far-Left Extremists

To the parasitic immigration-industry NGO’s and capitalist puppet far-left open-border extremists. Selfish, self-obsessed deranged marxist globalist lapdogs and moronic far-left robotic puppets of corrupt capitalism and it’s high-priests Peter Sutherland, Chuck Feeney, George Soros, Wall St, Goldman Sachs and the business class. These rabid far-left lackeys and their immigrant-pushing piety-point collecting invasion NGO’s, all feed off the Irish while murdering them. They rely for their sordid careers and money on the manufacture of an artificial chaotic multicult society, desiring to possess prominent high status and ruling positions, to obliterate the native Irish society which naturally protects its ethnic existence and territorial borders, but where they wouldn’t be a celebrated feature. These foreign inspired and funded fifth columnist quangos accustomed to lavish salaries and living in majority White neighbourhoods depend on the generation of the fake concept of racism in the context of the criminalisation of Europeans doing what every ethnicity has a right to do and has done throughout time – protected their ethnicity and ancestral homes. These control-freak commissars attempted to craft a society of anxiety and informants, a climate of suspicion and snitches reminiscent of the Soviet union, threatening familial and financial ruin, emotionally blackmailing the Irish to cower down, accept invasion, to reject ethnic nationhood salvation, to be silent in the face of floods of invaders whose very presence means the division of our ancestral land and resources, opened up as plunder to the rest of the world, no longer the preserve of the Irish people.

These thought-police constantly tried to control, manipulate and smear any who dared question their multicult path to power and rule – as racists, bad people, social pariahs. They tried to guilt-trip them into coercion and silence, make them feel shame, embarrassment, fear. They employed every emotive means to stop the Irish having freedom to express and feel what they want, to label people as thought-criminals, have them socially ostracised, fined, jailed or both, to be consigned to a modern social and financial gulag or scrap-heap. These high-priests tried to stigmatise people’s natural urge to protect one’s ethnicity and territory, denouncing them as sinners, blasphemers, and heretics. If it were in their power these vermin would torture and burn “heretics” to their multicult religion at the stake.

These hypocritical power hungry, money mad NGO’s and far-left extremist’s existence depends on the fabrication of a multicult sham utopia along with associated false and hyped racist incidents and crimes. These pious priests of multiculturalism deny the existence of the Irish ethnicity, deny ethnic rights of the Irish, privileging foreign invasive ethnicities over that of the native Irish, subordinating the Irish. Exposed is the real hate of skin colour they always preach, and it is their hate of White people, expressed in their own preference for Brown people, exposed in their definition of a settled White ethnicity as repulsive, evident by their actions and their support for settled Brown ethnicities as wondrous. The real hatred lies in this multicult lynch mob, shown by their actions deliberately setting about to destroy the ethnic Irish with an artificially contrived, unconsented enforced silent dictat, relinquishing our exclusive right to our territory and the subsequent unnatural imposed importation of alien peoples, which otherwise would never have happened, into the ethnic Irish territory of Ireland, ignoring the violation of sovereignty, but instead always pronouncing it as righteous. These anti-Whites consumed by fear and hate of the White Irish ethnic people, vigorously ignore a world of wrongs and poverty right in front of them among our own people, a life’s work for any country, in favour of the kudos and aggrandisment to be gained from agitating for Brown people and their fake cause, touted and perceived by them as more romantic. The multicult hierarchical dogma dismisses the White Irish people as non-entities, less deserving, less exotic, thus garnering less glory or reward in multicult heaven, which is to say less praise and status amongst their multicult peers. To them the Irish are to be discarded, thrown in the bin, exterminated.

These fake humanitarians deny the Irish their exclusive right, that they permit all other ethnicities, to be acknowledged as the ethnicity they are, to their own ancestral territory and it’s limited resources, they offer our ancestral birthright up to the world, condemning the Irish to scrounge harder for the already scarce crumbs, rendering Irish survival and day to day living that much harsher. In truth they deny us the right to exist.


Finally to the majority of immigrants who came here knowing exactly what they were doing in taking advantage of our charitable and generous Irish nature, who came fully knowing they were here to ride on the back of what our ancestors created, shamelessly demanding a share in the finite wealth of our little Island and like all the above named, were fully cognisant of the increased demand that would arise for our own meagre resources and the detrimental effects that would have on the Irish people. They swaggered into our country, cunningly aware they were here to claim, take and conquer our people and our land, deviously capable of using the emotional blackmail stick, feigning victimhood, false stories of asylum, crying racist, and various other stratagems which they calculatingly used to prevent us from resisting invasion, as we have always done in the past.

They displayed scant regard for the Irish people and the Irish sick, vulnerable, elderly, psychologically traumatised etc, diminishing the resources and increasing the pressures on our own Irish people in every sphere one cares to mention – jobs, hospital, school and university places, treatment for cancer, drugs rehab, battered women’s refuges, home help etc, not to mention the direct physical violent murders and rapes of Irish due to immigrant invaders, all the while they have the effrontery to lay their sordid claims, demands and accusations at us and call us racist.

Had we the means and recourse to the normal natural reaction of defence of a nation against invaders, then none of them would ever have been allowed on our territory, they simply would not be here and the treacherous politician, media, business-class and multicult fake Christian scum with their goading multicult NGO poison whisperers and far-left fringe pressure groups, would have been run out of the country. The majority of immigrant invaders are here without any sovereign mandate of the informed will of the Irish people and are thus violating Irish sovereignty, as are the politicians and all the above multicult enablers. The majority of immigrant invaders are thus illegal, guilty of trespass, conquest, invasion and genocide of the Irish people. They and their descendants have no claim to Ireland, any papers issued to the contrary by the illegal multicult-State oppressors, are null and void.

It is all the above who are murdering, maiming, terrorising, brutalising and traumatising the Irish people, as well as with direct violent actions involving many murders and rapes of Irish people from immigrants – crimes which would never have occurred without multiculturalism, distinguishing it as an imported and therefore completely preventable source of crime as opposed to indigenous crime. At the same time they are implementing the future genocide through population-replacement and demographic social engineering programmes thus exerting detrimental demographic pressures, resulting in the annihilation of our precious and rare Gaelic and Celtic race. It is they and they alone who have the guilt of perpetrating these crimes and future horror on our people, it is they and they alone who have:


We hope for a time, when Phoenix Rising can witness the retribution and justice that all such destroyers, genocidalists and authors of terror have coming to them. These terrorists and destroyers of the Irish blood, family, nation and people, should be aware, the Irish spirit and blood is beginning to stir from it’s slumber, the people beginning to question the source of our destruction, that we the inheritor of a Western European and specifically the Gael and Celtic blood are awakening – there will be consequences to their actions of today and they will be held to account tomorrow.

We will never forgive, we will never forget these vicious despotic destroyers for what they are doing to the Irish people, shackling our hands, opening our gates, allowing in beasts to rape, murder and torture our children, women and men, destroying our culture and race. You will face punishment for your crimes, the Irish will have it out with you, a reckoning is coming.

Phoenix Rising

Tribute Poem to Irish ancestors who sacrificed their lives throughout the millenia and again in 1916. This year 2016 being the Centenary commemoration of that sacred event. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamacha
We are of the Ancient White, the Gael, the Celt
The Senior primal proto-Aryan Light.
We are the spirit people that arise from the ashes
Like unto the rising of the raging seas, our blood erupts Vesuvius
Neither man nor spirit, demon nor dragon
None will stop the violent universe of our artful destructive fury,
Provoked by covetous foreign eye and insidious selfish betraying lie
Scourged witness to the suffocating stranglehold of our kind
Behold, the terrible beauty, your neverending agony,
unrelenting passion in the dance for your death
We true Custodians of our race, for them our death we embrace
Such is no cost but honour-sacrifice, ever seeking vengeance in our enemies demise.
Beware you multicult corrupters, usurpers
Unleashing the unquenchable White divine rage
Your sinful wages of foreign flood, to desecrate our blood
Your craft of desolating plunder, our spirit to sunder
Attacking our family, our nation, our race
Your designs to lay us waste, exposed the multicult grace,
eradicate our memory, eviscerate our story,
to poison and holocaust us to our ancestral core.
Harken then, globalist destroyers but a moment
Amid the frantic mirth of your wreckage, the portents of your coming torment
You stir a timeless behemoth, awakening a deep and ancient power
An unstoppable, immoveable, incorruptible source
Intrinsic of creation and the Most High God, the lifeforce in every cell, soul and hour
You awaken the relentless ferocious love, a wrath beyond time, history, myth and lore
An infinite passion of selfless offering, honour in loyalty, enduring no other
We the zealous Guardians, the truepath pedigree, birthright ancestral inheritor
Protectors of untameable kindred desire, our Spiritsouls dripping wrathfire
Before no foe, shall our head be bowed or our knee be knelt
In us, the last true keepers of Ireland’s past, present, future dwelt
We are the proto-Aryan, We are the risen BloodCelt
We the heart, mind, SoulSpirit of God’s Éireann temple
Proclaim anew
We are the Irish, the Phoenix People.
Phoenix Rising

Hollywood Strikes Again: Jewish Hegemony through the Medium of Big Box-Office Movies

via The Occidental Observer

Los Angeles in 2154 as depicted in Elysium
A review of Elysium (see also “Elysium: An all too real dystopian vision of the future

It was my misfortune to stumble upon an action movie, that like so many others, did its part in insinuating Cultural Marxist propaganda into the consciousness of young viewers. Despite my disgust, I persisted in watching it because of its blatantly obvious allusions to the issue of illegal immigration. I wanted to see how Hollywood could use a sci-fi flick to convey their “progressive” message on the subject.

The plot was a classic set-up. The rich live in a “gated community”— an opulent space station orbiting the earth—while the global poor, who in this case typically sport Hispanic names (how obvious can it get), are denied access to advanced medical care and the affluent life-style of the rich residing safely above the planet. Those who attempt entry are repelled, and the vehicles they use are identified as “undocumented shuttles,” which in one scene, are ruthlessly destroyed by the order of the head of “Homeland Security.” Again, notice that “undocumented,” the deceitful liberal euphemism for “illegal,” lives on into the middle of the twenty-second century!  I half-expected Hillary Clinton to make a cameo appearance to declare that “No one is illegal!.” The plot is summarized here (see also here):
In the year 2154, two classes of people exist: the very wealthy, who live on a pristine man-made space station called Elysium, and the rest, who live on an overpopulated, ruined Earth. The people of Earth are desperate to escape the planet’s crime and poverty, and they critically need the state-of-the-art medical care available on Elysium — but some in Elysium will stop at nothing to enforce anti-immigration laws and preserve their citizens’ luxurious lifestyle. The only man with the chance bring equality to these worlds is Max (Matt Damon), an ordinary guy in desperate need to get to Elysium. With his life hanging in the balance, he reluctantly takes on a dangerous mission – one that pits him against Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt (Jodie Foster) and her hard-line forces – but if he succeeds, he could save not only his own life, but millions of people on Earth as well.
I wish that Garrett Hardin was alive. I would love him to take this movie’s ridiculous premise apart. Even a simpleton (but alas not a liberal) would understand that “equality” between Elysium and the many, many billions of global poor would do little to elevate the latter’s living standards. There would simply not be enough resources to go around—as is the case on earth today. State-of-the-art medical care could not be affordably dispensed to everyone (as America’s gateway states have discovered !) That would be a fact of life in this dystopian society of 2154 and it is a fact of life now. If “undocumented” intruders or their political allies in office were able to open the floodgates and extend citizenship to everyone— as they are able to do in this movie—as Hardin would put it, “Low standards of living would drive out high standards.”

Neither this fictional Elysium nor present day America is responsible for all of global poverty. Fundamentally, it is because the world is overpopulated, a predicament that the global poor must accept some responsibility for. There are too many people and too few resources. And to make matters worse, the resources which underpin our global industrial society are non-renewable. Radical redistribution of wealth would be only a temporary fix. With constantly diminishing non-renewables, the per capita share of these resources would also remorselessly diminish, unless de-population kept pace.  Unimpeded migration would not help this situation. Again, Hardin put it best:  “Overpopulation can be avoided only if borders are secure; otherwise poor and overpopulated nations will export their excess to richer and less populated nations.”

Someone needs to do a Hardinian review of this movie. We need to take these movies seriously. One movie like this can do as much damage as 10,000 tenured Cultural Marxists in 100,000 college classrooms. In our idiocracy, the masses don’t read anymore. They “learn” by watching videos.

Still, I think that for progressives, this movie serves a vital purpose. They are acutely aware of the inequalities of the world, in fact, they make it the staple of their conversation. But they are presented with an ethical dilemma. They don’t like inequality, but they don’t want to give up their material wealth. So they need to find a way of keeping their affluence but expiate the guilt they feel from enjoying it while so many others are so poor.  Watching a movie like does the trick. They can cheer on the poor and revel in the downfall of the rich on their TV screens, and then go to bed in their condos with the smug self-righteousness that is their trademark intact. And they can continue to nurse the comforting delusion that there is “enough to go around,” that we can open our gates and “share the wealth,” while still maintaining our middle class lifestyles and cursing Western civilization in the bargain.

Post Script: Not only the late Dr. Garrett Hardin but also the late Dr. Albert Bartlett, Professor of Physics, University of Colorado, would have shredded Hollywood’s latest, Elysium. Dr. Bartlett might even have incorporated it into the famous speech he gave at least 1000 times including 3 times in the halls of Congress
Al Bartlett’s central point was the power of the “exponential function.” He explained how something that grows constantly, by even a tiny but steady percentage, grows to unimaginable size. So it is with world population, including the US population.
An annual increase of 2% leads to doubling in 35 years.  A few doublings and the magnitude of the number rises off the charts: The constant 70, divided by rate of increase = doubling time.

Thus, imagine that that the people of Elysium, struck by conscience as Liberals and pro-immigration advocates claim to be, allowed the poor to enter Elysium.  Suppose that the poor maintained the above-replacement level fertility rates by which they had over-populated and ruined Earth. How long before Elysium also turned into an unsustainable, unhealthy, miserably impoverished slum?

There you have the fate that Liberals and mass immigration advocates wish on the United States and other developed nations.

Young Leftard Politician Gang-Raped by Muslim Invaders Is "unbelievably sorry" for "racist society"

via White GeNOcide Project

A 24-year-old woman, and speaker for the German “Left Youth” party was gang-raped by 3 immigrants on January the 27th, in the city of Mannheim.

German police are still carrying out their investigation, but on January the 30th, the woman, wrote an apology on Facebook, addressed to the immigrants who allegedly raped her. Here’s a few excerpts from the now-deleted post:
Dear male Refugees, you are probably my age. Probably a few years younger. Maybe older. I am so terribly sorry! I did not see what happen before and I did not experience your grueling escape.
I am glad and happy that you made it here. That you have left the IS and its war behind and that you didn’t drown in the Mediterranean sea. But I fear that you are not safe here.
Burning refugee centers, violent attack on refugees on the street and a brown mob in the streets. I have always fought against this situation.
I wanted an open Europe, a friendly one. One in which I like to live, one in which both of us are safe. I am so sorry. For both of us I am so unbelievably sorry.
You, you are not safe because we live in a racist society. I am not safe, because we live in a sexist society.
But what I really feel sorry about is the case that the sexist and borderless acts that I suffered will lead to you being exposed to more and increasingly aggressive racism.
I promise you that I will scream. I will not let it happen anymore. I will not sit idle and let racists and concerned citizens turn you into a problem.
You are not the problem. You are no problem at all. You are a beautiful human being that deserves freedom and security as much as anyone.
Thank you for your existence and nice to have you here.
Wow! Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you: brainwashing. This is insanity! This is not the mind of a rational person.

Just recently, an Austrian woman’s 10 year-old son was raped by an Iraqi immigrant and she apologized to her children for telling them to “welcome refugees – she woke up and realized what’s going on.

But some people are just too far gone…

We will keep telling people that the establishment are committing White genocide by forcing “diversity” on White areas, and we hope this will wake up the majority. That’s all that we can do in this crazy world.


Quote from Rudolf Hess after His "Capture" by the British

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Rudolf Hess, nestled in his fighter plane
"In my mind’s eye I kept seeing – in Germany and Britain alike – an endless line of children’s coffins with weeping mothers behind them; and then again, the coffins of mothers, with their children clustered behind them." - Rudolf Hess, after his "capture" following his flight on 10 May 1941

History Isn't Over

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Did the 5th century Roman watching the Germanic tribes storm through his gates know his world was ending? As half of Europe perished, thrashing in the final agonies of the black death, did some perceptive observer know the end of an era was at hand? As the Berliner watched his countrymen tear down the wall, did he know that his actions would cause the fall of the Soviet Union? As the Parisian relaxing on a Friday night heard the shots ring out in the Bataclan, did he in the terror of the moment suspect that the events signified not just the end of his life, but the hollowness of his social order, and the system of thought from which that order sprang?

The 5th century Roman did not know that from the ashes of Rome would arise a new civilization, feudal Europe and that the fall was the result of a loss of vitality centuries in the making. He only knew that his future had become uncertain. The 14th century European did not know that end of the Feudal system was at hand, he only knew that order had been replaced with chaos, and tried to cope as best he could. The Berliner taking a hammer to the wall did not know the Soviet Union was doomed, he only sensed the weakness of the East German Soviet puppet state, and capitalized on it. Even if he did not fully understand it on an intellectual level, he sensed instinctively that the Communist ideology had lost legitimacy. These brief moments were distillations of broad historical trends which were the products of decades, or even centuries, foretelling the end of a way of life. In a single instant confidence in the established order of things was shattered; creating the seeds of a new order.

As we watch the chaos unfold in Europe, we know that something is changing. As the refugees pillage Europe, seeds of doubt are planted. As we watch Ferguson and Baltimore burn, we begin to doubt “E Pluribus Unum”. We feel a certain uneasiness. We have a sense of uncertainty, of foreboding, that we can't quite put our finger on. We know that what was certain has become uncertain, the unquestionable has become open to question. We, like the 5th century Roman, the 13th century European, and 20th century Berliner know that something is ending.

What we are witnessing is not a momentary setback for the current order, we are witnessing a paradigm shift on par with the fall of Rome, the end of the Feudal era, the beginning of the Enlightenment, and the end of Communism. We are witnessing the death of system of thought which has been dominant in the Western world of the last three centuries. Liberalism is losing legitimacy. It is losing legitimacy because Liberal regimes can no longer defend their borders, win their wars, pay their debts, or protect their citizens.

At first glance, the assertion that Liberalism is losing legitimacy seems laughable. Liberal regimes are the most militarily and economically powerful entities on the face of the earth that have ever existed in human history. America, a nation founded upon liberal principles, has become the world's sole super power as a result of winning the Cold War. The multi-polar world of the Cold War has quickly become a uni-polar one in which the United States is a hegemon: dominant militarily, economically, and culturally.

Political theorist Francis Fukuyama speculated that this development constituted the end of history. The end of history, according to Fukuyama, is the idea that “a remarkable consensus concerning the legitimacy of liberal democracy as a system of government had emerged throughout the world...as it conquered rival ideologies like hereditary monarchy, fascism, and most recently communism... liberal democracy may constitute the 'end point of mankind's ideological evolution' and the "final form of human government”. The decade following the Cold War would seem to confirm Fukuyama's assertion, America boomed economically due to the tech bubble and asserted its will through the use of military power in the First Gulf War and in the Balkans.

Liberalism's ideological hegemony will be its undoing. Its strength, bolstered by American military and economic global supremacy, is the source of Liberalism's collapse. The post-Cold War era is the first time Liberal regimes have operated without constraint. Internationally, Liberalism was restrained by having to deal with major illiberal powers which could hamper its actions. Domestically, the situation is similar, in the past Liberal ideology was restrained by countervailing forces such as nationalism, traditional religious beliefs, and racial consciousness. These restraints have lost legitimacy in the eyes of elites which control the institutions that create and disseminate culture. For the first time in history, Liberalism is free of restraint internationally and domestically; Liberal regimes have almost total freedom of action. This strength has allowed the contradictions inherent in the ideology to fully manifest themselves.

These contradictions stem from Enlightenment philosophy, from which Liberalism receives its intellectual and moral foundation, and its founding mythology. Enlightenment philosophy holds that man is by nature a rational being, and that through the use of reason man can discover both truths about himself and the natural world, this is the epistemological core of the Enlightenment, from which the scientific method is derived. It also holds that man in a state of nature is solitary, equal, and free; that the individual is by nature autonomous, and predates the community, which was founded by these autonomous individuals to secure their property. Community is regarded as artificial, as are all social hierarchies. For this reason, individual liberty and equality are the core ethical beliefs of the Enlightenment, the political expression of which is liberal democracy. As a result of its belief in the primacy and equality of the individual, and the artificiality of community, Liberalism is by necessity a universalist ideology.

The epistemological and ethical components of the Enlightenment conflict with one another. Casual observation, the record of history, and scientific study reveal that human equality is a myth, that man is by nature hierarchical, that man is a social being rather than a solitary one, and that community, and the defining feature of community, identity, are essential parts of what it means to be human. Any ideology which denies these truths is doomed to fail. Thus it is no accident that at the peak of their power Liberal regimes cannot win their wars, pay their debts, secure their borders, or protect their citizens.

The goal of U.S. foreign policy for the last thirteen years has been to attempt to bring about the end of history, to establish a global Liberal order. In service of this goal, America, and other Liberal regimes have attempted to use military force to convert the Muslim world into secular, liberal democracies. Such efforts were doomed to failure from the start because they are dependent on the assumption that the majority of Muslims have same self-conception and desires as a Postmodern European. Efforts to democratize Iraq could succeed only if the Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish tribesmen of Iraq conceived of themselves primarily as individuals who desired “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This is not the case, the identity of the average Iraqi is defined by tribal, religious, and family ties. The average Iraqi conceives of himself as a Shia, Sunni, or Kurd, not as an atomized, autonomous individual. His family, tribal and religious ties are the foundations of his identity, thus any attempt to impose a system of government which is organized around the autonomy and equality of the individual is doomed to failure.

Liberalism requires a high trust society in order to function, such as those found in Western Europe, and the United States. These high trust societies are the product of millennia of evolutionary development, and centuries of historical trends. The Middle East, by contrast, is comprised of low trust societies, thus any attempt to turn these nations into liberal democracies is akin to building a house without a foundation. Liberal regimes cannot accept this because to do so would be an admission that the core ethical ideas of the Enlightenment, individual autonomy and human equality are not universally applicable. To admit this is to deny that the idea that “all men are created equal” and that their foremost desire is “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.

Liberal regimes cannot pay their debts because Liberal regimes do not have the population base necessary to sustain a modern welfare state. All Liberal regimes have below replacement birth rates, creating a situation in which there are not enough workers to produce the wealth required to provide for medical care for retirees and benefits for those unable to find work in an economy increasingly geared towards those on the right-hand side of the bell curve. As this trend is found in every Liberal regime, it is not an accident. This fall in population is the direct result of the sexual revolution, the deconstruction of the family, and the pursuit of economic growth at all costs, all of which are a natural outgrowth of Liberalism's belief in the autonomy and equality of the individual.

The sexual revolution separated sex from fertility; it desacralized sex, made it just another recreational activity instead of the foundation of the family. The patriarchal family itself came under attack by feminism, which objected to male leadership in both the public and private sphere, and actively worked to delegitimize the family and the mores and institutions which supported it. This project was aided by businesses which wished to increase the supply of labor, thus reducing its value. All of these trends contributed to falling fertility rates, and are products of principles of equality and individual autonomy followed to their logical conclusion. Liberal regimes cannot defend their borders or protect their citizens from crime because Liberalism cannot delineate an “Us” or a “Them”. They are unable to do this because Liberalism contends that human society is merely an aggregation of autonomous and equal individuals each pursuing their own rational self interest. It thus must deny the existence of the Other. It is not possible to conceive of an Other because to do so would be to “discriminate”. Discrimination is the act the valuing of one thing over another, thus the act by its very nature violates the Liberal moral principle of equality. Because of this, a Liberal regime cannot consider questions of identity when shaping its immigration policy without contradicting its highest moral principles. It is no accident that Liberal regimes are importing millions of “refugees” who have open disdain for the values and culture of Europe and have nothing in common with the European populations which they are “enriching”. It also why Liberal regimes throughout the world have long allowed their inner cities to become third world slums.

The inability of Liberal regimes to fulfill the functions and responsibilities of a state are the direct result of the contradictions within the ideology which were previously suppressed by competition with illiberal powers at the international level, and by piety, nationalism, and racial consciousness domestically. These failures have eroded the legitimacy of the ideology both in the eyes of their own citizens and internationally. This, in itself, is not enough to ensure its demise. For that to occur there must be an alternative system of thought strong enough to challenge it. This system of thought must have a mythic foundation capable of appealing to all levels of consciousness, as well as a philosophic core which is compelling to the few capable of philosophic thought. The job of our movement is to create a system of thought capable of replacing the dying Liberal status quo. We must take advantage of the chaos caused by the current paradigm shift to create a new order which is life affirming.

F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power.

From out of the Darkness of Utopia

via Cambria Will not Yield

But down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. The detective in this kind of story must be such a man. He is the hero, he is everything. He must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor — by instinct, by inevitability, without thought of it, and certainly without saying it. – Raymond Chandler

“Shane stopped about three quarters of the way forward, about five yards from Wilson. He cocked his head for one quick sidewise glance again at the balcony and then he was looking at Wilson. He did not like the setup. Wilson had the front wall and he was left in the open of the room. He understood the fact, assessed it, accepted it.”

Of course we know the rest: Shane kills Wilson, the hired gun, and he also kills the back-shooting Fletcher who hired Wilson, thus making the valley a place that was safe for women and their men folk to raise children that could grow up “strong and straight.” The basic elemental lesson of Shane, that it takes a heroic, virtuous male to stop evil predatory males, has been forgotten by the people of Europe.(1) Unless they once again grasp hold of and act on that moral absolute, they will perish as a people. No utopian gimmick or fantasy can replace the reality depicted in Shane – the hero must be able to see evil clearly and he must have the moral courage to fight the men who are doing evil. Men like Wilson and Fletcher cannot be wished away by a democratic stratagem. We are not disembodied spirits. We inhabit bodies. That is a non-utopian fact of life. And evil must be confronted when it is embodied in men. You cannot fight evil in the abstract; you must make war on the men who do evil. That is an eternal truth of existence. You can spout Gnostic jeremiads against it from now to doomsday, but you won’t be able to change that essential truth.

Let’s use the rape of the women of Cologne as our starting point. One female journalist, who I’m sure was voicing the feelings of a large number of European women, asked “Where were the German men?” Of course a condemnation of the men of Cologne was implicit in that question. But I don’t think the blame for the rapes can be left at the doorsteps of the men of Cologne. Let’s go back to the 19th century in order to see what is wrong with the 21st century white males. Let us suppose that a band of ruffians (we must suppose they are white ruffians, because the Victorians didn’t allow their nation to be flooded with Moslems and negroes) are seen accosting a Victorian lady on a London street or, if you prefer, on a street in Cologne, Germany. In either case what do you think happens? The English or German gentlemen who witness the assault immediately draw their rapiers or possibly their pistols and either kill or wound the ruffians. Most probably the woman being assaulted is a lady, because it is the 19th century when men were men and women were women, but let us suppose the woman being assaulted was a prostitute. Would the men still defend the prostitute? Yes, they would have. Maybe without the same enthusiasm with which they would have defended the matron or the maid, but the code of chivalry would have made the white males feel themselves obliged to defend any member of the female sex that was being assaulted.(2)

Now let us return to debauched 21st century Europe and go back to New Year’s’ Eve in Cologne and look at the difference between the modern European males and the 19th century white males. The great difference is that of breeding. The 19th century white male was thoroughly versed in the code of chivalry. Women were considered the life bearers and the life nurturers; they were the “gentle sex” who nursed the sick, raised the children, and made the 19th century dwellings seem like homes rather than pigsties. Such women must be defended because… well, because they are women, any fool can see that. Yes, any “fool” from the 19th century could see that. But what about the modern European male? He has not been brought up by the chivalric code of the antique Europeans. He has been brought up according to the liberals’ catechism. In that catechism, we read on page 3, fourth paragraph, the following definition of chivalry: “An ancient code of the white Christians, has to do with knight errantry and what was later called gentlemanly behavior. The code was in reality used to perpetuate sexual stereotypes that kept women out of male-dominated professions.”

In our modern, enlightened times, the young males are told that anything a male can do a female can do better. Cop chicks on television regularly destroy whole gangs of white thugs (it’s always white thugs, there is no such thing as black, Moslem, or Mexican thugs) with a few karate blows. And the idea of fair maidens has been demolished as well. No white male thinks of fair maidens; he has been taught to regard women as sexually promiscuous creatures who have a right to sleep with anyone and everyone without being labeled as sluts or whores. Indeed there are no longer sluts and whores; there are only modern, sexually assertive women and working women who are often deprived, so we are told, of proper health and medical benefits because of hypocritical males who enjoy the service they provide, but are unwilling to publicly acknowledge it. So when such women are attacked, what does a white male, who has been properly trained, think? He thinks that women are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, because the feminists have told him that from kindergarten to adulthood.

What about the defense of a woman’s virtue? Again, the young European male has been taught to regard the respect for a woman’s virginity and chastity as a relic of the evil days of the white patriarchies. Why, in these modern times, would a male fight for something, namely a woman’s maidenly honor, that he has been taught to regard as a worthless commodity?

The young white male of the 19th century was not hindered by the demons of white guilt. He was not taught from birth that white males were evil oppressors of women, of the colored races, and of the non-Christian religions. So if the 19th century male saw the “lesser breeds without the law” attacking women he responded quickly and without fear of being locked up by his own government for sexist behavior toward women or discriminatory behavior toward the colored barbarians and heathens, who are now regarded as the superior breeds of people. And the 19th century male had the means to fight barbarians, because his government and society at large trusted him to act according to the code. The modern liberals, who regard the code of chivalry as evil, have forbidden the white males to carry arms into the combat zones of our major cities. And in the hinterlands of white nations, where it is legal to carry knives and firearms it is still illegal to use those knives and guns against the colored barbarians and the Moslem invaders. With the means to fight, with the will to fight, and with the support of society and their government young white males will fight. But unarmed and alone, who but the Major Lawson’s of the world will fight?(3)

A society such as Victorian England that is supportive of white males has a right to expect courageous action from its male citizens. But the nations of modern Europe who have demonized the white male have no right to expect anything from white males. In Russia, the only nationalist nation left in Europe, the men beat the Moslem hoodlums who tried to rape and pillage with the full approval of the police, who added some extra punishment when their fellow Russians were finished beating the hooligans. “This is not Cologne,” the Russians told the Moslems. No European nation should be like Cologne, but we are reaping the bitter harvest the liberals have planted.

Shane was able to face his enemies, because he saw them for what they were, pure evil. And he was able to defeat them because he saw what their advantage was, and he faced it squarely and adjusted to it. The Europeans must see that liberalism is pure evil. Then they will stop looking for help from their governments and they will take the necessary action. The Swedes have taken the first step. They attacked the Moslem murderers while wearing masks and beat them. The masks are a sign that those Swedish youths realize you can’t seek redemption from the devil. The demonic liberal governments want to eradicate the white race, so why would they aid white males who want to save their people from destruction? The late Jeff Cooper who wrote for Guns and Ammo magazine once told of an off-duty policeman who tried to prevent an armed robbery without any weapon. The police officer was shot and killed. Jeff Cooper gave the police officer a 10 for courage and a 0 for wisdom. I feel that way about so many of the European men who protest against their governments’ anti-European immigration policies. That retired officer of the French Foreign Legion is a perfect example. He led a protest march against the Islamic invasion of France, and the French government threw him in jail.(4) A 10 for courage and a 0 for wisdom. The liberals hate whites. They can only be dealt with as Shane dealt with Wilson and Fletcher. And since the liberals control the tanks and the guns, they must be dealt with in the night with masks and daggers. War is not a very pleasant thing. It would be nice if the liberals would stop being liberals, and then there would be no need for bloodshed. The Western governments could simply stop paying welfare benefits to the alien invaders, and they would have to leave, but the liberals are committed to a new world based on a new religion, a religion in which everything satanic is celebrated and everything Christian is demonized. They will not stop being liberals because we ask them to stop being liberals. Better to fight and die than to simply sit back and wait for the black barbarians and the Moslems, who are the liberals’ executioners, to drop the axe on each and every European.(5)

The undergirding of liberalism is their utopian criticism of the past. From a utopian standard, every civilization is wrong; every civilization except the future civilization the liberals are building. They destroy everything of value in the past and justify that destruction under the blanket of, “We are moving onward to a perfect world.” The liberals’ perfect world is here, and it is hell. Christian Europe was not utopia, but there were white moments in old Europe when a man felt connected to the God of love, through the hearth fire channels of grace that the liberals’ make war on. I recently heard a “moderate” religious commentator make a critique of feminism, but this same commentator then made it clear she did not want a return to the bad old days of the Christian patriarchies. That is akin to a sick person saying that they don’t want to be sick, but they also do not want to return to full health. They would prefer to be half sick and half well. I do want a return to the past, not a return to outmoded forms, but a return to a timeless faith in the Suffering Servant, a faith that gave men the grace to be strong in defense of the weak, and women the grace to be the life-bearers and life nurturers.

(1) There is more truth in one Gene Autry B-Western movie than in all the liberal and quasi-conservative pacifist garbage that is being bandied about by the pro-Moslem West. The men in the white hats must be men! They must put ‘paid’ to the account of the bad guys. Johnny Western (he was born Johnny Westerlund) said it best in his “Ballad of Paladin”:
Have Gun Will Travel reads the card of a man.
A knight without armor in a savage land.

His fast gun for hire heeds the calling wind.
A soldier of fortune is the man called Paladin.

Paladin, Paladin
Where do you roam?
Paladin, Paladin,
Far, far from home.

He travels on to where ever he must
A chess knight of silver is his badge of trust
There are campfire legends that the plainsmen spin
Of the man with the gun
Of the man called Paladin

Paladin, Paladin
Where do you roam?
Paladin, Paladin,
Far, far from home.
Far, far from home.
Far, far from home.
(2) The reason Jack the Ripper caused such a stir in Victorian England was because he attacked defenseless women. His crimes were seen as horrendous crimes even though the women were prostitutes. Such violence against women is commonplace in today’s world and does not even warrant a murmur of protest when Moslems and blacks are the perpetrators of the violence.

(3) A sign of contradiction:
In Katanga, the province bordering on the Copperbelt, the long tale of panic and horror was relieved by the exploits of Major Lawson, D.S.O., of the British Army. There had been a massacre of Europeans in Kongolo, in northern Katanga, but there were believed to be some survivors still in hiding there. Consequently an appeal for help was made to the United Nations. But the United Nations, in an admission approved by U Thant, declared itself powerless to do anything about it. Notwithstanding the fact that there were 19,000 United Nations troops in the Congo, and that the United Nations had been able to concentrate within a short space of time an air force and 9,000 men for an attack upon the anti-Communist Katanga town of Elizabethville, it declared itself unable to rescue the Whites in Kongolo. In Katanga itself at this time there were many Swedish and Irish troops – all fraternizing with the Natives and thoroughly indoctrinated with anti-colonialism – and apparently they too were unable to assist. Major Lawson thereupon decided to do something about it on his own. Alone and unarmed, except for his swagger-stick, he went in, defying several hundreds of astonished Congolese soldiers, and succeeded in finding and bringing to safety a missionary priest. He then went in a second time, accompanied by one of his junior Nigerian officers, and on this occasion traced and rescued several priests and nuns. In the process both he and the Nigerian officer were badly beaten up; but he refused to abandon his rescue operations until he was satisfied there were no more Europeans remaining in the district. Thus this one British officer succeeded in doing what the entire United Nations Organisation had confessed itself powerless to do! His action alone proved that the United Nations Organisation is too rotten to last; but that the British people – the best of them at least – are not the write-offs they are thought to be. – White Man, Think Again!
(4) The mayor who ordered the arrest and the French policemen who beat the retired Legionnaire, causing him to have a seizure, should be killed, their throats slit some dark night. If the European people are going to survive they must stop putting their trust in the princes and princesses of democracy, who hate whites with a satanic passion. Like a horrific vampire, they feed on the blood of white people. Just because the vampires pass laws that permit the extermination of white people does not mean we have to submit to those laws. Laws based on His divine law of charity and mercy are inviolate; laws based on Satan’s hatred of the Christ-bearing race should be defied.

(5) Institutionalized liberalism is synonymous with the slaughter of white Europeans. It has always been thus. From the time of the French Revolution till now, wherever liberals reign, white Europeans are marginalized and then exterminated.

Race & Astronomy: A Philosophical Perspective, Part 1

via Counter-Currents

Joseph Wright of Derby:
A Philosopher Lecturing on the Orrery
In this essay I would like to compare racial theories and astronomical theories. We all know that the earth orbits around the sun. In the first part, I want to argue that evidence for the reality of race is even stronger than the evidence for heliocentrism, which means that racial egalitarianism should be taken no more seriously than the idea that the world is flat, or the idea that the sun orbits the earth. In the second part, I will use examples from the history of astronomy to throw light on resistance to race realism and how it might finally be overcome.

Four Theories

Racial egalitarianism is the theory that all races are equal in all important respects especially in terms of intelligence, law abidingness, responsible sexual behavior and family formation, and civilizational achievement. If it turns out that this is not the case, (i.e. that the races are actually not the same in these different respects), then this is no problem for racial egalitarianism. The theory then can be slightly modified to state that the races really are equal in all of these parameters but even if they aren’t, it shows no underlying racial differences but is simply the fault of white racism. In other words, if it weren’t for the presence of white racism, all races would be equal in these matters, except possibly whites, who would lag far behind. Racial egalitarians are extreme environmentalists; they completely discount the idea that genetic differences between the races could ever make any important differences.[1]

Racial egalitarianism’s rival theory is race realism, which holds that all the empirical and theoretical evidence shows that racial egalitarianism is false and that the races are actually quite different and that these differences are in large part controlled by genetic differences. This, of course, is the theory that I and almost all of the readers of this essay accept. However, almost all of the people in academia, the mass media, organized religion, and the government at all levels accept (or at least they say that they accept) and promote racial egalitarianism.

Ptolemaic[2] astronomy is the theory that the earth does not move and that all heavenly bodies including the sun, the planets, and the fixed stars revolve around it. It is sometimes referred to as “geocentric” astronomy.

The rival to Ptolemaic theory is Copernican[3] astronomy which holds that the earth and the other planets revolve around the sun. Another way of stating the Copernican theory is that the sun is at rest relative to the motions of the earth and the other planets in the solar system. The Copernican theory is also called “heliocentric” astronomy. Almost everybody, including both racial egalitarians and race realists, accepts the Copernican theory and therefore believes in the falsity of the Ptolemaic theory.

How Do You Know?

We all claim to know many things about our world. For millennia, philosophers who specialize in epistemology have tried to analyze these knowledge claims. Although there is no general agreement on exactly how knowledge should be defined,[4] at least two things are non-controversial and would be accepted by almost all contemporary epistemologists: if a knowledge claim is correct, (1) the claim must be true, and (2) there must be some kind of “good evidence or justification” for the knowledge claim.

I claim to know both that Washington DC is the capital of the United States and that Moscow is the capital of Russia. While I believe I know both of these propositions with a high degree of certainty, I believe I know the former with more certainty than the latter. Why? Well, I know that DC is the US Capital from my parents, grade school teachers, high school teachers, and my studies of history, from television shows and newspaper essays, but also because I have been to DC and have direct observational evidence. I sat in the House and Senate galleries and observed Congressmen and Senators make speeches. I have been inside the White House for a guided tour, whereas I have never been to Russia. So I only know that Moscow is the capital from school and by television, radio, internet stories and general reading. I have no direct observational evidence for Russia being the capital of Russia. Hence, I conclude that my evidence for DC being the Capital of the US is greater and therefore stronger than that for Moscow being the capital of Russia. Hopefully, every reader who has been to DC but not to Russia is in the same epistemic boat that I am in. Those readers who have been to DC and also to Moscow and have seen the Kremlin, et al., perhaps know both statements with the same degree of certainty.

I believe I know that Copernican astronomy is true but what exactly is my evidence? Well most of it is simply based on authority. All scientific astronomical authorities from Copernicus and Galileo onward have deemed it true. Many years ago I read Galileo’s classic Dialogues on the Two Chief World Systems[5] and seem to vaguely remember some theoretical considerations concerning why Galileo thought that Copernicus is right and geocentrism is wrong. They had to do with the facts that the tides behaved in certain ways and that he observed phases in the planet Venus with his telescope. In fact, I still own the book and could reread it, and my theoretical evidence would be greater. But even if I did, I still don’t have any direct observational evidence. To me, it looks as if the earth is quite solid and stationary. I observe that the sun “rises” every day and “sets” every night, and the stars and planets revolve around the earth. To sum it up, my evidence for Copernicus is overwhelmingly authoritative and slightly theoretical. I have no direct observational evidence whatsoever for it. In fact the observational evidence that I have supports Ptolemy rather than Copernicus.

Now let me consider my evidence for the truth of race realism. Here I am in much better shape theoretically. I am a regular reader of Counter-Currents, Amren, Vdare, The Right Stuff, and several other race realist websites. I have read much of the work of Arthur Jensen,[6] J. P. Rushton,[7] Richard Lynn,[8] and others which has convinced me conclusively that Racial Egalitarianism is false. I have also read and re-read Michael Levin’s masterpiece Why Race Matters[9] in which he gives a brilliant and concise summary of the case for race realism and debunks all of the ablest intellectual defenders of racial egalitarianism such as Noam Chomsky, Andrew Hacker, Stephen Jay Gould, Leon Kamin, and others. So I believe my theoretical grasp of the issue is sound and indeed much sounder than my grasp of the truth of Copernican astronomy.

But what is even more important is the fact that I have lived in America for 55 years. I have direct observational evidence for the different behavior and abilities of people of different races including blacks, whites, and Asians. I have observed very directly the very low average intelligence and the very high average criminality of blacks (I grew up in Hammond, Indiana which borders on both Gary, Indiana and the south side of Chicago) as well as the fact that they are on average superior in both football and basketball. Moreover, I attended engineering school in California and worked for many years in the electronics and software industries and have directly observed the superior average intelligence of Chinese and Japanese people.

There are quite possibly readers of this essay who live in, say, Iceland or some other country who have never encountered members of other races. Their evidence for race realism is not as good as mine as they have no observations of people of other races. However, they could easily make a trip to more vibrant countries and bring their observational evidence up to the level of my own.

Concerning the relation of genetics to race realism, I really don’t know very much about theoretical genetics. I never took a course in or read a book on genetics. My theoretical knowledge of genetics is pretty much confined to my one course in high school biology and what I have gleaned from reading the works of the race realist writers mentioned above. However, I have observed the effects of genetics within my own family. I have an adopted sibling who is significantly different than my biological siblings and me in intelligence, law abidingness, and welfare dependency. Since all of us had pretty much the same environment, I concluded many years ago that genetics is crucially important to the outcome of a person. I did not need to read theoretical books on genetics to come to know this basic fact.

It should be obvious that while I know that both race realism and Copernican astronomy are true, my evidence for the former claim is much stronger than that for the latter claim. It is certainly possible and probable that some readers of this essay are much more versed in astronomy than I am, and therefore their knowledge of the truth of Copernican astronomy is backed up by more evidence than mine. Yet, even if this is the case, they still must admit that the earth seems stationary, the planets and sun appear to revolve around the earth, and therefore they face the same problem of lack of observational evidence that I do. Therefore they also must conclude that their belief in the truth of race realism is more certain than their belief in the truth of Copernican astronomy.

1. Andrew Hacker, Two Nations, Black and White: Separate, Hostile, Unequal (New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995) On p. 27 Hacker states the following. “There is an easy rebuttal to research and reasoning based on racist assumptions. . . . Of course, races differ in some outward respects [but] despite more than a century of searching, we have no evidence that any one of those pools of race-based genes has a larger quotient of what we choose to call intelligence or organizational ability or creative capacities. If more member of some races end up doing better in some spheres, it is because more of them grew up in environments that prepared them for those endeavors. If members of other races had similar upbringings, they would display a similar distribution of success.”
2. Ptolemy lived in Alexandria from approximately 100 A.D. to 170 A.D.
3. Copernicus lived in Poland from 1473 to 1543.
4. From the time of Plato to 1963 it was generally agreed that the three conditions which constitute propositional knowledge are 1) having a belief 2) the belief is true 3) the true belief is justified. In 1963, Edmund Gettier published an essay “Is Justified True Belief Knowledge?” which decisively refuted this analysis. There has never been a generally accepted conclusive solution to what came to be known as the “Gettier problem” and therefore there is no generally accepted definition of propositional knowledge.
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Why Is Hard-Left Fat Cat George Soros Funding Republicans?

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. . . Dr. Duke introduced listeners to news that two fund managers who work for none other than the Liberal Jewish hedge fund mogul George Soros have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to both John Kasich and Jeb Bush. Dr. Duke also pointed out that Kasich for many years was a managing director at the Jewish investment bank Lehman Brothers, whose monumental failure helped provoke the 2008 financial crisis.

Then he and Dr. Slattery broke down some interesting moments from Friday’s Republican debate before moving on to the Khazar theory. They pointed out that while the notion that today’s Ashkenazi Jews are descended from Turkic Khazar converts and not the Hebrews of the bible has some appeal, the linguistic, archeological, and now genetic evidence against any significant Khazar ancestry among Ashkenazi Jews is overwhelming.

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