Feb 18, 2016

How White Facial Features Denote Racism

via Black Pigeon Speaks

Recent research by Social Scientists indicates that men with high levels of testosterone have certain facial characteristics that set them apart from men with less testosterone.

In particular, they have what researchers call a higher facial Width-to-Height Ratio (fWHR) which compares the distance between cheekbones to the distance between the upper lip and mid brow. Men with a higher ratio have faces that appear a bit wider horizontally and bit compressed vertically.

Men with greater width-to-height ratios, the study found, had a greater urge to be socially dominant and cared less what others thought of them. They are also supposedly more prone to share their racist thoughts in public as well.

Using the Moral Capital of the "Holocaust" to Promote the Muslim Invasion

via The Occidental Observer

It has always been obvious that Donald Trump’s candidacy would result in a barrage of hostile media, and there have already been numerous comparisons of Trump to Hitler. But now, coinciding with Holocaust Remembrance Day, we get Holocaust survivors chiming in. The Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank is a Jewish patriot with access to the elite media, of whom Philip Weiss wrote:
The answer [for why the Israel Lobby is so powerful] is not a conspiracy of donors. Though, yes, donors matter. The answer is the importance of Zionism inside the US establishment. It is the sincere belief among empowered Jews like Dana Milbank, Alan Dershowitz, and Matt Dorf that the establishment of Israel was the redemptive end point of a tragic European Jewish history, and that American Jews are equal partners in the fulfillment of that redemption. This is a sincere, core belief on the part of countless Jewish politicians, journalists, donors and thinktank officials, many of them liberals.
And, from Milbank’s perspective, in order to redeem that tragic Jewish history, it is important to derail Trump’s candidacy by invoking the “moral authority” of holocaust survivors. Milbank:
This year’s Holocaust remembrance comes at a time when Donald Trump, the front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, retweets to his nearly 6 million followers a message from @WhiteGenocideTM based in “Jewmerica,” and a time when his nearest challenger, Ted Cruz, brandishes the endorsement of a minister who says Hitler was a “hunter” sent after the Jews by God. There has never been a more important time for Americans to heed the moral authority of the Holocaust survivors still among us. …
This refers to this retweet by Trump:

I guess Milbank’s idea is that by retweeting someone, you are also endorsing all of his ideas, and therefore Trump is evil. But let’s face it, it’s a funny tweet, and I rather doubt that Trump vetted @WhiteGenocide. Still, it’s encouraging that Trump did not just chuckle and move on when he saw that Twitter tag.

Milbank continues with his pitch for immigration and multiculturalism:
Now an American presidential candidate has made scapegoats of immigrants, Muslims, Latinos, African Americans, the disabled, women. And for the first time, Martin Weiss hears echoes of his youth. “The guy scares me,” he said after listening to [German Ambassador Peter Wittig’s] tribute. “I don’t want to make any comparison to Hitler [but I will anyway], but believe it or not his delivery and the way he conducts himself is very similar to Hitler’s way of doing things. He discredits everybody who disagrees with him. He’s insulting. He discriminates against everybody.”
This is an excellent example of how the Holocaust is used to promote immigration and multiculturalism.

Not to be outdone, Newsweek published an op-ed by Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s stepsister (Anne Frank’s stepsister: Trump ‘acting like another Hitler’). As is typical also of Jewish organizations, refugee policy is seen entirely from the perspective of what is good for Jews, with no mention of costs to European countries, including the well-known sexual depredations of Muslim men.
I am very upset that today again so many countries are closing their borders. Fewer people would have died in the Holocaust if the world had accepted more Jewish refugees. …
If Donald Trump becomes the next president of the U.S. it would be a complete disaster. I think he is acting like another Hitler by inciting racism. During his U.S. presidential campaign he has suggested the “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States,” as well as pledging to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico to keep illegal immigrants out.
Again, the holocaust as moral cudgel to promote Jewish interests in immigration and refugee policy.

We are still in the beginning stages of anti-Trump media hysteria. We can expect more of the same if Trump continues his success.

If We're Going to Talk about the Cataclysm, Let's not Leave out the Catalyst

via Koinen's Corner

Here we have an informative and alarming article about the ongoing Middle Eastern and North African (Muslim) invasion of Europe:  Islam:  The Jinn is out of the bottle by John Griffing.

And here is a re-post of that article on Western Voices World News, with some introductory comments and some even more disturbing images.

Kudos to author John Griffing for this important essay.

There does seem to be a missing component in his depiction of the situation, however.  And that ingredient is -- Jews.  The always-present complicit and culpable Jews -- Zionist Jews, wealthy 'international' Jews, Israeli Jews, media Jews.  From their role in creating havoc in the Middle East and North Africa since well before the start of this century, to their involvement in the events of the "9/11" attacks, to their domination of U.S. foreign policy following those attacks and the resulting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to their constant warmongering in that area which has contributed greatly to the troubles in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere, to their trying their damndest to get us into a war with Iran, to their support of all kinds for the Muslim 'refugee' invasion of Europe; it has been Israel and organized Jewry that have been the real 'movers and shakers' in all these terrible situations and events.

One article which exposes that Jewish influence, with specific regard to the so-called 'refugee' invasion: Jews at "Forefront of Welcoming" Invasion.  Links to numerous other articles, which expose Jew billionaire George Soros' efforts to facilitate the Muslim invasion and the consequent destruction of Europe, are available here.

Yes, the 'elephant in the room' really is the Jew, and he is a rogue elephant.  Let's all try to do our part by pulling back the curtain and exposing this monster as he works to destroy the White race and our Western Civilization.

Is Pantera a Latin Term for “Big Pussy?”

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Before my current career choice of social media villain and voice of reason in a reactionary political movement, I was in a fairly popular metal band touring the country. During my time on the road I got a taste of what the next generation of musicians were like. It didn’t leave me with much hope.

Like most heavier bands–I use the term heavy loosely in this situation–we weren’t politically correct in our marketing and didn’t really worry about it. Whats the point of creating art of any kind if all you intend to do is conform to the larger societal narrative? We released a shirt with the word “bitch” prominently featured on it and altpress.com decided that this was somehow news worthy. The comments section was a virtue signaling fest for the ages.

My favorite comment was, “Poor taste is fine. Swears are fine. But when you’re putting sexist/misogynistic/racist/slut shaming shit on a shirt, that’s crossing the line. Repulsive!” Whats worse was that these weren’t the rantings of an impressionable teenage girl. This was a 20 something “nu” man. Picture pajama boy, with a lesbian haircut and an ironic mustache. The slimy, flabby, ironically tattooed tentacle of social justice has reached critical mass.

SJWs are finally starting to break into the mainstream of metal. They’ve had a stranglehold on nearly every other form of media for the better part of three decades now. But metal? I thought it was impervious. Angry, bearded men writing songs about dragons and battles should be a bulwark against these type of freaks, right?

I was wrong. It turns out they were drawn to it. Listening to metal became a weird ‘geek chic’ thing for younger kids. The only problem is that modern geek culture has very little to do with anything geeky and everything to do with some of our favorite topics: anti-racism, inclusion, and diversity.

As predicted they made minor changes to the culture at first. Then before you even knew what was happening you had articles on major music websites about the genre being “musical racism” and “inherently sexist”. These people are the Maoist Red Guard come again, only this time… really, really lame.

Even the legends can’t get away with anything these days. Phil Anselmo of Pantera and Down recently made heads explode by shouting “white power” and Roman saluting at an audience. After the subsequent freakout all over the internet, Phil issued a near tearful apology.

This was disappointing for me. It’s always a bummer to see someone of that stature be reduced to begging for forgiveness and groveling at the altar of political correctness just to keep the shekels flowing. Throughout his career, he has spoken on topics of positive white pride and the anti-white hatred coming out of pop culture.

Even in the mid 90s, this took an amount of courage that most people, especially today, flatly do not have. Unfortunately he’ll learn that caving to the demands for an apology is only going to make things worse for him. Once there is blood in the water, the social justice crowd considers you weak. When they see that you’ve given ground to them to any degree they’ll never stop coming after you.

I watched one of the most cringe-worthy videos of my life in response to Phil’s fashout. The video is titled “Racism in Metal“. It was posted by Robb Flynn, the lead singer of “Machinehead”. If you’re unfamiliar, Machinehead is a band that basically has survived off the table scraps of bands like Pantera for their entire existence.

If you want some idea of how ridiculous this video is just check out the description. It reads: “Phil Anselmo screams ‘whe per,’  and the silence is deafening…” Why he chose to censor the typographical description, I’ll never know. In this PC tour-de-force he goes into how hateful and intolerant he feels the metal community is. Later having a semi meltdown yelling “I want no part of any of this, and if you do fuck you!”

He also mentions that when he bought his second home in Pleasant Hill, California it said right on the contract from when the house was built in the 50s that “No Negroes shall live in this home.” Despite how anti-racist he is making sure the audience knows he is he sure picked a white town to live in. According to the 2010 census, Pleasant Hill is 75% white and only 2% black. Can we give the phenomenon of believing “diversity for thee, not for me” a name? How about the Tim Wise Effect? Or I guess we can just stick with its original name: Zionism.

Speaking of Zionism. Another legend seems to have worked up the ire of a certain protected ethnic minority. Ted Nugent, a man who the media already despised more than any other living man on the planet aside from Donald Trump, stepped right in it. Ted Nugent named the Jew.

Ted had the chutzpah to share an image on his Facebook profile that showed a who’s who of prominent Zionist Jews who have very openly pushed for gun control. Without missing a beat, the (((ADL))) went into full “shut it down” mode and publicly denounced Nugent for his “anti-semitic” comments. As expected, anytime the “J” word is said he was met with a chorus of people commenting on his post claiming that “remarks like these will lead to another Holocaust™!!”

The Nuge

To his credit, Ted has neither taken down his original post nor apologized. He deflected by showing that there are also pro-gun Jewish groups. Not fully red pilled, of course. But at least he knows to fight back rather than cry and beg for mercy when these jackals come at him.

I’m sure its no surprise to the reading audience that it isn’t even a conspiracy that Jewish groups are largely in favor of gun control. I literally googled “Jews, and gun control” and picked a random one of the dozens related articles on the subject to share here: “U.S. Jews Support Gun Control.” Go ahead and try for yourself.

Israeli papers make no secret of it. It’s considered a positive, and is asserted openly amongst themselves. At the same time, they’ll vehemently deny it to the public at large. Someone should write a book about a secret clique of people who control a society through doublethink, propaganda, and intimidation. Nevermind, …George Orwell already did.

Just to put the anti-white bias in perspective, think about this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. It was the most watched event of the year, broadcast to hundreds of millions of people. We were force fed a singing, dancing, black panther pride fest complete with the trademark leather uniforms and afros. It didn’t go over well with most viewers.

There have even been anti-Beyonce rallies held outside of the NFL headquarters in response. Another recent controversial performance was at the Grammy’s by Kendrick Lamar. He performed in chains, complete with a back drop of a prison. Some of his purposely chosen lyrics during the performance to a mostly white audience were: “You hate me don’t you? You hate my people, your plan is to terminate my culture.”

I’m not entirely sure what world he imagines this happening to nonwhites in America but of course everyone left of center eats it up. All the major news outlets, which are becoming more and more like Salon each day, praised both performances. Meanwhile outside of leftist echo chambers people starting to see through the outrageous double standard the media pushes.  If you go read the comment sections on any sites that have reported on any of the events I’ve described here they’re far more inflammatory than they have been in recent years on similar stories.

I really think a lot of the anger from both sides started and grew from the State of Florida v. George Zimmerman case. We learned that simple self defense was now a mortal sin if your attacker is darker than you. To this day, people still believe that Trayvon was murdered by a racist white man. Or that Michael Brown had his hands up, beginning for his life when he was shot. No amount of physical evidence will ever convince them. Many have picked up on the outright lies that were reported during these events by supposed trusted news sources and won’t soon forget it.

The Martin, and Brown cases have done more to increase white racial consciousness than we could have hoped to with any amount of activism. White resentment is going to continue to grow faster and faster if the media keeps on its current track. I wouldn’t be surprised if a white secessionist movement starts independent of alt-right circles as a response either. If that happens, I hope they have the foresight to keep the ‘white privilege’ types out.  Nobody wants to start a new society with the likes of Macklemore chick or that Maddow fellow, do they?

New Hampshire Primary an Indication That the Sailer Strategy Is Working?

via The Audacious Epigone

New Hampshire's primary is not closed. People who are not registered with either major party are able to vote in either side's primary, but they are only allowed to vote in one or the other, not both.

In 2008, 54.6% of all New Hampshire primary votes were cast on the Democrat side, to 45.4% for the GOP. It flipped in 2016, with 46.8% of votes being cast on the Democrat side and 53.2% for the GOP.

The primaries are held on the same day so there aren't confounding issues like weather or competing events to muck up the apples-to-apples comparison, and New Hampshire is, electorally, almost exclusively white (see the Sailer Strategy).

Could this be indicative of an impending stronger showing among whites in 2016 for Republicans than in 2008 (and 2012)? Will this potential advantage accrue to any potential Republican nominee, or will it only materialize if Trump gets the nod?

Relatedly, maybe it's a reflection of which side appears to offer the greatest candidate variation. Republicans clobbered Democrats in votes received in 2000, 61.3%-38.7%, but ended up getting just 54% of non-Hispanic white support and narrowly losing the popular vote. McCain won big in New Hampshire that year but Bush ultimately won the Republican nomination.

Was the Republican nomination in 2000 seen as more of a struggle for the heart and soul of the party than the Gore-Bradley contest was? It doesn't seem difficult to make that narrative fit 2008 with Obama and Hillary, when the Democrats got more votes. In this reading, nominating someone other than Trump won't hold much promise for the GOP's chances in November.

Did the Jews Win in Iowa?

via Radix

Conservatism is saved, everyone! The stalwart, God-fearing sons of the soil in the Hawkeye State defended the Constitution from that wicked agrarian populist from New York City, the would-be Emperor Trump. As I predicted, Cruz’s win allowed Glenn Beck to preen, and he duly called it the first time he had felt “true victory” since Reagan. Speaking about Reagan from his fantasy White House set, the pasty Beck moaned, “I loved. I adored. I wanted him.” (And they say the alt Right is too gay. . .)

John Podhoretz, who is not actually a person but a tulpa created by anti-Semitic stereotypes given form and reality, was more blunt: “The Jews win!”

National Review took credit for the victory in true Conservatism, Inc. style, by sending out a fundraising email praising its own “bold and intelligent stand” against Trump. It mocked Trump’s claim NR was dying by saying: “Friends, we have been ‘dying, dying’ for 60 years. And we intend to keep on dying for another 60.”

And they are right. The Beltway Right has been dying for 60 years. The “principles” it has to defend against supposed threats like Trump are constantly reinvented, and its sacred “values,” redefined. Forever in retreat, failing to even conserve the nation itself, Conservatism, Inc. allows the sophists to eke out a living while running out the clock on Western Civilization. If you can’t get a real job and are too cowardly to act in defense of your own people, you and your silly little friends can pass around notes about how the “conservatism” that once half-heartedly defended Southern segregation can now goofily champion the GOP as the “Party of Civil Rights.”

But National Review is right in that even a dying deity has power. This fetid Corpse God will eternally rot away in its Northern Virginia mausoleum, the tributes of donors and the ritual sacrifices of its own followers feeding its eternal death throes. There will always be a “conservative” movement of some kind. It may even be in power. The model the American Right seems to want to follow is the Conservative Party in the UK, where flabby castrati hand over their civilization to existential enemies but exploit the carefully channeled outrage of their constituents to enjoy the spoils of office and the illusion of real power.

This is not to say the kosher conservatives lack influence. They may be impotent when it comes to confronting the Left, but they can effectively police the Right. And the Cuckservatives have handicapped Trump, as much as we may hate to admit it. (In turn, the “center-right” in Europe is similarly preventing nationalist parities from gaining power and responding to the Islamic invasion.) 

Though Trump remains the national frontrunner in most polls, he has lost support as of late from self-styled “very conservative” voters. These were once an important part of his broad-based coalition, drawn to his side not so much because of policy but because of Trump’s ability to enrage the far Left and push back against “political correctness.” Following the defection of many of these supporters, Trump’s remaining strength is from self-defined “moderate” and “liberal” Republicans. Cruz, buoyed by the sudden attacks on Trump as “not a real conservative” and a “liberal,” decisively wins over “very conservative” voters and supporters of the Tea Party. 

Luckily for Trump, New Hampshire is an ideal state for his constituency to deliver him a desperately needed victory. However, Marco Rubio is also tapping into some of Trump’s support from the Left. Polls after Iowa show most voters who decided late broke for Marco Rubio, largely because of Rubio’s perceived “electability.” Trump’s coalition is thus being squeezed from two fronts. Moderate Republicans who want to win may defect if they suspect Trump can’t deliver victory, and Cruz appeals to the true-believing “movement conservatives.” 

The sudden conservative conventional wisdom that “Trump is a liberal” is a stretch, to say the least. Ted Cruz, the supposed paragon of the movement, spent the vast majority of his campaign shamelessly cozying up to Trump and refusing to criticize him. When Republican candidates like Rubio, Cruz, and Bush can’t even defend their own positions from only a few years ago, it’s absurd to fault Trump’s comments from decades ago. Trump’s stances on taxes, guns, Common Core, and his stated commitment to “repeal and replace” Obamacare place him firmly within the conservative mainstream. Yet the official conservative movement has decisively turned against him.

Russell Kirk famously defined conservatism as the “negation of ideology.” It’s tempting to say contemporary American conservatism has been transformed into an ideological movement in an almost idealized form, with struggling Middle Americans ready to go to war over ethanol subsidies. And Cruz’s superior organization was able to convince voters who were leaning towards Trump to defect because Cruz was more “pure” on the conservative checklist. 

But at a deeper level, the reasons why the “very conservative” voters are turning against Trump are less about policy and more about intra-movement politics. Take Steve Deace, for example, an Iowa talk-show host and Washington Times columnist who looks exactly like you would expect; he was euphoric about Trump’s defeat. He boasted: “Forgive me, it’s fun kicking bullies like Mr. Trump in this [sic] shins.” Deace mocked those who don’t understand how “hayseeds” like him believe in an “all powerful God” like Ted Cruz supposedly does. Deace recycled the David Barton theory about America being founded by Christian conservatives and said the Founding Fathers cited the Bible more than any “philosopher.” 

What this represents is not just an alternate history of America, but a self-contained alternate reality. And though Trump made some impressive inroads—six months ago, who would have expected Trump to take 2nd in Iowa?—Trump decisively lost evangelicals to Cruz, who responded to the latter’s appeals to unite the “body of Christ.” Trump’s appeal to Christians was that he would protect them from both cultural assaults and Islam. Cruz’s appeal was that he was (supposedly) one of them. The latter approach won. “Signaling” triumphed over an appeal to collective interest. As entrance polls showed a plurality of voters wanted somebody who “shares my values.” 

If this sounds familiar, it should. In 2004, evangelicals turned out in huge numbers to support George W. Bush, who was considered one of their own (despite his upbringing and privilege). One of the issues that turned out these voters was the Bush Administration’s supposed support for a Federal Marriage Amendment to ban homosexual marriage. Naturally, once Bush was re-elected, he promptly forgot about this promise and turned his attention to screwing around with their Social Security. Ken Mehlman, the homosexual Jew who led the RNC during this campaign, naturally came out a few years later and began working to legalize homosexual marriage. 

There’s no scenario where Cruz actually does something about homosexual marriage. Nor is there any scenario where he can really do more about abortion than any other Republican president. But many evangelicals want to see one of their own as a kind of exemplar of their values. “Consistent conservatism,” in practice, means signaling on moral issues and delivering on the practical concessions demanded by the Donor Class. It means a willingness to compromise on issues like trade and immigration and the desire to go to the mat on cuts to Medicare. And if the average evangelical’s standard of living continues to decline and their jobs are given to foreigners—well, that’s just more proof the End Times are coming, right?

There’s condescension involved here, an echo of Barack Obama’s denigration of those who “cling to their guns and religion.” But at a certain point, it’s deserved. Evangelical Christians are so obliviously used as cannon fodder by people who don’t care about them that they truly live up to the term “useful idiots.” 

The same pattern holds with “true conservatives” as a whole. Conservatism isn’t a temperament, an ideology, or even really a movement. It’s a subculture. Cues like “ethanol subsidies,” “government spending,” or “the Constitution” function the same way as Cruz’s Scriptural references did among evangelicals. Cruz simply out campaigned Trump, but Trump was also handicapped because he fundamentally doesn’t speak the language. 

Indeed, the latest tactic against Trump is Jeb digging up Barbara Bush to lecture him about his language. Perhaps Trump should act more “respectable” by calling Rainbow Rubio a “queer” and threatening to “sock him in his goddamned face.”)
As a historical truth, the Religious Right was created by the retreat from desegregation, just as was modern conservatism. But we need to remember most of those involved in both these subcultures really do believe their own propaganda. Calling someone a #Cuckservative is less likely to fill him with shame than give him a warm, fuzzy feeling that he is remaining true to “principles”—in other words, it grants him that sense of moral superiority he so desperately desires. 

Of course, those involved in the Religious Right and conservatism are suckers, perhaps well-meaning suckers, but suckers. Their ideology is simply a product cynically dispensed by those with power. The intellectual backing for it is increasingly thin. And especially when it comes to something like evangelical support for Israel, it’s easy to imagine how quickly the spell can be broken with resources put behind different leaders. 

The same holds true for American conservatism. If Pat Buchanan had defeated George H.W. Bush in 1992, the American Right could have been reconstituted. Buchanan spoke the movement’s language (and still does), but his nationalism and dissents from official conservatism on Israel, trade, and war meant that the movement would have been transformed into a distinctly new one with a different focus and character. 

Trump is targeted for the same reason. A Trump victory in the GOP would provide a whole new vocabulary and set of cultural signals to unite the American Right. National Review’s war on Buchanan and Trump has never been about defeating the Left (for conservatives have no real interest in defeating the Left). It is about defeating us. As they say in their own fundraising appeals, losing, and slowly “dying,” is just part of the plan.

Dresden: A Real Holocaust

via Kevin Alfred Strom

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The night of February 13th, and February 14th, Valentine’s Day, mark an ominous anniversary in the history of Western Civilization. For beginning on the night of February 13th, 1945, occurred the destruction of Dresden.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, 1945, World War II in Europe was nearly over. For all practical purposes Germany was already defeated. Italy, and Germany’s other European allies, had fallen by the wayside. The Red Army was rushing to occupy vast areas of what had been Germany in the East, while the allies of the Soviets, the British and Americans, were bombing what was left of Germany’s defenses and food and transportation infrastructure into nonexistence.

And what was Dresden? Most of you have probably heard of Dresden China, and that delicately executed and meticulously detailed porcelain is really a perfect symbol for that city. For centuries Dresden had been a center of art and culture, and refined leisure and recreation. She was a city of art museums and theatres, circuses and sports stadia, a town of ancient half-timbered buildings looking for all the world like those of medieval England, with venerable churches and centuries-old cathedrals gracing her skyline. She was a city of artists and craftsmen, of actors and dancers, of tourists and the merchants and hotels that served them. Above all, what Dresden was, was defined during the war by what she was not. She had no significant military or industrial installations. Because of this, Dresden had become, above all other things that she was, a city of children, of women, of refugees, and of the injured and maimed who were recovering from their wounds in her many hospitals.

These women and children, these wounded soldiers, these infirm and elderly people, these refugees fleeing from the brutal onslaught of the Communist armies to the East, had come to Dresden because it was commonly believed at the time that Dresden would not be attacked. Its lack of strategic or military or industrial significance, and the well-known presence of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian refugees and even Allied prisoners of war, seemed to guarantee safety to the city. Surely, it was thought, not even the most powerful and determined enemy would be so depraved and sadistic, and so wasteful of that enemy’s own resources, to attack such a city. But the people of Dresden, who were happily attending the cinema or eating dinner at home or watching the show-horses in the circus on that fateful night were wrong, wrong, wrong. And their leaders were also wrong, for the city was virtually open and undefended and only minimal civil defense preparations had been made.

Dresden’s population had almost doubled in the months before the attack, mainly as a result of the influx of refugees from the Eastern Front, most of them women and young children. According to British historian David Irving, the briefings given to the British bomber squadrons before the attack on Dresden were curiously different. In one, the soldiers were told that their target was the railway center of Dresden. In another, they were told that the target was a poison-gas factory. In yet another, they were told that the target was a marshalling-grounds for troops in the city. Another was told that the target was a major arsenal. These were all lies.

The only marshalling-grounds for what few troops were in the area were located well outside the city. The arsenal had burned down in 1916. There were factories for toothpaste and baby-powder in Dresden, but none for poison gas. There were, in fact, no fewer than eighteen railway stations in Dresden, but only one was hit by the bombing, and that was barely touched and in fact was operating again just three days later.

According to copious documentation unearthed by David Irving from the archives of the American and British governments, the point of the attack was in fact to inflict the maximum loss of life on the civilian population and particularly to kill as many refugees as possible who were fleeing from the Red Army. In achieving these goals it was highly successful. It was thus planned and executed by those at the very highest levels of the British and American governments, who to attain their purposes even lied to their own soldiers and citizens, who to this day have never been told the full story by their leaders.

How was this devastating effect accomplished?

At 10:10 PM on February 13th, the first wave of the attack, consisting of the British Number 5 Bomber Group, began. The attacking force consisted of about 2,000 bombers with additional support craft, which dropped over 3,000 high explosive and 650,000 incendiary bombs (more commonly known as firebombs) on the center of the city. Incendiary bombs are not known for their efficiency per pound in destroying heavy equipment such as military hardware or railroad tracks, but are extremely effective in producing maximum loss of human life. The loads carried by the bombers were over 75 per cent incendiaries. In fact, the goal of the first wave of the attack was, according to British air commander Sir Arthur “Bomber” Harris, to set the city well on fire. That he did.

The lack of any effective anti-aircraft defenses allowed the bombers to drop to very low altitudes and thus a relatively high degree of precision and visual identification of targets was achieved. Despite the fact that they could clearly see that the marked target area contained hospitals and sports stadia and residential areas of center city Dresden, the bombers nevertheless obeyed orders and rained down a fiery death upon the unlucky inhabitants of that city on a scale which had never before been seen on planet Earth. Hundreds of thousands of innocents were literally consumed by fire, an actual holocaust by the true definition of the word: complete consumption by fire.

The incendiaries started thousands of fires and, aided by a stiff wind and the early-on destruction of the telephone exchanges that might have summoned firefighters from nearby towns, these fires soon coalesced into one unimaginably huge firestorm. Now such firestorms are not natural phenomena, and are seldom created by man, so few people have any idea of their nature. Basically, what happened was this: The intense heat caused by the huge column of smoke and flame, miles high and thousands of acres in area, created a terrific updraft of air in the center of the column. This created a very low pressure at the base of the column, and surrounding fresh air rushed inward at speeds estimated to be thirty times that of an ordinary tornado. An ordinary tornado wind-force is a result of temperature differences of perhaps 20 to 30 degrees centigrade. In this firestorm the temperature differences were on the order of 600 to 1,000 degrees centigrade. This inward-rushing air further fed the flames, creating a literal tornado of fire, with winds in the surrounding area of many hundreds of miles per hour–sweeping men, women, children, animals, vehicles and uprooted trees pell-mell into the glowing inferno.

But this was only the first stage of the plan.

Exactly on schedule, three hours after the first attack, a second massive armada of British bombers arrived, again loaded with high explosive and massive quantities of incendiary bombs. The residents of Dresden, their power systems destroyed by the first raid, had no warning of the second. Again the British bombers attacked the center city of Dresden, this time dividing their targets–one half of the bombs were to be dropped into the center of the conflagration, to keep it going, the other half around the edges of the firestorm. No pretense whatever was made of selecting military targets. The timing of the second armada was such as to ensure that a large quantity of the surviving civilians would have emerged from their shelters by that time, which was the case, and also in hopes that rescue and firefighting crews would have arrived from surrounding cities, which also proved to be true. The firefighters and medics thus incinerated hadn’t needed the telephone exchange to know that they were needed — the firestorm was visible from a distance of 200 miles.

It is reported that body parts, pieces of clothing, tree branches, huge quantities of ashes, and miscellaneous debris from the firestorm fell for days on the surrounding countryside as far away as eighteen miles. After the attack finally subsided, rescue workers found nothing but liquefied remains of the inhabitants of some shelters, where even the metal kitchen utensils had melted from the intense heat.

The next day, Ash Wednesday and Valentine’s Day, 1945, medical and other emergency personnel from all over central Germany had converged on Dresden. Little did they suspect that yet a third wave of bombers was on its way, this time American. This attack had been carefully coordinated with the previous raids. Four hundred fifty Flying Fortresses and a support contingent of fighters arrived to finish the job at noon. I quote from David Irving’s The Destruction of Dresden:

Just a few hours before Dresden had been a fairy-tale city of spires and cobbled streets . . . now total war had put an end to all that. . . . The ferocity of the US raid of 14th February had finally brought the people to their knees . . . but it was not the bombs which finally demoralised the people . . . it was the Mustang fighters, which suddenly appeared low over the city, firing on everything that moved . . . one section of the Mustangs concentrated on the river banks, where masses of bombed-out people had gathered. . . . British prisoners who had been released from their burning camps were among the first to suffer the discomfort of machine-gunning attacks . . . wherever columns of tramping people were marching in or out of the city they were pounced on by the fighters, and machine-gunned or raked with cannon fire.

Ladies and gentlemen, on this program I can only give you a bare glimpse of the inhuman horror of the holocaust of Dresden. In Dresden, no fewer than 135,000 innocent victims died, with some estimates as high as 300,000. More died in Dresden than died in the well-known attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. More destruction befell Dresden in one day than was inflicted on the whole of Britain during the entire war. And yet you haven’t been told.

I urge every one of you to read The Destruction of Dresden by David Irving. I assure you, after reading Irving’s book, you will never take seriously the Establishment’s version of what happened in that war again.

What you ought to take seriously, though, is the fact that the same clique that controlled the traitorous Roosevelt and Churchill governments, whose hatred of our race and civilization and whose alliance with Communism were the real causes of the holocaust of Dresden, still controls our government and our media today. It is they who are pushing for a disarmed, racially mixed America. It is they who promote the teaching of sodomy to our young children. It is they who are destroying our industrial infrastructure in the name of a global economy. It is they who created the drug subculture and then also the police state agencies which pretend to fight it. The hour is very late for America and indeed for all of Western civilization. But if patriots will heed our call, then there is no reason for despair. For the enemies of our nation may have power, but their power is based on lies. Won’t you help us cut through the chain of lies that holds our people in mental slavery?

Trump and the Metapolitics of Winning: Donald Trump and the Alt-Right

via Alternative Right

Donald Trump is here for the win, here to set America Free and make it Great again! He just took New Hampshire and is now well on his way to winning the Republican nomination and possibly the Presidency. I thought I’d pen this essay to show my support for "the Don," whom I like and endorse, and to also point out a few things as a foreign (Australian) observer of international and right-wing politics.

First, let me say that this is now looking like a two horse race – Trump vs. Sanders. Hillary, of course, still has a chance, but I think both the left and the right detest her so she’s done for, hopefully. The two true rebels and contenders for the POTUS crown are Donald J. Trump and Bernie Sanders. We got us a horse race, folks!

Before I begin to rhapsodise a little about Trump let's look at Bernie. Bernie is a smart and compassionate left-wing Jew (the good kind, y'know?), who seems quite legit in his intentions and ambitions to go after the excesses and exploitation of the (often Jewish-run) big banks, Wall Street firms, like Goldman Sachs, US Big Media/Hollywood Circus, and the other large engines of U.S Capitalism. And for that, I think Bernie deserves some credit and even some respect from the Alt-Right.

Why? Because there is a possibility that only someone like Bernie – a compassionate left-wing Jew to be precise – could tackle such vast system of exploitation and commodification of human misery.

The energy of opposites.
Bernie appears to have had a decent win in New Hampshire – pushing Harpy Hillary into second place. That’s all good. But, as Trump might say about Muslims, "There is a problem," the problem being that, if he were elected, he would face almost a complete revolt by the US political system, the ruling elite, the bureaucracy, and naturally the entire free market itself.

He could – and I say could – become one of the most dangerous presidential candidates in US history, leading the US to some kind of economic Year Zero and possible collapse. Conversely, it is entirely possible that he may not be able to achieve much – à la Obama – as the Senate will totally block him. I think, once again, left-wing people are being naive here. "Feeling The Bern" might lead to feeling the burn or simply the yawn.

Now the Donald! How can I sum up his appeal? First off he's fun. He's candid and jolly. He is a right-wing populist leader in the vein of Marine Le Pen, but a bit more moderate, like say Australia's own recent Tony Abbott. Trump has swagger and charisma, too. He has a personal mythology and clout that he carries with him. His speeches are short and sweet (often light on detail) but big on ambition, scope, and vision. He also has a wonderful insider knowledge of what cunts mega rich people really are, and how they use their power and wealth to influence things, as he has undoubtedly done himself. He literally knows the names of – and has had dealings with – the 1000 or so most influential people in the U.S. This makes him a truly unique candidate. He is from the upper echelons of the 1% or 0.1% or even the 0.000001%, and he has seen the loneliness, greed, and ennui at the top – and has come back to Earth to help "the People" of The United States. God bless him!

Trump is both a Nationalist and Socialist, an interesting combo that twitches a few antennas on the Left. He will deliver on both sides – not everything, of course, as some of the promises will be BS – but on a lot he will. But he's not a Nazi, as many have tried to imply. He may have a certain fascistic élan to him,  and could even be a "Transcendental Fascist," but, in these tough times of endless US wars, destabilised regions, sabre rattling, global terrorism, ISIS, and financial and environmental collapse – perhaps a strong American leader, an American Putin, is exactly what is needed.

I think one of his great achievements is his advocacy of the Metapolitics of Winning. He has nailed it right there. This was one of the BIG problems with Obama. America feels and has felt like it's been losing.

There's the often true joke that when something goes wrong in the US, people say, "Thanks Obama!" Obama has even joked about this himself! That’s because at a metapolitical level Obama is a loser, and the American people's decision to choose him as President was the act of a beaten nation or empire in decline. Trump is here to correct all that. Quick and smart. As he would say: "It’s time to start winning again!"

That kind of winning requires a fundamental attunement of Being itself towards a desire for victory, conquest, dominance, and the ability to take care of one's own. These are all ideas that the Alt-Right should celebrate and reward. Trump is no wimp. His aim is delivering America from the darkness of Obama to a kind of New Dawn, a new Eisenhower era of mythical prosperity, comradeship, and happiness.

Trump is a true American. He's the first right-wing US leader to decisively raise the issue of the United States' refugee and immigration intake, and to talk about serious solutions, like building a wall to keep out illegals. He is also manifesting the civilizational energy that the West needs to overawe the Islamic World, and he also confidently talks about banning Muslims from flying to the US, invoking a world where Americans could once again simply walk onto planes without all the humiliating security. For people to hear someone in his position finally say, "We do have a problem," with regard to Muslims – succinctly, resolutely, and with a hint of ominous threat – is an act of supreme liberation and empowerment. Outstanding!

His advocacy of US veterans from the various pointless invasions and destabilisation projects, and his scolding of other Republicans for not taking care of them, resonates in a similar way, and may even bring a tear to the eye of any U.S Patriot or ally of the U.S alike. Here's a true and caring Nationalist, one who excites America's allies as much as he does the Yanks themselves. He's basically bringing back the American Dream, and this is being felt far and wide.

The Left totally misunderstands Trump. He has made many statements about limiting the power and influence of the 1%, and other even more socialistic remarks on health and education. The U.S Media universally ignores this in favour of stupid scare tactics, implying that he will be the "next Hitler" or something. He will be strong, yes, but more like Reagan with Eisenhower type values, than the irrelevant historical comparison the Left is so perversely wedded to.

His talking up of the idea of American "winning again" on the meta-level is a stroke of genius. When he lost Iowa, he immediately found a way to invert the narrative and turn it into a "win": Something went wrong. There was corruption, a misunderstanding, a  bias in the debate, Fox news mischief, etc. 

This belief that you can take a loss and make it a victory anyway is an achievement in itself, and is exactly what the USA needs. There are many problems in the USA and Trump will take this negative and make them it into a positive. The bottom line is that it is all about believing in America's Manifest Destiny again!

Trump is part showman and part front, sure, but a President should be that. America, as Brad Pitt so eloquently put it in Andrew Dominik's recent gangster flick Killing Them Softly, is a business, so perhaps what it needs is a businessman. And Trump, say what you like about him, has been a good businessman. His shrewdness, slipperiness, deal-making ability, hype, arrogance, persistence and experience of coming back from losses is a talent, not a curse. The essential argument for Trump is right there in an America that is verging on financial and spiritual bankruptcy. This is a situation it needs to wheel and deal it's way out of. Trump will be stellar at this.

Stupid people understand, and it's tremendous
There's a video going around that heavily critiques the speech patterns used by Trump in the campaign. Such a stupid analysis! His speech in these videos is Machiavellian genius. That language he's using – simple, repetitive, circular, non-PC, down-to-earth – represents a populist linguistic revolution. Very smart people to very stupid ones can understand it, just the smarter ones get to see what he is doing. And everyone, from the very smart to the incredibly stupid vote, so remember that one. That's what Democracy is supposed to be about after all – rule of the mob, the great unwashed, etc. –read your Aristotle. You have to play up to that to win political power today. Trump is therefore very smart to be talking dumb to the masses, at times.

If Senator Sanders was as smart, he'd learn to talk that way too. But he talks like an Ivy League professor, or Noam Chomsky, or Larry David, and many working-class folks won't get that. Like the Momus song I was a Maoist Intellectual In The Music Industry. Sanders will annoy many working class folks, as he is "three things the working classes hated: agitated, organised, and over-educated."

People should stop thinking from naive perspectives, especially our friends on the Left, regarding this issue of language. It's all a strategy of realpolitik – Google it! Most people have no real knowledge of political theory and philosophy – and in this case the naughty wisdom of Machiavelli. And if and when Trump wins, we can all laugh here at the Alt-Right, as we will have seen the future.

Trump has said in a speech that he hopes Bernie get's the nom. Why? Because then he could just start calling him a Communist over and over in media. The US TV networks, shit scared of Sanders, would go all in with Trump, naturally, and would repeat it over and over. It would be "game over, red rover" for Sanders. Americans have an innate fear of the word "Communism" after growing up under the threat of the Cold War. In their minds, it's like a giant spider – they think of it and instinctively recoil.

The Left is so naive (as usual) about these things, and its leaders have clearly never read Machiavelli with any kind of depth or insight. Here's a quote from the master of statecraft, which perfectly sums up the Bern:
"A great many men have imagined states and princedoms such as nobody ever saw or knew in the real world, for there's such a difference between the way we really live and the way we ought to live that the man who neglects the real to study the ideal will learn how to accomplish his ruin, not his salvation."
Bale-ing out America.
Someone said on Facebook the other day – a Lefty – that he won’t support Trump "purely because of how rude, hypocritical, alienating of social, gender and racial classes," he is. Erm, actually, that’s what so GREAT about him! He's totally non-PC. He should write for Alternative Right! – hehe. He does not give a flying f*ck about Cultural Marxist bullshit and and its absurd litany of "trigger warnings," "safe spaces," and "micro aggressions," and the constant kow-towing and throwing money to minorities and refugees. Not one little bit. Genius! And "Merry Christmas" too, bitches!

So there it is – Trump’s "The Man" in 2016.

Regarding online debates, Trump supporters, the "Silent Majority," and those of us on the Alt-Right are in in congruence, with us as the the vanguard and them as the True Voice of "the People." As such we should speak up.

The debate over Trump vs. Sanders is worth having, but try to be polite – like your mother taught you to be. I can see what is good about Sanders, sure, so why can't the Left ever admit or see the positives of their opposition? They remain blindly sure of their world view, as if they have zero knowledge of Socrates and the importance in the Western intellectual tradition of always questioning your own beliefs. They are so intolerant, those who claim to love tolerance.

To be honest, if Sanders wins, it will at least be interesting to see how far he gets against Big Capital. I don’t mind Sanders. I like certain rebellious aspects of him. But in a choice of the two, I support Donald J. Trump, and think he is the most realistic and objectively the best candidate. He will get a lot more done, be action-orientated, "have game," and will never be boring. In a word, he will win, and the American people with him. So, folks defend Trump, and let's all limber up and get ready to start winning again this November!

The Restoration of the Aryo-Germanic Caste System

via Aryan Myth and Metahistory

The Germanic Caste System Reflected in
the Hair Colours of the Sons of Rig
I have already discussed the Germanic and Aryan caste systems in previous articles on my blogs so I do not intend to go over old ground. The reader is directed to http://celto-germanic.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/the-germanic-caste-system-reappraisal.html , http://aryan-myth-and-metahistory.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/the-serpent-as-symbol-of-aryan-priestly.html  

There will be other earlier articles I have penned in the last 10 years but the above listed ones are the most upto date and represent my most recent thinking and research.

The reason why I continually raise this subject is because of its vital importance to our future. We are living in an age without caste and even in India where the Aryan caste system has prevailed over thousands of years we are beginning to witness its dissolution, coming under sustained attack by the regressive forces of democracy and liberalism. We should not be surprised about this as we are living in the Kali Yuga where all notions of hierarchy have been turned upon its head, where the masses are king and the Untermensch is regarded as the ideal human type. In an age of gross materialism it should not surpise us that quantity is viewed more importantly than quality and that matter is supreme over spirit.

Amongst European peoples the Nordic racial type has always been predominant as a ruling nobility and the aristocracy until recent times best represented this racial type. Amongst the Germanic peoples this was of course the Jarl caste. I have in previous articles pointed out that the Germanic system is a distortion of the original Aryan one as the tripartite Germanic system incorporates the Thralls, a non-Nordic and thus a non-Germanic caste of slaves. These would equate to the fourth (and thus non-Aryan) caste of the Indo-Aryan Sudras. I believe that until the Germanic peoples encountered inferior racial types that they too had a tripartite system which consisted entirely of the Nordic racial type. My regular readers will recall that I have argued that the ongoing struggle between the priestly and warrior castes in Germanic society caused the eradication of the priestly caste, its functions being assumed by a sub-division of the Jarl caste-the Kon, the Priest-King. This is the background to Caesar's misinformed claims that the Germans "have no druids to preside over religious matters". The Germans as Tacitus tells us in his Germania (a later work) clearly did have priests but by this time they lacked the central authority and organisation that the Druids had. One sees the struggle between the priestly and noble castes continue into historic times with the mediaeval struggle between monarch and church. Even today in 2016 we see this struggle still being played out in Parliament with the ongoing tensions between the House of Lords which amongst its members are the most senior bishops of the Church of England, and the House of Lords which considers itself to be the primary law making chamber, consisting in part of the government which represents the sovereign. The Queen of England is of course regarded as the supreme head of the Anglican Church, thus assuming the role of Kon, Priest-King.

During the 12 years of the Third Reich attempts were made to re-establish the link between Blut und Boden, recognising that amongst the German peasantry (not to be misread in the modern sense as a pejorative term) the purest Germanic and Nordic blood was to be found, for by this time the German nobility had become bastardised by the blood of middle-eastern money lending families. We see this today with the supposed English Royal Family that will forge marital alliances with the most unlikely people, the mercantile class, which has its origins in mediaeval Jewry and money lending. Crowns can thus be bought for a few shekels.

In the Reich that is to come these bastardised noble familes will have no place of honour for they are enfeebled distortions of the once racially pure Germanic aristocracy. Thus we must begin again the restoration of the caste system. Building on the vision of the Rigsthula I propose that these reconstituted castes be as follows:

Kon-This must be a recogniseably priestly caste, separate from the one below. In contradistinction to Julius Evola I regard the mystic, priest and shaman to occupy a more important role than that of the Ksatriya warrior-noble. The present nobilities of Europe have long since lost any abilities which they once had, no doubt a consequence of their race-mixing with Levantine elements.

Jarl-The Aristocracy of regenerated Aryan man, occupying positions of leadership in all aspects of Germanentum. They must take their instruction from their spiritual superiors.

Karl-The producers and farmers of our folk. The term peasant must have its honour restored and once again represent the very best in Germanic man. The Karl must recover his mystic link with the land of his ancesters. England must once again become an agricultural not an industrial economy. Thus we can assist the earth to heal itself and we in turn will reforge our lost link with the sacred earth.

As far as the non-Nordic, non-Germanic and non-Aryan caste of the Thralls is concerned they will be banished from our sacred ancestral lands. Once our people and land have been freed from the dual poisons of capitalism and industrial exploitation the Thrall will cease to have a purpose and non-Nordic elements will be banished from our lands. The Rigsthula makes it clear that this caste was an alien one. The very presence of the Thrall in our lands represents a very real threat to our biological survival as a racial community. Some of these Thralls may outwardly appear to be people of our own blood but the obese, the sexual degenerate, the drug addict, the alcoholic and the career criminal should be regarded as part of this slave under class and the necessary corrective measures undertaken. They are the Untermenschen much prized by the liberal elite.

The Woden Initiate of today will form a part of the Kon caste of tomorrow. It is imperative that we focus our time and resources in building up our spiritual knowledge and powers in preparation for the age which is to come. Our descendants will together form the priestly caste which has been built from our loins and give the spiritual direction and leadership that our people need.

Help White Farmers Facing the Drought in South Africa

via Counter-Currents

As the following Black-centric BBC report shows, South Africa is suffering the most severe drought in over 30 years. This is afflicting both Whites and Blacks in the agricultural areas, but the anti-White ANC government is content to sit back and allow the drought to slowly push the largely White-run farms to the brink so that party functionaries can benefit by White dispossession.

With already 119 racially-based laws aimed at advancing Black interests, the ANC government has zero interest in helping White farmers, even though the country’s food supply is dependent on them. Just as in Zimbabwe, it believes they should be driven off the land into the various squatter camps, where an increasing number of poor Whites eke out a miserable existence. The drought is helping them achieve this goal.

Accordingly, the government has been ignoring it. Despite six calls by agricultural organisations, the government refuses to declare a state of emergency, and it still refuses to re-budget in order to subsidize farming activities, fodder, and water supplies. The statement by a government spokesperson – “It will rain again” – shows the lack of urgency and understanding of the situation so typical of 3rd world “democracies.”

The Front National, a political party that believes in secession and self-determination for the White Afrikaner population, is doing what it can to help White farmers whose livelihood has been devastated by this terrible drought, and has set up a “Go Fund Me” donations page.

The money raised will go towards alleviating the suffering of the White farming community. This is a worthy cause for all racially aware White people to support. Your donations are much appreciated.

London Meeting and Social with Jacob Williams - 11th March

via Traditional Britain Group

The next ordinary meeting of the Traditional Britain Group will take place in central London on Friday, 11th March 2016. Our speaker will be Jacob Williams, founder of the Oxford magazine "No Offence", a magazine banned by Oxford University Student Union for criticising abortion and defending the record of the British Empire. He is also involved with "Spiked" magazine.

Jacob's address will will be on 'Liberalism and Intolerance: The New Academic Censorshop.' He will address the Traditional Britain Group on the growing tendency at British universities towards the intolerance and censorship of conservative viewpoints, arguing that the root cause is lack of exposure to conservative ideas, and suggest ways in which universities should be changed to address this problem.

Jacob Williams is concerned that "we have a generation who have grown up never having been exposed to ideas which contradict their 'progressive' and liberal assumptions" and who are therefore prepared to close down debate. He has been reported to police in the past by Politically Correct students opposed to his views.

The meeting will commence at 7.30 p.m. but members and their guests may arrive during the preceding hour. A full bar is available for drinks, and a collection to defray expenses will be taken.

The venue details will be sent to registered guests emails on the day of the meeting. It is located in the St James area, central London and is easily accessible via tube or bus services.

2016 Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize

via Western Spring

As the fourth anniversary of Jonathan Bowden’s tragic death approaches, and what would have been his 54th birthday, Western Spring in co-operation with Mike Woodbridge, the executor of Jonathan’s estate, would like to announce the third occasion of an award in Jonathan’s memory, of a prize for oratory. The award of this prize has become an annual event.

Members of the nationalist community and our wider audience are hereby invited to submit to this website, the name of any nationalist speaker that you feel deserves to be added to our list of nominees for this award. For the nomination to be acceptable to our panel of judges the speech must have been made during the twelve months ending on 1st March 2016, and be accessible on the internet either as a video or sound recording. Therefore please also provide a link to the speech in question. The speakers nominated can be a member of any political group or party or none.

The prize awarded for the best piece of nationalist oratory will be the laurel wreath statue that stood on Jonathan Bowden’s desk at his home, which will be inscribed with the winner’s name and which the winner will be allowed to retain until 1st March 2017, together with a cash prize of £250 provided by Western Spring, which of course will be for the winner to keep.

The prize will be presented to the winner at the first London Forum meeting to take place following the closing date for the competition.

The acceptance of nominations is at the discretion of the Western Spring panel of judges, as is the decision regarding the choice of winner although our readers should feel free to add their comments to articles we will publish during the month ahead to publicise the nominees.

Richard Edmonds 1The winner last year was the highly popular, veteran nationalist campaigner, Richard Edmonds, and before that, the prize was won by the highly regarded author and speaker, Alex Kurtagic.

We are aware that some individuals have in the past been disappointed not to be considered for this prize based upon speeches they had made in private, recordings of which were not made public. Therefore in order to avoid similar disappointment this year, speakers are urged to post video recordings where they are accessible. Nominees may use a nom do guerre if they wish.

Please submit your nominations to me max.musson@hotmail.co.uk and aspiring orators should be aware they have just two weeks in which to qualify for the prize this year. We look forward to your entries.