Apr 20, 2016

True Religion, Meaning and Purpose Are One with and Indissolubly Linked to Our White DNA Code

via Western Spring

What follows may not sound religious to those who are only familiar with traditional religions, but it is religious and also philosophical and plays a large part in the belief system of some of us and is how we view all of existence and all living things, including human beings and the different races.
Evolution is a reality and no one who understands anything at all about nature can doubt it.

What intelligent people can reasonably debate about evolution are the various mechanisms of how evolution works.

The first thing we need to understand in discussing evolution is that it involves more than living things and is much larger than Darwin’s or Lamarck’s theories or any other theories of evolution dealing primarily with life.

All theories about the evolution of life are just subsets of the larger and all encompassing reality of cosmic evolution – the constant movement and spiraling of everything in existence (including humans) starting with a  something that started the whole process some 12 to 14 billion years ago and which is generally believed to be the big bang or something similar.

Can Something Come From Nothing?

Religious beliefs, whether they are called this or not, are part of our DNA generated brains. Because of our big brains we question everything and we want answers to the big questions of existence. Ultimately,  we must ask how the somethingness of our universe came from an absolute nothingness (assuming there was a time when there was nothingness). This is the area where there may be only two answers:  somethingness either always existed in some form or that there was/is a nothing that can create itself out of nothing and become a something which can then create other somethings.

Something from Nothing

We have a word that keeps us from going mad as we try to explain what we don’t understand: God.  Whether or not this word, as used here, has the proper popular meanings inherent in the word itself, we don’t know. But, until science can explain how something comes from nothing, it’ll do for some discussions. And, science may be getting close to understanding how something comes from nothing with its investigation of sub-atomic particles, which as you probably know, are sometimes particles and sometimes waves and which seem to switch back and forth. Of course, “waves,”  are still “something,” so we have to get behind the waves to really understand.

And, if science eventually comes up with a good answer that is proven to be true and which does not involve what we would usually refer to as God, it matters not to us–who believe as we do–for the very workings of nature that have led to our existence are enough to justify awe and religious feelings and beliefs by which we can guide our lives. We don’t need a big guy in the sky in order to believe and live our lives in the best way for us. Nature and its lessons inform us just fine even if there is no heavenly spirit peeking at us from behind the trees.

A Single Point

At its simplest, and just to emphasize this, evolution always begins with a singularity, a one, a point. And, this singularity, this one, this point, multiplies or expands. From one come many. It is ever so.

In life, evolution is from non-sentient minerals into forms that can make more like themselves. At the heart of all life that we know about is DNA – the four simple chemicals repeated over and over and which produce a code or genotype that exists in all of our cells and which then “projects” out or spins the phenotype – our external appearance. It is the DNA that gathers up the non-sentient minerals, the building blocks of life, and from them, builds us. It’s as though the DNA is an artist building a clay model from the inside out and, when finished, the model comes alive and carries the internal artist within it. Which is the real person? The inner artist or the model he built?

Self Sorting Shuffle

Another way we look at and often visualize DNA is to think of it as being like a huge deck of playing cards – billions of cards in the deck – with just one of the letters A,T,C, G on each card. We then see nature or God as the card dealer who eternally shuffles the cards and deals different hands. And, how does God or nature shuffle these cards? With the eternal spinning of existence. Does this require an intelligence? Not in our view. It is self-ordering. Spinning creates and destroys. It also separates and joins and mixes. Just throw the cards into the whirlwind and they’ll sort themselves out some way or other.

Shuffling Pack

So, DNA showed up somehow on Earth. It then created a single cell to contain it. That led to multi-cellular life. Life multiplied, changed, adapted, evolved. The process has been going on ever since. But, what is at the heart of all life? DNA. Four simple chemicals repeated and played with over and over and over until all life that we know about, in all its seeming complexity, was created. And, it continues.

DNA itself, or some part of it, is our soul and our essence. It spins us out as though it’s on a central axis and throws out what we are. As it spins, an arm is spun out over here, a leg over there. Up here goes an eye. It makes us, as a reflection of itself. It is the code that is the real us.

So, life is created from DNA, and it adapts and it changes. New forms are created. Many millions fail and are dead ends. Some others become new singularities and begin a new branching.

But, you already know all of the above, maybe not exactly in those terms, but in terms you learned in school.

Nature Doesn’t Care If You Live Or Die–It’s Up To You To Do The Right Things

You probably also learned or figured out that nature doesn’t care which individual living things die. It doesn’t even care if millions of species die. It just keeps tinkering with the DNA, changing a letter here and there, moving this one, changing this other one. And, these minute changes often cause other changes and add up. If the changes are needed at any particular time – that is, if they provide a survival advantage–then they may continue on via natural selection.

As it tinkers, nature builds-in to each life form or variant, ways for it to survive and to change and adapt to changing conditions and to multiply their kind in a race to dominate the niche or niches in which they live. If the living things in a certain niche aren’t the fittest to fill that niche, they’ll be replaced by others that are.

It’s as though nature is not only tinkering, but is also playing a game as it watches all living things compete to survive and dominate. And to keep things interesting, nature will throw in various environmental disasters, challenges and changes, along with seemingly random events, unexpected mutations, unlucky deaths and other things to see which living things can adapt.

It is clear that nature doesn’t care which living things in the struggle for existence win, and nature will always tinker some more so that whatever form seems to be winning will suddenly have some newer competition that may be better and tougher than past competitors. And, this process goes on and will never end so long as the spinning continues. If the spinning stops, existence stops. Remember, even in so called inanimate objects there is movement and spinning at the atomic and sub-atomic level. That rock may look inert, but inside, there is constant movement and spinning.

Our Tooth And Claw

Instead of tooth and claw, nature has given humans a large brain to help us survive. That’s why our brain exists; to help us survive so we can multiply. All the other functions of our brain, including the many that we pride ourselves on, are side effects.

Now, in order for our brain to be able to help us survive, it is has the five senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch which constantly send it signals about the world around the living being.

The King Of Our Senses And Why It Must Not Be Denied

Of these five senses, the king of them, at least in our species, is sight. Even if this weren’t a matter of belief, we could reason to this conclusion by knowing that our sight is hooked up to our sexual instincts. We find sexual partners primarily through sight, and we know that the purpose of all life is to multiply – thus, that sense that leads us to multiply to our maximum is, by default, the king of the senses.

Disillusion 3

Generally speaking, our eyes do not lie. Deny what you see at your own peril. If something looks unsafe, it probably is. If someone doesn’t look like you, they’re probably not like you. Yes, there are exceptions, but they’re rare in the big picture.

This emphasis on sight is also important to us because we have now reached a point in our evolution where we must, because we can, take over from blind evolution and actually decide on the best paths for us to take. In other words, because we can think these things, we must make the right choices.

Again, we are to be primarily guided in this by our eyes.

If we are to survive – meaning if our genotype is to survive – we must look like us. By looking like us – having our particular group phenotype, we know that our internal code–our genotype, is spinning out us, and not living things that are not us.

So, in order for us to survive as us, we must bear children who look like us in their major features. To do this, we must mate within our genotype. To easily determine who has our genotype, nature, remember, has given us our eyes to know who is like us and who is not. You quickly know with just a glance who is like you and who isn’t. Don’t deny your eyes. They’re not lying.

Not Clones–But Very, Very Similar

There will be minor variations from us in our children, because sexual reproduction is set up to produce differences and variants so that some variant of the original will have a chance to survive in changing circumstances. Indeed, our children are not supposed to be exact clones of us–they’re supposed to be very like us, but with minor changes. Our means of producing children ensures that our children have a slightly different DNA hand of cards than we have. That’s why a male in our species supplies 23 of his chromosomes to a new child and the female supplies 23 of her chromosomes. That shuffles the DNA.

White People

As I wrote in an earlier essay, one of the major changes we have as a distinct people that distinguishes us from other distinct peoples is our white skin. We have this particular mutation or adaptation so we can produce proper amounts of Vitamin D in the areas of the planet where we moved once we left Africa. But, when you change the DNA a little over here, other things also change. Some changes don’t mean much and some do. The point is that our white skin mutation did more than just change the color of our skin, and it’s the same with our other mutations–bone structure, hair texture, eye shapes and colors, and internal things in the brain that we can’t see. Change a few letters in the DNA code and you change the world…sometimes.

Race Is To Humans As Breed Is To Dogs

Consider all of the above as you hear propaganda about there being only one human race (false) or that all humans are the same (false) or that skin color doesn’t matter (false) or that all the thousands of other differences between different races don’t matter (false). The differences you can see are a reflection of the inner code. Remember, always, eyesight is the king of our senses. It is to be used and respected. It is not to be denied if you want to continue to survive. Your sight tells you about the inner code in what you see externally. The outward person is a reflection of the inner code.

Here’s something else that needs to be emphasized. The individual human being–you and I and all the rest of us–is not that important in the big scheme of things. It is the code that the human being carries – the genotype – that is important and which must survive.

Our Real Purpose And Mission In Life

Our mission in life–built into us by nature–whether we understand it or not, is the same as with all other life. It is to pass on our internal code–our genotype–and multiply like crazy. That’s why we’re alive. We’re not here to have fun or enjoy life or to find ourselves.  These are secondary artifacts of the primary internal program that simply says: “make more like yourself.” We are here to breed. It is the same with all life. That is our mission. All the rest of what we do in life is secondary. Certain insects spend much of their lives in various forms of underground hibernation. They then emerge for a very short time – sometimes for just a few hours–in order to mate and produce more like themselves. Then they die. Humans do not hibernate, but our purpose, just as with these insects, is to make more like ourselves. We, as individuals, are expendable. Our internal code is not. It is primary.

The winners in life’s race in every niche are those who breed the most and have their genes dominate that niche. The losers are those who don’t breed the most and whose genes don’t take over the gene pool of that niche.

See And Know The Differences

Nature has designed us so that we are not supposed to overlook differences, but see them. That’s why differences are often visible to the king of our senses. We are supposed to see and know that there are different peoples. We should not try to deny what we see.

Remain Separate And Isolated And Avoid Gene Flow If You Want To Evolve Along Your Path–Eternal gene wars

Nature doesn’t care about the content of the character of any living organisms.  It just gives all organisms a chance to struggle to survive and prosper. If an organism does not struggle to survive as the distinct type it is, it will not survive.   Nature constantly tinkers to branch off new types from the old. These new types must struggle to remain separate and isolated from the old if they are to remain in existence.  If the branched off ones allow gene flow with the old, they will cease to exist in their branched off version and will blend back in with the old. We are in eternal gene wars and these gene wars also play out in our normal human wars, conflicts, and even in sports events.  As above, so below and as below, so above.

Religious Beliefs Need No Justification

I wrote at the top of this essay that much of what you’re reading here falls under the category of religious beliefs. As such, they don’t need scientific justification.

It would be easy if the dangers that face us for our continued existence and evolution looked like cartoonish and horrible monsters from movies, but they don’t. This is the real world, and the things that can harm us often don’t look as though they can.

Good And Bad

We must use our minds to discriminate between good and bad for us–for ourselves alone. And, it does come down to this determination of deciding good and bad based on what is good for us alone. That which causes us to expand as the distinct people we are is good. That which causes us to contract, is bad.

We must avoid the things that can harm us. And, in the modern world, this is becoming increasingly difficult as on every hand there are those who want you to blend yourself away. If you don’t accept being blended, they call you names and may even persecute you.

Remember, that which can harm you does not have to hate you or bear you ill will. All that is required is that it can harm you. And, if it can harm you, then it should be avoided. Your continued survival and existence depend on you using your brain to discern and make the right decisions for the best of the genotype code that is within.

You may believe in a heaven that some inner soul or spirit will go to when your body dies, and this gives comfort to humans who believe that they are somehow better than other forms of life which they believe  lack that soul or spirit, but no one has ever given proof of such a place or of such an exalted  status for humans.
What we can know for sure and which is proven scientifically is that part of you will continue to exist so long as your inner DNA code continues on. And, the more like you are your offspring, the greater presence will you have in the future.

Do not deny the eternal struggle; become a conscious and active director of it in your own small sphere of existence and you may survive and prosper in the here and now and beyond the grave.

The White-Guy Jobs Deficit

via American Freedom Party

Bloomberg View news reports notes that “Anyone wondering why so many white, middle-aged men are drawn to the anti-establishment campaign of the Donald Trump variety should take a look at the latest jobs report: They’re still having a hard time getting back to work.”

Broadly, the employment report for March suggests that the U.S. economy is growing at a steady pace. Nonfarm employers added an estimated 215,000 jobs, bringing the three-month average to 209,000, more than enough to compensate for natural growth in the labor force. The unemployment rate rose a bit to 5 percent, but for a desirable reason: More people were in the job market, a prerequisite for being counted as unemployed. An increase in hourly average earnings more than reversed the previous month’s decline, fueling hopes that demand for labor will finally translate into better pay.

By some measures, though, people in their prime working years have a long way to go to recoup the losses of the 2007-09 recession — and white men are further behind than most. On average over the three months through March, a nonseasonally adjusted 86 percent of white men between the ages of 25 and 54 were employed, 2.3 percentage points (or about 1.1 million jobs) short of the average level in the 10 years before the recession. That’s a larger shortfall than any other group — including black men, whose employment-to-population ratio stood 2.1 percentage points, or 156,000 jobs, short of its pre-recession level (though their baseline was much higher). Here’s a breakdown:

White-Guy jobs deficit

To be sure, the extra 1.1 million out-of-work white guys aren’t necessarily the same people showing up at Trump rallies. That said, middle-aged white males’ progress toward economic recovery has been protracted enough to generate a good deal of frustration. Here’s how far the employment-to-population ratio has been from its pre-recession average since early 2008, in millions of jobs:

White-guy jobs deficit

The malaise goes far beyond the political. Most of the prime-age jobless don’t show up in the unemployment numbers because they aren’t actively looking for work — and in many cases are already on disability. If they don’t get back into the labor force, their absence could permanently impair the economy’s capacity to grow.

Economists are split on what policy makers can do. Some think that the Federal Reserve, the government or both should use stimulus to boost economic growth, so the added demand for workers will draw people back into the labor force. Others believe that the motivation-sapping effects of long-term unemployment, among other things, will keep the labor participation rate down — meaning that extra stimulus might lead only to undesirable inflation.

Whatever happens, middle-aged white men are a demographic group to be reckoned with, numbering about 48 million (not including those in the military or in prison). The more they feel left behind, the stranger U.S. politics may become.

Cameron Tax Bombshell and Tory Civil War: On the Road to the EU Referendum

via The Occidental Observer

The campaign to keep Britain in the European Union is unravelling by the day. The prospect of an easy win for the ‘Remain’ camp is vanishing, as a succession of banana skins and a brutal civil war in the Conservative party wipes out a poll lead that seemed unassailable just a few weeks ago.

None of this was supposed to happen; indeed, there was never even supposed to be an EU vote at all. When David Cameron promised an “in-out” referendum before the last UK general election, it was a cynical and empty PR stunt.

First, because he expected, at best, to end up leading another minority government, in which his Lib-Dem partners would block any such referendum.

Second, even if the unexpected did happen, there was big existing majority of the UK electorate (which, of course, is increasingly not the same as the actual British people) in favour of continued membership.

With the ‘Yes’ campaign backed not just by the government but also by most of the political elite, and massively funded by big business, there was no reasonable hope of this changing.

Indeed, it was widely expected that pro-EU sentiment would increase as ‘Remain’ unleashed Project Fear, spooking voters with dire warnings of job losses, house value crashes and problems with European holidays if Britain left.

But just a few weeks into the campaign, everything has changed; the outcome is now on a knife-edge, with ‘Remain’ support crumbling by the week. This is not thanks to any particular skill from the ‘No’ camp, but is the result of what appears to be a series of unfortunately timed accidents and inexplicably bitter divisions within the Tory Cabinet.

Except, of course, that accidents like the Panama tax scandal -which has shattered not just Cameron’s personal reputation, but also the credibility of his very personal ‘Remain’ leadership – very rarely just ‘happen’.

Likewise, the explosion of hysterical and deeply damaging public back-stabbing at the highest levels of government is not the result of some chance set of personal rivalries. It may look like a groundless squabble in a junior school playground, but in reality there is very much more to it than that.

So what is going on? And what does it tell us about what may happen over the rest of the campaign?

The first thing to understand is that the UK political establishment is deeply split between individuals whose ultimate loyalty lies with Washington and its dominant neo-con clique, and those who in the end offer their allegiance to Brussels and the Europhiles.

Both groups are, of course, traitors to their own country. Very often, that treason and the interests of their puppet masters lead them to head in the same direction. Thus, for example, although they have rather different end-goals in the Middle East, they had no trouble agreeing on the means, or on using Islamist terrorism as a weapon to destroy Libya and Syria.

In the case of the European Union, however, the positions of the Washington Beltway neo-cons and of the Brussels Europhiles are very different and totally irreconcilable.

It was not always so. For the entire Cold War, the CIA and the other instruments of American foreign policy were the biggest single driving force — and funders — of the European Union Project.

At a simple level, this was because the EU was seen as a counter-balance to the Soviet Union.

At the deeper level, directed by globalist elites, the long-term purpose of ‘Europe’ was to be a ‘regional’ building block of the ‘One World Government’ that was to be established to set in concrete the global domination of Wall Street and its American world police force.

For a few years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Washington and Wall Street were agnostic towards the EU. While their pet oligarchs were looting the ruins of the USSR, with Russia reduced to a giant quarry for global corporations, Brussels’ federal superstate project appeared to be of little concern.

But around 2008, this all changed. The central factor was the revival of the Russian Empire. Putin gave the oligarchs a simple ultimatum: Behave or be destroyed, and then set about rebuilding the economic autonomy, social cohesion, foreign policy reach and military power of Russia.

Perhaps even more alarming to the deeply anti-Christian, lobbies at the dark heart of the ‘American’ elite, Putin also based the revival of Russia explicitly on the Orthodox Church and on uncompromising Christian values.

Finally, the New Russia emerged as the lynchpin in two economic projects, each of which on its own had the potential to smash the world economic dominance  that was and is absolutely central to the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) blueprint for US global hegemony for the next one hundred years.

The first of this is the joint project with China, but also involving other BRICS nations and even US puppet states in Europe and Southeast Asia, to create a global alternative to the dollar for trade and international finance.

It is still not completely clear that those involved in this project fully understand just how much of a threat their plans pose to the US elite. The Russian Central Bank, for example, still obediently goes cap in hand to the US-dominated global banking industry and pays or borrows in dollars for the right to print its own currency.

This can only mean either that Putin still lacks the power to purge the nest of fifth column vipers that infests the Russian Central banking system, or that neither he nor any of his close advisors understand the real nature of a fiat currency — that it has absolutely no inherent value and that its creation by private banks and lending into circulation at interest is a giant swindle.

In particular, the ‘American’ banking system creates trillions of dollars out of thin air, then sells them to the rest of the world in exchange for the real goods and materials that buy the compliance of the American people while they themselves are robbed blind and dispossessed by the same criminals.

The establishment of the proposed alternative free world currency threatens to eliminate this giant involuntary tribute to the Dollar Empire at a stroke. Without such a permanent subsidy, the very survival of the USA would be in serious doubt.

This first mortal threat goes a long way to explaining Washington’s deeply unreasonable and provocative attitude towards China, as well as the hysterical hostility of America’s Western and Salafist allies towards Putin and Russia.

It does not, however, explain the hostility to the EU of the neo-cons, their allies in the Zionist-dominated Western media and their acolytes in bodies like the British Conservative party.

To understand the source of this, we have to look at another crucial factor which clearly influenced the neo-con/US corporate elites in their 2008 shift in attitude to Brussels from indifference to hostility: The threat of an EU-Russian-Chinese economic partnership.

This was not something that was emerging courtesy of Brussels, whose bureaucrats and second-rate parliamentarians were far too busy worrying about drowning polar bears, the labelling of orange juice and exactly how many ‘genders’ should be recognised and promoted among six-year-olds.

But Germany’s business community, which provides the economic power-house at the heart of the ‘European Dream’, having successfully integrated the bankrupt DDR, was looking further eastwards at the huge market and almost limitless raw materials of Russia.

Even without the increasingly close links between Russia and China, the prospect of a strategic economic partnership between German engineering and technology and Russia’s population and natural resources was a very clear threat to the PNAC scheme for the continued US mastery of the world economy.

It may have taken several years for the scale of these two threats to dawn on the oligarchs running the US, or they may have woken up to the new risks very quickly. We do not know and, unless the American people rise up and replace their masters — before their masters replace them — we probably never will.

But I have set the date for their decision to take action to deal with the ‘European Problem’ at 2008 because it was in that year that there began — apparently out of the blue — a massive and sustained effort to use the mass media (in particular the Murdoch press and broadcast networks) to hype and ramp up anti-EU parties which had for years previously been pretty much neglected.

The two examples I know best are Beppe Grillo’s left-populist Five Star movement in Italy and the right-populist UK Independence Party in Britain. Both were clearly seen by the home-grown ‘left’ as useful blocks to the progress of radical nationalist parties, but the scale of their promotion has gone way beyond what was necessary to do that job.

Five Stars and Ukip have essentially been replicated all over Europe, with Euro-skeptic parties providing a growing challenge to the very same pro-Brussels elites which the CIA had earlier done so much to create.

If the neo-cons started to worry about the growing threat of a German-dominated Europe in 2008, much more recent developments have clearly driven them frantic.
First, they have seen the failure of their attempts to deal with the Russian part of the threat by the coup in the Ukraine, and by promoting Islamist insurrection in the Middle East and on Russia’s southern flank.
Second, they are now watching in horror as an unintended consequence of their amateur geo-political bunglings turns out to be a full-scale strategic partnership between Russia and China.

This has already gone way beyond mere planning and the initial joint projects. The contracts are being exchanged for the ultimate expression (so far) of this anti-globalist alliance: The New Great Silk Road. This will be a series of interlinked high speed railways, linking the great manufacturing centres of coastal China with the whole of central Asia and on to Russia.

Even before it is completed, it will become an irresistible draw to German and other West European capitalists, not least because it will cut the time of delivery for cargo containers from China to Europe from over a month to just three days. At which point the neo-cons’ other geo-political fantasy — the ‘encirclement’ of Russia and China will also collapse overnight.

These are the factors that explain the otherwise inexplicable — the current triple track destabilisation operation directed by influential forces in Washington against America’s supposed closest allies in the European Union:

1) The attempt to exploit historical disagreements and suspicions in the Baltic States and Poland in order to explode the conflict between the neo-Nazi puppet state of Ukraine and Russians in Donbass into full-scale war between Russia and the EU;

2) The deliberate encouragement and facilitation of the importation of millions of unassimilable immigrants, including thousands of Jihadi terrorists, into Germany and other EU states. This is already threatening the EU’s political meltdown and creating the conditions for ethno-religious conflicts that will duplicate over most of western Europe the all-too-successful CIA operation to spark the civil wars and ethnic cleansing that destroyed the former Yugoslavia;
3) The black propaganda assault on the expendable idiot Cameron by several key figures from the neo-con clique, headed by Michael Gove (who describes the invasion of Iraq as a “proper British foreign policy success”). Gove was a key figure in the neo-con clique which first promoted David Cameron’s Tory leadership bid as a way of preventing the party falling into the hands of the right-wing patriot David Davis.

Not all the Tory neo-cons are in agreement with this latest effort, however. Ed Vaizey and George Osborne are campaigning for a ‘Remain’ vote. Whether this reflects a difference of opinion within the neo-con movement in its Washington DC heartland, or simply disagreements and power-jockeying among its adherents in London is at present unclear.

What is, however, crystal clear, is that a ‘No’ vote would plunge the EU Project into several years of chronic uncertainty and instability. This would not merely be over the impact of drawn out wrangling about the terms of the UK/EU ‘divorce’, but also the serious possibility that other disillusioned captive states —  most likely in Central and Eastern Europe — would be tempted to follow Britain’s example.

The majority of nationalists in Britain and those with a fondness for Britain are, of course, hoping that this is precisely what happens. Yet this should not blind those of us who favour British withdrawal to the fact that other people want — and are working hard to get — the same thing, though for very different reasons.

Those to whom European civilisation and identity as a whole are at least as important as the sovereignty of the individual nations of Europe should, perhaps, be careful what we wish for.

The Conservative Media and the Microphone

via Radix

It’s not like we didn’t know this was coming. Megyn Kelly is already talking about leaving Fox News. In recent interviews, Kelly is triangulating against her employer, snarking about the “brain damage that comes from the job” of working at Fox. She’s openly speculating about bailing on the company when her contract runs out because she doesn’t feel the company has backed her sufficiently against the evil sexist Donald J. Trump. 

Trump’s attacks on her are the best thing that could have happened to Kelly. Before, she was America’s Sweetheart, a center-right pundit with flowing blonde locks ready to calmly tell you how it is. Not a bad position to be in, but no one important would take her seriously. Now, Megyn Kelly scowls at us from the camera with her angry woman haircut, covering the really critical issues like the “assault” on Michelle Fields. She tours the country paying tribute to her own courage as the pudgy white knights of the conservative movement serve as her amen chorus. As bucket food salesman Glenn Beck gloats, Megyn can do “whatever she wants” now. Hillary Clinton adds her own praise. And when Kelly does bail, she’ll write a bestselling book detailing how horrible it was to work for right-wing propaganda network which didn’t have her back. She’s not just respectable, but a hero.

It’s hard not to compare the situation to Michelle Fields. Fields claimed she “never wanted to be the story.” But her supposed “assault” at the hands of Trump’s campaign manager was utterly trivial, the kind of thing a man wouldn’t even notice. Yet this story becomes the obsession of several major journalists, including Kelly. When her fanatically anti-Trump boyfriend (((Jamie Weinstein))) decided to make this a story, you could actually see the Beltway Right conspiring and scheming in real time on Twitter to make this a big deal. Fields didn’t bother contacting her employer before going with the story and contemptuously treated her own company as an enemy throughout the process.

Breitbart has been targeted for elimination by the Beltway Right after this election cycle. The company is vulnerable because one of the major donors is Robert Mercer, a major Ted Cruz backer who funnels millions of dollars into the company to purchase favorable coverage for his preferred candidate. At the same time, Breitbart has not been characterized by the kind of fanatically anti-Trump coverage you see coming out of everything else. I expect Mercer will be heavily pressured to lend his support to another outlet which aligns more closely with the #NeverTrump consensus within the Beltway.

The Narrative emerged that Breitbart didn’t have Fields’ back. But the truth is Fields was never invested in Breitbart any more than was Ben Shapiro. Shapiro always wanted to build up his own website. Fields was interested in building her own brand. And Kelly wants to do the same.

Few people involved in what is absurdly called the “conservative media” want to shift the Overton Window to the Right or view themselves as activists. Instead, their goal is to carve out a niche, secure the loyalty of a certain market, and then push products to that market. If you are Jim Bakker (back and bigger than ever) or Glenn Beck, it’s buckets of food or packets of “survival seeds” so you can survive the End Times. If you’re some girl on Fox News, you want some subtly suggestive picture of yourself on the cover; what you are actually writing about is beyond the point. If you are Bill O’Reilly, you’re pushing a particular fantasy about “greatness” to aging white men who know the country’s best years are behind it. If you are Mark Levin, you’re offering Talmudic and convoluted knowledge about the Constitution, with Levin acting as a kind of rabbi bestowing ancient secrets on the uneducated goyim.
The point is to secure ownership of The Microphone to guarantee access to that market. The business model only works if the Narrative is predictable, the talking points are the same, and the supposed solutions are things people are used to. The recent report Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck are being paid to attack Trump isn’t some amazing revelation. It’s just business as usual.

For that reason, we may have to rethink some of our assumptions about the way the conservative movement or even the Republican Party operates. It’s tempting to say the point of the movement or the party is just to carry out the wishes of its donors. Yes, these donors want cheap labor via mass immigration, support for Israel, and a pro-corporate stance in regulatory policy. But consider the donors who blew untold millions on the campaigns of people like Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio. Are they Masters of the Universe – or simply suckers?

If 2016 has shown us anything, it’s the absurdity of pretending there’s a difference between the “Republican Establishment” and some virtuous TruConservative Movement. Ted Cruz’s campaign represents the unification of these supposedly disparate forces if indeed there ever was a difference. And the key to understanding both the GOP and the Beltway Right is recognizing both are fundamentally self-interested. Talking to either about “principles” is like talking to a cafeteria Catholic about the intricacies of ecclesial law or some centuries-old papal bull. It’s completely irrelevant to their own worldview. When a TruConservative starts talking to you about “principles,” you’re simply hearing a sales pitch.

If we had to describe the Beltway Right in two words, it would be “organized mediocrity.” It’s not just that conservatives refuse to address the challenges of this century, it’s that they are intellectually incapable of understanding them. But that doesn’t matter if you have managed to secure ownership to that captive “conservative” market.

Every movement, it is said, devolves into a business and then into a racket. The reason movement conservatives hate Donald Trump has nothing to do with “tone” or even “policies,” but because he threatens the smooth operation of that racket. As Joseph Sobran said of conservatives, “It was all a game, a way of making a living.”

The Beltway Right has two fundamental characteristics. First, like all mainstream conservatives, they believe they are in charge, that the country faces no fundamental threats or even the possibility of real changes. Secondly, and more importantly, it shares a common interest with the Cultural Marxist Left in preventing any raising of white racial consciousness which could threaten its business model of shadowboxing with the Democrats on TV. Thus, SE Cupp can giggle about being friends with Van Jones, a former member of the “socialist collective” STORM. But she frantically counter-signals against Trump and cries about how great gay marriage is. We can only imagine what she would say about us.

Indeed, like Megyn Kelly, many of the figures involved in the nominal American Right are simply looking for the opportunity to triangulate against their own institutions and transition into the “mainstream.” On a far smaller scale, former “William F. Buckley fellow” Betsy Woodruff did something similar and now works for The Daily Beast, endlessly tone policing the American Right. One could argue she’s simply following Buckley’s legacy.

This is a key difference between conservatives and progressives. While progressives work to pull their institutions (and by extension, the culture) to the Left, conservatives constantly try to triangulate between their “friends” on the Left and the hated white constituency who actually reads or views them on TV. If the opportunity arises, they’ll jump ship altogether. Conservative journalists and even activists have no real stake in the success of their own movement. Indeed, the “worse” things get, the more money than can make. Who can doubt the Beltway Right is salivating at the financial prospects offered by another Clinton Administration?

The result is the old pattern of the American Right losing in slow motion, with the timeless “conservative values” simply being today’s progressivism after a few years delay. Insofar as there is a “populist” tone to American conservatism, it combines paranoia with political correctness, leading to idiotic campaigns about secret “Islamist” plots to impose Sharia rather than rational discussions about the implications of racial reality and demographic change.

Trump has given an opening for some conservatives within the Beltway Right to start challenging this pattern of gradual retreat and moral surrender. It’s no exaggeration to say the Alt Right has gained a foothold, quietly, within the conservative movement itself because of The Donald. But make no mistake – the “blacklist” promised by minicons like Amanda Carpenter will become a reality if Trump falters. The battle for American Right isn’t just about delegates in Colorado or Indiana, but about the staffing decisions within companies like Breitbart or the Daily Caller, the struggles over key donors, and the coups and counter-coups within long-established conservative institutions.

What is needed is for the Alternative Right to become an independent political force and to break the hold Conservatism Inc. has on white Americans. But pushing through the cordon sanitaire will require something more than more websites, Twitter campaigns, and small donations. That serious financial and logistical backing has not yet emerged. And unless it does soon, the Alt Right boomlet may fade if Trump does.

Every revolution begins by attacking the collaborators. And Conservatism Inc. is composed of collaborators, too cowardly, mediocre, or simply malevolent to stand up for the interests of their people. They operate as parasites on European-America. Our job as revolutionaries is to constantly bring out the contradictions within their own artificial ideology, to constantly show how they are betraying the very people they claim to speak for. American whites have no more dangerous enemy than those who claim they are defending a Republic which vanished long before any of us was born.

We are left in the uncomfortable situation of embracing Jeb Bush’s characterization of Donald Trump as a #ChaosCandidate, rather than as the God-Emperor. Instability is the best ally we have. Tactically, we must do all we can to disrupt the conservative movement, to destroy its ability to serve as a safety valve to diffuse white discontent, to racialize the policy issues of the day, to ensure conservativism can never return to the “safe” territory of tax cuts for billionaires and enterprise zones. Because as long as Conservatism Inc. can provide a profitable living for its minions in Arlington or Georgetown, we’ll never be able to connect to the mass base we need.

Germany Introduces Forced Integration

via Majority Rights

The German government is to give nonwhite invaders preference in the job market and will legally force residential mixing in terms of a new “integration law.”

The law will artificially create 100,000 jobs which will exclusively be allocated to “refugees”—even though there are currently 1.81 million Germans who are unemployed.

To enable this preferential treatment, a currently-existing law which requires employers to give preference to German job applicants will be suspended for three years—in other words, unemployed Germans will be pushed to the back of the seeking-work queue in favor of the nonwhite invaders.

The seasonally adjusted harmonized jobless rate in Germany was, according to Trading Economics, recorded at 4.3 percent in February of 2016, unchanged from the January rate. This means that 1.81 million Germans are out of work.

The proposed law, announced this week by the Angela Merkel government, is being packaged as a measure designed to make “refugees integrate into society in return for being allowed to live and work in the country.”

Under the conservative-socialist coalition government’s measures, the “asylum seekers” will face cuts to their welfare payments if they refuse to attend language classes or “lessons in German laws or cultural basics.”

It has not been said what these “cultural basics” will entail, but, given their behavior in Germany up to this time, they will probably include exhortations not to rape, rob, commit crime, how to use toilets, etc.

The new law will also “punish” the nonwhites if they move away from the white German towns where they have been placed—because the law says the forming of “ghettos” must be prevented.

At the same time, Israel practices racial separatism, seeing no reason to take-on immigrants, let alone assimilate them with integration. On the contrary, the Jews protect their E.G.I. as sacrosanct while compelling others to blend-away theirs with each other.

SMH, “Merkel pledges to stand by Israel, 20 Mar 2008:
IN AN emotional tribute to victims and survivors of the Holocaust, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said the Nazi genocide “fills us Germans with shame” and pledged to stand by Israel’s side against any threat, particularly from Iran.
Apparently being chastised by her more fully Jewish master
“This historic responsibility is part of my country’s fundamental policy,” Dr Merkel said in a speech delivered in German to a special session of the Israeli parliament. “It means that for me, as a German chancellor, Israel’s security is non-negotiable.       
      Angela Merkel: Prime Signatory of Europe’s Death Warran

Our research shows that Merkel is likely to be partly Jewish.  Whatever she is and whatever her motivation, her policies lead to genocide of Europeans, especially Germans: EP President Schulz: Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the Jewish people.     

This is all very hard for Angela to suffer, but she’s got to do what she’s got to do for her people.

In the meantime, Gregor Gysi has been working hard in a supporting role to promote the death of Germans.

Fellow apparatchik with Merkel in the communist East German GDR government and ever the Jewish henchman, Gregor Gysi has been calling normal Germans “Nazis” for resisting their death through assimilation in waves of imposed immigration; and calls for their elimination (death) as such -  to him, “a very fortunate” prognosis.
Ladies and gentlemen, I hereby prompt you to participate at the protest,“Live better without Nazis - diversity is our future”, on the 6th of June at 10a.m. in Neurupinn. We have to take a stand against the Nazis. Because of our history between 1933 - 1945 we are obliged to treat refugees properly. We also have to save their lives in the Mediterranean. There has to be a legal [unbureaucratic] way to get asylum in Europe. Countries like Poland - very Catholic by the way - have to be willing to accept [more] refugees. Oh, and by the way: Every year more native Germans die than there are born. That is very fortunate. It’s because the Nazis are not very good at having offspring. This decline [of Germans] is why we are so dependent on immigration from foreign countries.  - See you at the protest. Goodbye! Gregor Gysi

Building Euro-Babylon

via Soul of the East

It should come as no surprise that the European Union’s claim to be “the prime defender of human rights and human dignity in the world”[1] is realizing its totalitarian potential. The hypocrisy is written in its very design, for again, if it has no Absolute Template by which to base ethics and values on and if it is opportunistic, humanistic and relativistic, then it will by necessity be a deviant project. At one point it can stand for ‘Christian’ values and norms, and at the next for liberal (i.e. secular) ones.

Nevertheless, the danger of totalitarianism (in one of its many forms) is very real. Witness the case of two British Christian women who appealed to the European Union after being fired from their jobs for failing to remove their crosses. They were to discover that their right to wear crosses was not guaranteed by European human rights law.[2] Here one can see that Christianity in Europe is not to have primacy nor much protection. In fact, the European Union’s precedence to legally downgrade Christianity is, in principle, similar to the Bosheviks’ anti-Christian attitude (only in a softer and more subtle, i.e ‘normative’ form). Only time will tell how those who still keep some Christian Symbols will be open to attack. As of now, they only face manifold forms of harassment, a loss of political involvement and/or a pressure to keep silent. Prof. Kühnhart  (2010) gives further testimony of this:
Sometimes, [it] has gone so far that christian believers face outright resentment, pressure or cynicism in contemporary Europe, as an Italian candidate for the office of an EU Commissioner had to experience:  In the autumn of 2004, Rocco Buttiglione’s traditional (and thus not spectacular) Catholic convictions on morality, family and sexuality were held against him as if he represented the darkest ages of Europe.  Buttiglione had to withdraw his candidacy and was forced to conform to the strange exceptionalism of Europe as far as the public role of [Christianity] is concerned.  Buttiglione’s faith prevented him from being acceptable for public office – a unique case of religious persecution in post-totalitarian Europe and astonishing for a continent being so proud of its protection of human rights, the right to religion included.[3]
This form of persecution is not surprising, as Europe’s Christian identity and Christian values (when not co-opted) are not conducive toward the building of regional nor world governance. Christ in Orthodox Christianity is to be the only ultimate Ruler and not some pinnacle of a regional or world system of governance, nor is He a statesman/dictator/emperor who could potentially be enthroned under such a system. In our post-Christian times however, “secularists, and even more so, laicists” continue to ´´dominate the arena of European politics.´´[4]

As expressed before, institutional spillover can become totalitarian especially when its creators have endowed it post-Schism ideas. Opposing its mix of secularism, humanism, pluralism or humanism comes with consequences. To display a belief in a supra-rational Christian Faith, a God-centered cosmology, and in God as the prime Exemplar (by which all are called to be in the image and likeness of) can become taboo under such a system, if not illegal!

EU Tower of Babel Poster
“European Values.” Those stars aren’t inverted by accident

Moreover, many proponents of a post-Schism Europe desire to not only go against the Cross, but strive to ´´[eradicate] the Christian roots of the continent;“[5] to specifically eradicate the Europe which once had holy saints and which once had faithful who struggled to be so. Now the European Union was to have laicists who were to even ´´deny the mention of God in their Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe“(Kunhardt, 2010).

The once ‘catholic project’ had quickly become something else. The European Union’s governing bodies and their institutions had taken a life of their own to the detriment of Christian glory, Church glory and Christ’s glory in Europe.

Tragically, it appears that in our post-Christian era, the European Union and its citizens were to be less than ‘lukewarm’ in resisting the complete eradication of Christ in Europe. And however consciously or unconsciously wrought such eradication may be, Europe’s governing class and its citizenry have been on course to systematically filter down, diminish and/or even destroy their once Christian roots. Consequently, not only is an identity disappearing, but possible and actual totalitarian aspects are simultaneously being introduced and/or strengthened. We have spoken of a materialistic Sicherheit, of secular humanism, relativism and other normative forms of totalitarianism, such as pluralism, which undermine the Christian foundation of a formerly Christian Europe.

Is quite apparent to see, for example, that overall European Union public policies support a pluralist society. It can be said that taken as a whole, they provide a hospitable home to other peoples, religions and cultures. One can argue that such liberal hospitality has reached such a point where it would be considered less tyrannical to support the religion of 15 million Muslims living in the European Union than for a Europe to call for an increase of  pre-Schism (i.e. Orthodox) Christianity within her lands.[6]

As exemplified before, not only does the European Union not defend the Cross and Christian believers, it makes assiduous efforts to ensure that Islam feels “at home.” And the statistics prove it. Islam has become the biggest non-Christian religion in Europe, and a ‘Muslim’ dimension is being allowed to germinate in many parts of Europe;[7] adding itself onto and even replacing the traditional notion of European identity as predominantly shaped by both Christian traditions, values and habits.

However, with an Islamic demographic movement into the European Union, values and norms could drastically change. This is more than a mere possibility (as especially seen in some Muslim-dominated areas). “Such a movement can set the entire region afire, overturn the most unstable regimes, and disturb the most solid” (Martin, 1998).

Europe is foolishly unaware that Islam is not simply a religion, but an entire way of life – an adherence to a history and a civilization – and the encounter between postmodern liberalism and Islam might very well turn the Continent into a gigantic powder keg.[8] In the historical context, Muslim migrations and invasions have overtaken many lands regardless of their people, culture or religion. History has shown this to be true.[9] Consequently, there lies the danger, that Islam could be a future punishment, i.e. NATO-Salafist totalitarianism; Europe under a nightmarish concoction of San Francisco mores and Sharia law.[10]

Europe’s Postmodern and Post-Christian Times

Isn’t (legalized!) propaganda of every kind:  of immorality, of open ridicule of the human body and soul, of freedom of every kind of perversion, of the rule of the golden calf, of the dictate of organized crime families… evidence of the growing barbarianism of a de-Christianized world? – Professor Aleksei Ilyich Osipov
Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and four-footed beasts, and creeping things. Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonor their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, Who is blessed forever. Amen. –  (Romans 1:21-25)

Mammon Painting
Liberalism’s true god: Mammon

We have spoken about the various forms and possibilities of totalitarianism found in the European Union.  Adding to it is not a political, religious, ideological or economic type of totalitarianism, but more like a total spiritual malaise – the malaise of the postmodern phenomenon which, like globalism, envelops the European Union and the world. If globalization refers to world market activity (Künhardt, 2010)[11], postmodernism is the spiritual discomfort of a world without meaning. It is the consequent disorder of a consuming and consumer society and the last colonization of all reality; the complete hegemony of a world without meaning.[12]

This spiritual malaise began in Europe. It began when God had incrementally become another god (or gods) through the false interpretations of Orthodox Christian doctrine. It began after the Schism; when Europe was to produce few if any saints; when a different spirit would overtake that of the Holy One.

For example, the West’s image of an ‘angry,’ judgmental, and even blood-thirsty god[13] would lead to the creation of the postmodern European, who not only reacted against such a god, but more importantly, had forgotten the Church’s teaching and reality, which gave testimony to a dreadfully real, infinite, living and loving God Whom we can reach to, converse and commune with (unto infinity). Consequently, the postmodern European is now left finite and withering, desperately seeking to transcend a self which has now become its prison. And many are the idols in which such individuals hope to find freedom or meaning.

But this malaise was not only to be confined in Europe. When Europeans colonized the world, they brought with them the seeds of deified reason, relativism, secular humanism and other strange teachings and false (heretical) sophistries (as well as their Zeitgeists of yesteryear).  With them were sown the seeds of hopelessness. And when the world became smaller through globalization, these seeds which were implanted began to grow and, eventually, they matured and its poisons (its ‘spirits’) released; making many nations exasperated to any absolute ‘grand narrative.’ This spiritual malaise was to begin in Europe, but eventually it would germinate in time across the entire world.

[1]                 Künhardt, Ludger, European Union – The Second Founding: The Changing Rationale of European Integration. Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft, Baden-Baden 2010.  Ibid p. 508.  This is not surprising being that  the European Union is secular, pluralistic, opportunistic and neo-liberal – author’s note.
The Westphalian state-system was (and remains) a geo-poltical order which “initiated and legitimized a state-centered, territorial based notion of politics and of sovereignty.´ p. 513
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[4]                   Ibid. p. 55
[5]                 Ibid. p. 55 Much of this attitude or reaction is understandable as Christ was associated with churches that had lost His glory; where His Beauty, and wonderful dreadfulness were no longer to be found…which had become in fact examples of saltless Christianty and worse yet, mockery.  – author’s note
[6]                 Martin, Philip L., Germany: Reluctant Land of Immigration, American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, Washington D.C., 1998
[7]                  Examples:  1. Islam as the fastest growing religion in post-Christian Europe.  2. There are now more practicing Muslims than practicing Christians in many parts of Europe, not only in large urban centers, but also in smaller towns and cities across the continent.  3. Sharia laws (rights and defenses) are being presented in local courts. 4. More mosques are being built than Christian churches.    5. In Germany, the Muslim population has jumped from around 50,000 in the early 1980s to more than 4 million today.   6. In Germany as a whole, more than 400 Roman Catholic churches and more than 100 Protestant churches have been closed since 2000, according to one estimate.  7. Another 700 Roman Catholic churches are slated to be closed over the next several years.  8. By contrast, there are now more than 200 mosques (including more than 40 mega-mosques), 2,600 Muslim prayer halls and a countless number unofficial mosques in Germany. 9.  Another 128 mosques are currently under construction.  10. More individuals in Europe are converting to Islam than to Christianity… according to the Zentralinstitut Islam-Archiv, a Muslim organization based in Germany.http://es.gloria.tv/?media=245465
[8]                 Ibid. If current levels of immigration continue, Germany’s population is projected to reach 75 million in 2030, including thirty-three percent foreigners.  These statistics should be taken into consideration if the European Union wants to maintain (at least to some extent) the Christian values which were handed down even in filtered form: from Orthodox Christianity, to Roman Catholicism the Reformation and Counter Reformation, etc. – author’s note
[9]                 One need only to look at the fall of the Byzantine Empire and in Eastern Europe to see this.
[10]               This is one possibility, but the Body of Christ understand that the ultimate totalitarianism would not come from Islam, but when the world (including Muslims) accept the appearance of the charismatic false-savior which the Jews cry in the Wailing wall for. – author’s note
[11]               …and perhaps “empire-building” – author’s note
[12]             http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simulacra_and_Simulation
[13]               In reacting against the Church’s teaching of Salvation in the hands of a living and loving God, the Western churches placed in the consciousness of its members that humanity was guilty of Adam and Eve’s fall: we were morally culpable and hence, owed a measureless debt toward an offended, angry and blood-thirsty god. Our atonement was to be for our debt. Under this line of reasoning, an individual in the Medieval church was viewed in the context of his functionality within society. In other words, an “individual persons united in a common function constituted a person.” This Medieval theology is exactly the teaching of the modern corporation when it views man as human resource (an ‘asset’) and not as personnel. The theology is a thinly disguised form of social engineering in the form of economics.We humans are indebted, hence internationalists, Eurocrats, technocrats and other elites can go ahead and engineer a world serfdom (i.e. a world redeemed by them). If man is man when under a common function, then a humanity in servitude forms a cooperation to the governing and ‘redeeming’ cooperations of the elites. The Latin merit system (as most exemplified with the selling of indulgences) makes its believers to be in contant court with God; trying to bargain merit with debt. The modern cooperations continue in this legacy. They however, give credit to the debt owed…The Dark Ages are alive and well.  – authors’ note.

There's Only Free Speech on Campus for One Point of View

via Alternative Right

Your rights end where my hysteria begins
Every time one thinks American campus culture can't get any more ridiculous, a new standard in absurdity is set.

Just last week we had three separate examples from different universities in different parts of America. The common theme through all of them, though, is that campus leftists claim to be offended by some speech or activity they don't like and demand that others be banned from saying or doing whatever they don't want them to say or do.

It almost always follows this basic formula:
  1. Someone on campus does or says something that leftist students claim is "offensive" to them;
  2. Some sort of protest breaks out by said leftists, which may or may not include violence or property damage;
  3. The protesters take their hurt feelings to campus administrators and demand the speech or activity be silenced or banned;
  4. Administrators either cave to the demands of the leftists in an attempt to appease them or join forces with them in feigned outrage and twist logic and torture words trying to justify their banning of the speech or activity the leftists are protesting. It's quite pitiful.
Our first example is from the Ivy League. The Dartmouth College chapter of Kappa Delta Epsilon sorority has traditionally spent the first Saturday in May the way many Americans do: Watching the annual running of the Kentucky Derby and enjoying mint juleps with friends. Somehow, this is now considered racist.

The supercilious look that redresses centuries of injustice
At last year's party Black Lives Matter showed up to protest, interrupting the festivities and accusing the girls of "racism," "genocide," "police killing of blacks," and "elitism" (Being an Ivy League school, this one is probably true. But most of the BLM protesters were also students there, so there’s a reasonable chance they're all elitist.) The sorority has relented and canceled their race party for 2016 because they don't want black students to be uncomfortable. The girls are now going to dress as hippies and have a Woodstock party. No word on whether the Afro-American Student Union approves of that idea, or if they are finally happy now.

Our next example of higher education high-mindedness comes to us from the deep South. Clemson University in South Carolina has had a tremendous problem lately with liberal students "protesting" by damaging things on campus while claiming to be victims.

In the way of background, the founder of Clemson University was a man named Benjamin Tillman. Like many Southerners with the considerable wealth to found a university, he had owned slaves at one time. And, like most people who establish a university, there is at least a building on campus named after them, if not the entire university.

Liberals will have none of it, however, and demand that Tillman Hall be renamed because, well...because they demand it. To demonstrate how offended they are, they've taken to spray painting graffiti onto the building accusing Mr. Tillman of "violence" and "racism". They've also destroyed a display belonging to a pro-life student organization. The pro-life organization is not obviously related to the charges of racism, but it’s another point of view that liberals find disagreeable, so their property gets destroyed, also.

The university administration's response to these acts of violence and property damage? Nothing. Presumably, they believe it to fall under the umbrella of free speech. And the precious snowflakes cannot be expected to control themselves when they're so angry.

So, what did set the administration off? What caused the university to distribute mass emails, denounce something in the strongest possible terms and generally completely freak out?


Someone hung a small bunch of bananas on a banner celebrating African-American history. The irony of the fact that there is an official celebration of a specific race at all was sadly lost on the administrators. Instead, their fury was directed at the single instance of a non-violent, non-destructive (if not tasteless) gesture. The political statement made by the banana, whether calculated commentary or, more likely, drunken hijinks, was the speech of a private individual. The celebration of a specific race is an official, university sanctioned event. But the one to elicit howls of racism and cause convulsions of hysteria is the one simple gesture by an anonymous person that was not paid for by taxpayers or through the tuition and fees of other students.

Our final example of campus tolerance this week comes to us from Ohio University, where Greek Week activities were cancelled in response to a pro-Donald Trump artwork featuring the phrase "build the wall". The university has a designated surface for students to leave graffiti. The offending words were so upsetting to some students that an emergency meeting had to be held by a multicultural politburo and denunciations poured out from university leaders and national fraternity and sorority representatives.

The artwork, which the school acknowledged is free speech, was nevertheless branded as hurtful, divisive, and non-inclusive.

These adjectives are never applied to liberal students who engage in actual violence, destruction and protests and who demand that opposing viewpoints be silenced.